Last Day on Earth Survival: Best Tips for Beginners

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Posted on February 18, 2019

Survival games are everywhere these days. They either come as a light-hearted casual experience with a deep enriching survival mechanics or as a grim grotesque game that immerses you into supreme vulnerability with complicated survival gameplay. However, one such game is grim and grotesque that comes in a casual play: Last Day on Earth Survival.

While the game does look hard at first (it kind of does especially if you have zero experience with survival games), all you have to do is follow some essential tips. In this article, we give you the most important aspects on how to survive the zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world. These tips come from an experienced player who has invested hundreds of hours on survival games besides Last Day on Earth Survival. These other games include The Forest, Rust, The Long Dark, This War of Mine and yes, Minecraft.  Do you know what’s similar about these games? They all let you feel vulnerable at first and turn you into a king at late game…given you know what to do.

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1. Get the Most Basic Resources. FAST.

Once you start a new game, you get all the basic essentials: stone, wood, berries, iron, and a few animals to hunt. Take note, you should never put your guard down. As soon as the game starts, you must absolutely invest in the basic resources even when you’re at the late game with a fully-reinforced house.

For a quick added bonus, check out the old truck in the vicinity. It will always include some scrap metal, ropes, a jacket, a cleaver (great starter weapon), and a couple of bottled water.


2. The Hatchet is Your Best Friend

last day on earth survival hatchet

Seriously, if you don’t construct a hatchet fast, you’re not going to last a day on the Last Day (get it?). You know what you need? Just a few ones: some Pine Logs and Limestone. Easy to make, easy to find. This will do two important things in the beginning: kill animals fast (both hostile and docile) and chop down trees.


3. Be Prepared for the Night

Nights are always dangerous in any survival game and Last Day on Earth Survival is no exception. Before dusk rises, be sure you’re inside your home or somewhere safe from enemies. Sure, you can roam around in the dark but that’s only good if you’re fully equipped. Remember, this is the early game we’re talking about and the best offense is defense. Lock your doors, board your windows and pray that no horde of zombies will break inside your ill-equipped home.


4. Melee Weapons First, Ranged Weapons Later

last day on earth survival tips

Remember the importance of the hatchet? Yeah, get used to it, along with other melee weapons. Combat is fun in Last Day on Earth Survival but if you’re toying around with armed weapons, know that ammo is scarce. Weapons like the makeshift bat, spear, and cleaver should be your priority weapons from the start.

So, these are the most important tips for beginners. Download Last Day on Earth Survival on PC now!

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