Pokémon UNITE Speedster Guide – Cheat Sheet For The Role

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Posted on November 2, 2021

Pokémon UNITE, like many MOBA out there, also features different battle types available to play. One of those battle types is the Speedster, which is considered among the fun types to use and play. As the name of the battle type suggests, these are the fast-type Pokémon. They’re able to quickly close the gap between the enemy and quickly get out after the kill.

But what other information should you know about the speedster? Who are the Pokémon belonging to this battle type and who’s the best among them? Find out more in this article.

An Overview of the Speedster Pokémon

Pokemon UNITE Speedsters Cheat Sheet Overview
Pokemon UNITE Speedsters Cheat Sheet Overview

As mentioned above, speedsters in Pokémon UNITE have very high mobility, which means they can quickly move around the map. But aside from high mobility, speedsters are also known to have high attack and ability power, making them great offensive Pokémon to use. Using their high-speed mobility and powerful attacks, they’re great Pokémon to use if you’re someone who enjoys killing enemies and scoring goals.

One thing to note, though, is that speedsters have low HP and mediocre defense. This means you shouldn’t be using them for an all-out brawl since you’ll likely die quickly before you can use your high attack power. So, what role should speedsters play? Let’s discuss this in the next section.

The Role of the Speedster in Pokémon UNITE

The speedsters in Pokémon UNITE play an important role, especially if they’re used properly. They’re akin to assassins in other MOBA games. Assassins are quick and mobile characters that can deal high damage but have low defense and health. Like assassins, they’re best used for ambushing unsuspecting enemies and clearing up lanes. You don’t use speedsters to initiate the battle, you use them to finish off enemies.

Pokemon UNITE Speedster Role
Pokemon UNITE Speedster Role

Speedsters are also good at jungling with their high mobility and attack. You can easily clear wild Pokémon in a lane, thus allowing you to acquire much Aeos energy. This is why they’re also good at helping rack up points for the team since you can quickly acquire Aeos energy and then get another Pokémon to help you score goals. Looking at the role of the speedster, you can see that they’re like your Junglers, heroes that will likely dictate the tide of the battle and usually be the main reason your team will win.

So, if you’re a person who usually plays the jungler role in other MOBA games, you’ll definitely enjoy the speedster type. Your objective is to finish off enemies during battle and to score tons of points for your team. You will basically roam the map, constantly killing wild Pokémon, helping clear up lanes, and scoring points. You are like the ace player who will dictate how the battle will flow. A speedster can also be played in any lane since the role is to help clear lanes.

The Best Speedster Available in Pokémon UNITE

Now that you have an idea of what the speedster does, it’s time to talk about who is the best speedster in the game currently. Pokémon UNITE doesn’t have a lot of characters just yet, which is why they’re less than 10 Pokémon available in each battle type. For the speedster battle type, there are only 4 of them available, Zeraora, Absol, Talonflame, and Gengar.

Pokemon UNITE Speedsters Ranked
Pokemon UNITE Speedsters Ranked


The best speedster currently in Pokémon UNITE is Zeraora. He has great offensive, scoring, and mobility stats, which is why he is considered the top speedster right now. His Unite Move, the Plasma Gale, will deal a lot of damage to enemies who get caught up in it.

Aside from that, Zeraora will also receive a nice boost in attack, further increasing your damage. He is a bit difficult to play, though, and you need to be an expert with regards to the basics of Pokémon UNITE to properly utilize him. He is also a character that doesn’t do well early on, but once you reach the mid-game, he becomes a monster.


A good alternative to Zeraora is Absol. He also has impressive offensive and mobility stats, which makes him a great option at killing enemy Pokémon. His moves also possess high critical hits, which really makes him a killing machine. He does fall off when it comes to the scoring department compared to Zeraora, which is why he is only second. You also have to be in close-combat range to use his skills, making you susceptible to being killed.


Talonflame is a speedster that you should choose if you’re still in the process of mastering the game. He is the easiest speedster available to play and the reason for this is his maxed-out mobility stats. This makes him very quick, allowing you to easily roam the map. He is rather weak in the early game, which is why you need to spend the early part leveling up and evolving him to Fletchinder and unlocking his Flame Charge skill.


Last, but certainly not the least, is Gengar. He is in a similar situation to Talonflame where he is not that useful in the early game. In fact, you actually need to reach level 7 first before you start to see Gengar coming online and becoming more effective and useful in the match. The great thing about Gengar is that you can play him as a speedster supporter or speedster attacker. Shadow Ball and Dream Eater are the skills you need to play him as a supporter and Hex and Sludge Bomb if you want him to be an attacker.

Tips to Playing As Speedster in Pokémon UNITE

The speedster type plays an important role in Pokémon UNITE during battle, which is why it’s also a hard role to fill. But with the tips provided here, you’ll be mastering this role in no time.

Pokemon UNITE Speedster General Tips
Pokemon UNITE Speedster General Tips
  • Focus first on defeating wild Pokémon and leveling up to quickly become more effective.
  • Play fast and aggressive to put pressure on enemies.
  • Always pay attention to the lanes that need help.
  • Use your mobility to jump in and out of fights.
  • Always have good map awareness.
Pokemon UNITE Speedster Lane
Pokemon UNITE Speedster Lane

Knowing all these tips, you’re probably ready to play Pokémon UNITE. If you are, then don’t hesitate to get it from Games.lol so you can enjoy the game on PC!

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