Guitar Band Battle: Gameplay Tips & Tricks

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Posted on March 10, 2021

They say music heals the soul. It is the rhythm that can liven you up despite difficult situations. Some of us may prefer soothing and jazz music to relax, but a lot of people also resort to rock and heavy metal to groove with. So, if you are one of these people who loves to rock on with a guitar, then Guitar Band Battle is the game for you! This music casual game has redefined casual rhythm games in many ways, as to be discussed below.

Form A Band

While most rhythm games would just take you to the stage to rock out some notes, Guitar Band Battle has more to offer. Since this is a music battle, you need to make a great team of talented musicians. You can play the game online and form a virtual band with friends or other players.

You will be the lead guitarist and recruit more members to make up the rest of the band. This should include a vocalist, drummer, guitarist, and bassist. Your band starts practicing in the garage as you slowly climb up to become a popular band. Your goal is to top and be better and more successful than other bands in the world.

You Have To Level Up Equally

In other rhythm games, upgrading your instrument and character is pretty straightforward. In Guitar Band Battle, however, upgrades or leveling up must be spread out throughout your team. You must upgrade each member and instrument evenly to avoid getting any penalties. Once you have penalties, it is difficult to reach a high score.

Leveling up also means that the next stage is more complex. This just makes the game more interesting. Keeping upgrades at the same level also allows you to have a balanced band that will perform better.

Master Difficult Songs

To have an advantage over opponents in PvP mode, it is best to practice and master some of the difficult songs in the game to win. Before battling with others, take time to practice diligently. Better yet, choose to master hard or complex songs. Get the groove and rhythm first before finally deciding to battle. This way, you can outperform your opponents once you are on stage.

Don’t Miss Long Notes

Every note counts in Guitar Band Battle. If you see long notes that go with the tune of the song you are playing, hold on as this has more points. It will be like hitting combo notes as you play along. Hit the long notes you encounter in any song at the right time. This gives out a lot of points and missing one will cost you a duel in the game.


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Earn Free Cases

As you play the game, there are free cases to be collected. One is given to a player for every three hours of gameplay. The other one is the guitar case which needs to be won in 24 hours. When you are playing PvP battles, ten victories are required to open and redeem these rewards.

Be Smart About Bonuses

What’s special about Guitar Band Battle is that there are bonuses in the game each time you play. In a duel, it Is best to use a 1.5 score bonus at the last part or few last seconds of a particular song. Using a bonus too early won’t give you as many points compared to using it strategically.

Guitar Band Battle is not your ordinary music rhythm game. It is a battle of the bands so you really need to improve your musical skills throughout the game. There is a wide variety of songs and as a suggestion, use headphones so you can truly feel the beat and rhythm of every hit. The songs are twisted a bit, but you can easily recognize their original version especially if you are familiar with contemporary rock songs. Download Guitar Band Battle on your PC today and start rock and rollin’!

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