Heir Of Light – The Latest Character Tier List

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Posted on May 15, 2021

RPGs are usually exciting and entertaining to play. It’s a game genre that mixes action, adventure, and strategy all into one. If you’re looking to play a good RPG, you won’t have trouble finding one since there are good games available. One of the best RPG that you can try is Heir of Light, a game published by GAMEVIL and is full of dark fantasies, vampires, and adventure.

You play the heir of light in this RPG and are tasked to restore light in the realm. Darkness has already consumed it, and it’s up to you to assemble a team of powerful servants to bring the light back. This part is also a gacha RPG, which means one of the game’s main focuses will be hero collecting.

That won’t be an issue since your goal is to assemble a powerful team, and you’ll need powerful characters for that. But with more than a hundred characters to collect, which ones are powerful? To help you, this article will provide the latest  character tier list.

Heir of Lights


Heir of Light Character Information

Before we get into the character tiers, let’s first discuss some important information about the characters in Heir of Light. Characters in this RPG will have different grades, with 2-stars being the lowest and 5-stars being the highest. The 5-star characters are the strongest in the game, so these are the ones that you would want to use for your team composition.

It’s also important to note that each character will have a particular role to play during battles. The roles are Tank, Melee Attack, Ranged Attack, Healer, and Support. The Tanks are like the team’s shield and will absorb most of the damage during battle. The Melee and Ranged are the damage dealers, specializing in close-range combat and the other in long-range.

The Healer is the one who keeps the team alive by restoring health while the support can provide Buffs to strengthen the team. Each character will also belong to an element. There’s Fire, Water, Forest, Light, and Dark. Now that this is settled let’s look at the character tier list.

The S-Tier Characters

These are the strongest characters in the game. They have minimal to no weaknesses and should be the focus of your resources when developing characters. For the S-tier Healers, there are the Light characters Lucien and Leto. On the other side,  damage dealers, there’s the Ranged DPS Heylel (Dark), Leto (Dark), Lucien (Dark), and Lucien (Fire). For the Melee DPS, there’s only Xita (Light). S-tier Tanks, there’s Carmilla (Water) and Enoch (Light). For Support, it’s Ophelia (Light) and Lucien[A] (Forest).

The A-Tier Characters

These are also strong characters. Though not as strong as the S-tiers, they’re a great alternative if you don’t have an S-tier servant yet. They can help you clear most of the Heir of Light campaign mode and even win some PVP matches. But don’t expect them to outclass S-tier heroes. They will likely fall short in most battles. For the A-tier Healers, there’s Miya (Forest), Lucien[A] (Dark), Heylel (Light), Torino (Water), Hern (Forest), Dunkelhund (Dark), and Mary (Light).

The A-tier Melee DPS are Rem (Water), Bjorn (Fire), Xita (Forest, Water, Fire, & Dark) Koume, (Water & Fire), Gwyllgi (Dark), Gretel (Light), Enoch (Dark), and Reynar (Light). For The Ranged DPS, you have Leto [A] (Forest & Fire), Hopkins (Dark), Laura (Light & Fire), Lucien [A] (Water), Mary (Water), and Lucien (Forest). The A-tier Tanks are Griselda (Forest), Ishmael (Dark), Torhino (Forest), and Rem (Forest). For the Support, there’s Lucien (Water), Leto[A] (Water), Belladonnas (Fire), and Hern (Light).

A tier characters


The B-Tier Characters

The B-tier characters are decent and can be a good alternative if you don’t have A-tier or S-tier characters yet. They can perform well, but with the right team. But expect to have a more challenging time clearing missions and quests. Also, don’t expect to do well in PVPs, unless you’re also battling an opponent who also only has B-tier servants.

For the Healers, there’s Griselda (Fire) and Heylel (Forest). For the Melee DPS, you have Enoch (Fire, Water, & Forest), Hern (Fire), Usher (Light), Charlotte (Dark, Light, Water, Forest, & Fire), Rem (Light), and Koume (Dark & Light). B-tier Ranged DPS are Belladonnas (Water, Forest, Dark, & Light), Heylel (Fire), Leto (Fire), Leto[A] (Light & Dark), Lucien[A] (Light), Laura (Forest & Dark), and Hopkins (Water, Fire, Forest, & Light).

For the Tanks, you have Henri (Light, Water, Fire, & Forest), Rem (Dark), Usher (Fire), Griselda (Dark), and Torhino (Fire). And lastly, for the B-tier Support, there’s Carmilla (Forest), Leto (Forest), Hern (Water), Griselda (Light), Marat (Water), and Heylel (Water).

Final Thoughts

There are more characters on the C-tier, but they’re characters that are not worth mentioning anymore. The ones mentioned above should be your go-to characters, especially the ones in the S and A-tiers. The B-tiers are okay as an alternative if you don’t have A or S-tier servants yet. But once you have one, you must focus more on developing them.

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