God’s Quest The Shifters – Beginners’ Tips & Tricks

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Posted on July 4, 2021

Launched in 2018 by Nikeagames, God’s Quest: The Shifters is a freemium game that combines the immersive elements of a visual novel and the fun strategy-based mechanics of a kingdom builder. Although the game is not as successful compared to other MMORTS, it has features and elements to keep you engaged. The game also comes with a solid strategy-based gameplay structure and a well-written narrative.

With that said, if you are here for the tips, feel free to jump to the shortlist below. Otherwise, spare a minute of your time for a quick overview of God’s Quest: The Shifters.

Getting To Know God’s Quest: The Shifters

Rooted in Greek mythology, God’s Quest: The Shifters tells the story of a Spartan shepherd tasked by a lovely knight to play the role of a missing prince. Players must perform the basic duties of a prince, which include building essential structures like farms, sawmills, barracks, etc. On top of those are management duties like hiring heroes to manage specific structures, upgrading buildings, and kingdom expansion.

God’s Quest: The Shifters is also a visual novel, which means that the majority of the quests/missions are interactions between NPCs. The game also features an open world map packed with resource-rich locations. In a nutshell, God’s Quest: The Shifters is an interactive visual novel with kingdom-building elements set in an open-world map. The game brings humor and excitement to the often serious and tragic genre of interactive novels. With that out of the way, let’s proceed to our main topic which is the basic tips and tricks for new players.

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God’s Quest: The Shifters Tips for New Players

God’s Quest: The Shifters is one of those games that comes with an escalating level of intricacy. This means that the game will slowly make the gameplay complicated as you progress further. With that in mind, it is highly recommended that new players refrain from skipping instructions from NPCs and jumping directly into undiscussed quests/missions during the first part of the game. Not following the quests/missions listed will drain your resources and will slow down your in-game progression. Moving forward, feel free to check out the rest of our beginner tips below.

Understand The Importance Of Basic Resources

Like most kingdom-building games out there, It comes with its set of resources used for building, production, and exploration. There are four basic resources in the game namely gold, wood, iron, and food. Of the four resources, wood, iron, and food are obtainable straight from your kingdom. Gold, on the other hand, is acquired through exploration, quests, events, rewards, etc. As they say, money or gold does not grow on trees. In addition to the four basic resources, the game also features a premium resource in the form of diamonds. Similar to gold, diamonds are earned through quests and special events.

Upgrade and research also play a huge role in God’s Quest: The Shifters. You need to make sure that all your buildings are up-to-date. Doing this will allow you to maximize your resource harvest. Research, on the other hand, is more like a booster that will allow you to improve your kingdom’s overall civilization. Not to mention that research will allow you to access new features in the game.

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With that said, research is a costly task that could deplete your coffers. For this reason, new players are highly advised to follow the game’s research recommendations listed in the quest tab. Doing this will result in a smooth in-game progression.

Loot Enemies Like A True Adventurer

Looting is another important activity in the game that new players should master as early as possible. This is because a successful looting activity will earn you a decent amount of resources, specifically gold and EXP. You can attack chasms for experience points or villages for resources. A successful attack will allow you to carry as much loot as your armies can carry. With that in mind, you must make sure to include porters in your army to carry the precious loot.

Begin Your Adventure By Playing on PC

God’s Quest: The Shifters is an expansive game with tons of features and exciting elements that will keep you busy for hours on end. The activities mentioned on this page are just a fraction of the things that you can do in the game. From the engaging narrative to the brilliant audio-visual presentation, God’s Quest: The Shifters is a game any MMORTS fan should consider checking out.

Speaking of checking out, what better way to experience the exciting features of the game than with your PC. All you need to do is head over to our Games.lol games page and search for God’s Quest: The Shifters. You can also browse other titles across multiple genres. Enjoy seamless PC gaming only available through our Games.lol launcher!

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