Hamster Town: Tips, Cheats & Guide on Playing the Game

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Posted on April 14, 2021

Drawing games on the PC can be both fun and a learning experience. Hamster Town is one of those games that just exudes it with cuteness and that lighter feeling while playing it. You get to experience drawing and collecting cute hamsters and their furry friends. You also get to decorate a hamster house. Thus, this game will challenge your creativity.

Ultimately, Hamster Town is pretty easy to learn and it just gets better every time you level up. Read on to learn more about the tips and hacks in playing Hamster Town on your PC.

Simplicity is Key

Sometimes, the key to everything in life is keeping it simple and straightforward. In Hamster Town, there are stages in which you only need to draw a simple line. Nothing more. You just have to find the shortest and simplest solution and you will still get three stars. Another important and very useful hack here is that there are two pencils located under the line. Therefore, you can draw on that stage twice.

Play All Stages

Hamster Town has a lot of stages. Therefore, it is highly encouraged that you do all of them and collect those much-awaited stars. But mind you, as you progress, each stage does not get any easier. It requires you to think beyond and out of the box to pull it off. Don’t be mistaken by the first few stages as being easy because, on the succeeding ones, you will be drawing some triangles, swirls, and more depending on the situation.

Hamster Town In Game Play

There are infinite tries per stage, so you can do it all over again until you make it. Playing the game multiple times will also help you get used to the gameplay and understand it completely. Once you do, there is no more reason not to play the game!

Level Up for More Hamsters

Once you complete a stage, more hamsters will be placed inside the Adorable Hammie House. Every time you add a hamster to the house, the number of coins you have will also increase. Moreover, leveling up means unlocking levels as you play Hamster Town. Meanwhile, completing a stage means leveling up and being able to put a hamster in the house. You can earn more coins, too.

Watch Ads

Always be on the watch for what a hamster has to say in its dialogue bubble. If it says to watch an ad, then, by all means, watch ads. This will give you a chance to receive rewards like gems. So, just wait for the ad to finish and claim your reward.

Watching ads gives you free coins, acorns, and even a few hints to help you complete your achievements. All it takes here is to be patient. That’s all.

Beautify Your Hamster House

Inside the hamster house, you get to customize and make it pretty with some items. Click on the interior bottom of the screen and check out the different decorations and furniture you can use for the house. A great tip is to decorate the house from the bottom up. The reason behind this is that items cost cheaper at the lower levels as compared to the ones high up. If ever you are done decorating the house, there are some achievements unlocked only for you.

Hamster Town House


Complete Daily Missions

In Hamster Town, there are daily missions that you need to accomplish. These can be done easier and will reset after 24 hours. So every time you wake up, check on those 5 daily missions and complete them right away. Once you have accomplished all the daily missions, you will be rewarded with gems. You can also get a 3-star hamster after this!

Check Your Achievements

Hamster Town has particular achievements, and it’s best to complete them all. Check the upper part of your PC screen and notice a button with a ribbon. This is where you will see all achievements if they are already done or not. A better quality of hamster will be up for grabs once your achievements are completed.

Collect & Upgrade Hamsters Plus Friends

There are ways of getting more hamsters, such as summoning a Premium Gacha, summoning a Normal Gacha, or watching an ad for a new hamster. There are also instances where you need to use gems to get a 3-star rating hamster for your house. Aside from that, you can also get acorns to call new friends in the game. It can be a bunny, panda, or Shiba Inu. If you’re able to complete achievements and watch ads, you can unlock expensive friends too.

Here are some of the expensive friends you can unlock in the game:

  • Lala (bunny): 1000 acorns
  • Bao (panda): 500 acorns
  • Squirriel (squirrel): 300 acorns
  • Raccoo (raccoon): 200 acorns
  • Beavie (beaver): 150 acorns
  • Shinba (Shiba Inu): 100 acorns

A note here, though, is that these special characters have 3-star ratings. Moreover, their stats that don’t differ at all. One is just as cute as the other.


These are just a few tips and tricks on how you can play Hamster Town. Make sure to keep these tips in mind so it’ll be easier for you to win big in the game. Most importantly, have fun playing Hamster Town.

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