Golden Axe Classics – The Iconic Arcade Game Comes To PC

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Posted on April 3, 2021

Video games have been part of our technological history as early as 1947. And while people might find that arguable, we won’t be diving too much into the history of gaming. We will, in turn, take a trip down memory lane as we visit one of the classics. It proved to be SEGA’s contender for the side-scrolling action RPG genre. This game made its way from the arcade cabinets to consoles, and just recently, to modern gaming.

The classic Golden Axe series is coming to one of the major gaming platforms to-date. Fans can now play the SEGA title on their PCs. Relive one of the iconic games that laid the foundation for modern gaming today! But before we get to its free downloadable link. Let’s figure out what made this game so good that it got ported over to the PC Master Race. We’ll talk about its history, gameplay, and features in the next sections of this article.

The Good, the Bad & The Ugly

The year was 1989; five years since the video game crash of 1983. Japanese consoles dominated the video game market that SEGA launched their fantasy-themed hack and slash arcade game called Golden Axe. Altered Beast creator Makoto Uchida originally took inspiration from action fantasy films of the era like Conan the Barbarian specifically. Golden Axe made its way to arcade cabinets in May 1989, and the SEGA Genesis console on December 22, 1989. The game was then ported to the SEGA Master System in 1990 and the rest was history.

Golden Axe Classics Game

Golden Axe debuted at a time when console and PC gaming was on the rise. Despite the decline in Arcade popularity, the game has managed to rise to the top of the charts. It became one of the most successful arcade games during its time. Although the game was also successful in consoles, the unfortunate decline of SEGA made the Golden Axe franchise less relevant.

Like most successful titles, Golden Axe has two sequels: Golden Axe II and Golden Axe III. Little to no innovation was present in both titles. Players of the game stated that the sequels came with the same graphics, audio, and options. In other words, a fitting description for the Golden Axe trilogy would be “the good, the bad, and the ugly”. Over the years, Spin-offs for the Golden Axe franchise made their way into arcades and consoles. However, none of them would ever reach the success of the first installment.

The Resurrection of The Classics

Like most iconic franchises, the Golden Axe trilogy maintained its stature as one of the classics. The cameos and other media integration left traces of the trilogy across various platforms. Although the video games of which the character represents remains popular only to dedicated communities and through PC emulators. A complete package of all three titles has yet to be seen– until now.

The Golden Axe Classics is a compilation of the Golden Axe Trilogy launched by SEGA on August 31, 2017. To resurrect the classic franchise, SEGA unleashed an unadulterated version of the trilogy. It introduces the original gameplay mechanics, visuals, and audio to the modern gaming scene. Making it even better is the inclusion of controller support, offline play, save game features, with the possibility of multiplayer.

Golden Axe Classics PC

As expected, the collection was a success amassing millions of downloads. It received critical acclaim from the gaming community praising the game’s raw side-scrolling action. Perhaps it gave veteran players the nostalgia of the early years of gaming. It may have given new generation gamers a glimpse of the past, and a slight deviation from the usual formula. Nevertheless, people welcomed the Golden Axe Classics with open arms 23 years after its release.

Launching The Classic RPG on PC

With that in mind, you can also play it for free on PC now. You can upgrade to the unblocked PC optimized version of the game for a better experience. Our PC-optimized version lets you play Golden Axe Classics as an actual PC title. You can launch it directly from your computer. You can do so via our launcher. Just install it on your PC, and you can launch the game from there. Alternatively, you can create a shortcut on your Desktop so you can click the title upon booting up your rig.

If you want to experience PC-optimized gameplay without any form of hassle, then try our version of Golden Axe Classics. . Play the iconic trilogy using your keyboard and mouse or a compatible controller at the comfort of your computer. To that end, the best way to experience resurrected classic games like the Golden Axe trilogy is through your PC. Get that nostalgic arcade experience on the big screen today See if you have what it takes to defeat the Death Adder, Dark Guld, and Damned Hellstrike. Share the game with your friends and enjoy an iconic piece of video game history from your PC.

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