Suspects: Mystery Mansion Guide – Tips To Gain More IQ Points

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Posted on July 29, 2021

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is the latest social deduction game to hit the market. It follows the same formula that many people love about the genre, while also offering something new and unique. This makes the game much more refreshing and entertaining to play. One of those new elements is the IQ Points. These points are how you measure your progress in this game.

It’s like a ranking system, where the more points you have the higher your rank is in the leaderboards. But these points don’t only represent your ranking in the game. It will also allow you to get access to more content in the game. That’s right! There are many contents available, but most of them are locked until you reach a certain IQ Point.

Suspects Mystery Mansion game
Image Source: IQ Points play an important role in Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Good thing this blog post can help with that. It will be a Suspects: Mystery Mansion guide. We will discuss how IQ Points are earned in this action game, as well as tips to raise them quickly.

How IQ Points are Earned

You earn IQ Points in Suspects: Mystery Mansion whenever you win the match, regardless of your role as a guest or a killer in the game. So if you’re the killer, you need to win the match to earn IQ Points. Similarly, if you’re a guest, you will have to win the match to earn IQ Points. This means you have to meet the conditions needed to win the game.

However, losing a match can be devastating since you will lose IQ Points as well. You also lose IQ Points if you leave when the match is still ongoing. It’s like a penalty for going offline. So, when you play a game, make sure you try to win, and you commit to playing. There’s more at stake here than just bragging rights for finding the Killer or for killing all the Guests.

But what other ways can you earn more IQ Points to raise them quickly in the game? Let’s discuss some of them.

Earning More IQ Points as a Guest

Aside from winning, there are ways that you can gain bonus IQ Points if your role is guest on Suspects: Mystery Mansion. One of the ways to get bonus points is if you complete all of the tasks that are assigned to you. In every game, each Guest will have certain tasks to complete. And if you happen to complete all tasks assigned to you, you’ll get bonus points when your team wins.

Suspects Mystery Mansion match
Image Source: Completing tasks in Suspects: Mystery Mansion can earn you bonus IQ Points

So, you have to make sure you complete all tasks assigned to you. Even if you’re already dead, you can still complete tasks, so make sure you complete them even in your ghost form. If your team wins, you get additional IQ Points.

Aside from completing tasks, another way to earn more IQ Points is by voting for the Killer during the voting phase. This is going to be hard to pull off since it means you should already know who the Killer is when you vote. This may also be up to chance if you’re good at deducting clues and statements. The great thing about this is that you still get bonus points even if the Killer is not evicted, as long as your team wins.

Earning more IQ Points As the Killer

Similar to Guests, there are also bonus IQ Points available if you are the Killer. One way to earn bonus points in this game is by killing Guests. That’s right! Just for doing your tasks of killing Guests, you can already earn bonus points. Now, if you win for killing all the guests, you gain points on winning and also earn a bonus for killing Guests.

Suspects Mystery Mansion play
Image Source: Killing Guests can earn you bonus IQ Points in Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Aside from killing Guests, you can also earn bonus IQ Points for sabotaging other players. You can disable lights, trigger bombs, and so on. Not only will this slow down the Guests, but you also earn points for it. Imagine winning the game for killing all the guests, and then also doing some sabotaging along the way, you’ll likely rack up a ton of points. So, make sure you not only kill Guests but also sabotage them.

Additional Tips To Earning More IQ Points

Winning the match is still the best way to earn tons of points in Suspects: Mystery Mansion, so winning should still be your focus. One way to increase your chances of winning is if you travel in groups if you’re a Guest. In this way, the Killer won’t be able to sneak up on you and go for a kill. This will also allow you to complete all your tasks peacefully.

As a Killer, making use of the blind spots in the map, as well as good timing of your planned sabotage can help catch unsuspecting Guests. Sabotage is also a great way to split them up, especially if you’ll trigger several of them at far locations. So, make sure you use blind spots and vents properly.

Final Thoughts

The IQ Points in Suspects: Mystery Mansion allows you to track your progress and performance in the game, as well as get access to more content. Winning is going to be the best way to raise these IQ Points. But there are also bonus points that you can take advantage of. Make sure you’re aware of them, so you can earn additional points and raise your IQ Points quickly.

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