Grand Hotel Mania Review – A Hotel Sim That’s Worth Playing

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Posted on June 10, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to run and manage a hotel? Well, you can find that out with this entertaining game. It’s titled Grand Hotel Mania – Hotel Adventure Game, an adventure simulation game published by DeusCraft. In this game, you play the role of a hotel manager, making sure that your hotel is running smoothly. You’ll be managing Ted and Monica in checking in and checking out guests, cleaning bedrooms, and providing other things the guests need.

You’ll also have to upgrade your hotel to make it more attractive and pleasant for guests to stay in. It seems like a fun game that can keep you entertained for a while. But is it really a game that’s worth downloading and playing? Is Grand Hotel Mania a hotel simulator that you’ll enjoy playing? We’ll answer all of these questions in this blog post. This is going to be a Grand Hotel Mania review. We’ll see if this simulation game is worth playing or not.

The Gameplay of Grand Hotel Mania

Before we look at what’s good and bad about Grand Hotel Mania, let’s first briefly discuss its gameplay. The gameplay is very simple and easy to learn. Monica is the one who is in charge of the reception. She’s the one who checks in and checks out guests of the hotel. If you ever need help, she’s also the one who will teach you the basics during the tutorial. While on the other side, Ted is the one who cleans the room and the one who delivers other things that the guests need (like coffee).

Grand Hotel Mania Game

When a guest arrives, you just have to check them in by selecting the room they will stay in. Once they’re done, you check them out and collect payment. After leaving the room, you then direct Ted to get cleaning materials and clean the room the guest left. Once it’s clean, you can use it again to check in other guests. Note that some guests will also ask for different things before they close the door to their room.

For example, they’ll show a picture of a coffee cup, so you make Ted go to the coffee maker and then give a cup to the guests. At each level, you will have a goal to achieve. It can be earning a certain number of coins or serving a certain number of guests. It’s also vital that you try to do your guests as quickly as possible so they’ll be satisfied with your hotel’s service.

You also use the money you earn to upgrade your hotel and improve it. This is what you’ll mostly do in this game, which you can see is very simple and easy. Let’s now discuss the good and bad with this game.

What’s Good with Grand Hotel Mania

Let’s try to uncover all the good things that you can see around the game. It is essential to know these sides to better understand how the gameplay works and what your turnaround will be after a few times.

A Simple But Fun Gameplay

One of the good things about Grand Hotel Mania is that the gameplay is very simple and easy to learn. You won’t have to worry too much about learning how to play this game because it’s very easy to do so. But despite the simple gameplay, it’s a game that you’d still enjoy playing. It will also require good hand coordination and quick thinking to make sure you’re running the hotel smoothly.

Grand Hotel Mania will keep you engaged and focused as you play to complete a level. After that, you enjoy your small achievement and then move on to the next level for the next challenge. It’s fun, and it can keep you entertained for a while.

Awesome Graphics & Audio

Another thing that you will enjoy with Grand Hotel Mania because it has excellent graphics and excellent audio. It doesn’t have breathtaking or realistic graphics, but its cartoonish style is just perfect for the game. Then the audio also adds a bit of fun whenever you play. These things enhance the overall gaming experience, so this is a delightful game to play.

Grand Hotel Mania Gameplay On PC


What’s Bad with Grand Hotel Mania

On the other hand, if there’s a good side, there will always be a bad one. See all the cons that you will encounter if you play the game. But do note that having these cons doesn’t necessarily mean that the game is not good to play.

Can Be a Bit Pay-to-Win

One of the biggest complaints about Grand Hotel Mania is that it can be a bit pay-to-win. This point is especially true as you unlock more hotels and reach higher levels. It’s all because some of the upgrades will require you to use gems, the game’s premium currency. Though there are ways to obtain them for free, it could take a while to do that, which would derail your progress.

So, it only means that you’ll have to shell out some money if you want to purchase the upgrade. The developers, though, are going to test out some new features to make it easier to earn more gems in the game. But for now, the fastest way you can get it is by spending real money.

Verdict (4/5)

Overall, Grand Hotel Mania is a game that’s worth downloading and playing. It has a simple gameplay that’s easy to learn, but it’s also very fun and can keep you entertained for a while. Though it can be a bit pay-to-win, especially as you reach the higher levels, it still can’t take away this game’s positives. The developers are also trying to find ways to make it easier for gamers to earn more gems without spending money, so that’s a plus. Overall, we give this game a score of 4 out of 5.

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