Scary Teacher 3D – A Guide To The First 13 Pranks

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Posted on March 17, 2021

Scary Teacher 3D is a fun but thrilling simulation game. Published by Z & K Games, it’s a scary simulation game where you get to prank your neighbor. However, that neighbor also happens to be your creepy high school teacher, Miss T. Pranking someone, especially a teacher, might not look nice but Miss T deserves it. She has been very mean to students and has made their lives a living hell while in school.

So, pranking her at home is a way for your character, the genius girl, to take revenge for her and her classmates. The game will have various levels for you to complete. Each level will require that you complete a certain prank on Miss T to proceed. When you perform a prank, you will also explore Miss T’s house since you need items to do every prank. And upon exploring the house, you will also discover many things about the creepy teacher.

You will see that she’s not just a creepy teacher, she also has an evil and much darker side. To help you better understand how to play this game, this article serves as a guide for you.

Scary Teacher 3D Gameplay

The gameplay of Scary Teacher 3D is simple. To pull pranks on Miss T, you will need certain items first. This is going to be shown on the very first level in the game. First, you will be taught how to look for a mousetrap that you must place underneath her magazine. This level will also serve as a tutorial since there will be a guide on where you will go and where you will place the prank.

After that, the next level will just teach you about buying items from the shop, like a lock pick, that can unlock her front gate. After that, it’s up to you to complete the prank. You will just be given a general idea of what you should do.

Scary Teacher 3D screenshot

It’s important to not get caught or even be seen by Miss T. If she does, she immediately comes running at you. So, make sure you are exploring the house and doing your prank discreetly. The game will have a small screen at the upper left that will show where Miss T is. Make sure you look at it frequently to see if she is near you or if she’s going back to your location.

The Original Levels You Need to Complete

There are already many levels added to Scary Teacher 3D, and each level has a unique prank to complete. But when the game first launched, there were only 13 pranks for you to do. The first one was to add a mousetrap under her magazine (as previously mentioned), and the second one is ruining her breakfast. The 3rd prank involves breaking her TV so she can’t watch her favorite show. You just have to find a tool (a hammer) that you can use to break the TV.

The 4th prank requires ruining the dress that Miss T will wear to the masquerade party. For this prank, you need scissors. You can find it on the tool shed to the left of the house. The tool shed contains a lot of useful items, so make sure to go there frequently. Once you have the scissors, you just have to find the dress in the room on the right once you reach the top of the staircase. The dress is inside the cabinet, just open it and cut the dress. Make sure you leave before she catches you.

Scary Teacher 3D screenshot 2
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The 5th prank is to surprise Miss T with a pin as she sits on her favorite sofa. The pin is located at the table on the right near the entrance of the house. Place it on the sofa and then cover it up and leave before she comes back.

The 7th prank involves rescuing a cat that Miss T imprisoned inside a cabinet. The 8th is to replace the candle on Miss T’s cake with a firecracker. The 9th one involves putting a big spider inside her book, while the 10th prank will require you to mess with her bath time by adding something to her shampoo. For the 11th prank, you have to cut off the legs of the pool chairs.

The 12th prank requires that you mess up Miss T’s fireplace. You will need something to blow it up when she lights a fire. The 13th prank is about ruining Miss T’s bath time. But this time, you will mess with her bathtub. There are many more pranks that you can do to Miss T, but these are the first 13 pranks you must pull off.

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