DC Legends: Fight Superheroes – The January 2021 PVP Meta Tier List

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Posted on March 12, 2021

DC Legends: Fight Superheroes is one of the best role-playing games you can play, especially if you are a fan of DC Comics. It’s because this game will allow you to play some of your favorite DC heroes and villains and use them in a turn-based battle system. You can assemble the most powerful combination of DC heroes and villains to take on enemies and other players.

One of the best ways to determine if your team is the best one assembled is by participating in the PVP mode of DC Legends: Fight Superheroes. In this mode, you get to battle against the team of heroes and villains that other players have assembled. It’s a way to gauge if you have a strong team already or not. But with so many characters available to use, which would be the meta heroes to form your team? Which heroes perform well in PVP matches?

To answer that question, this article will be providing a list of characters who are considered top tier in the meta. These are the characters that you would want to acquire and focus on developing as they would help you win a lot of fights. Let’s look at the best characters available in the game.

The S-Tier Characters

The S-Tier would be the highest tier in the game. The characters that would belong on this list are essentially the best of the best. These are also characters that are versatile and can fit into any team composition. You will also likely need at least one of these characters on your team if you want to be able to compete against higher-level matches or stronger opponents.

DC Legends Fight Superheroes Characters
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The characters that belong on this list are Black Flash (a new character), Lex Luthor (Survival Support Suit), and Martian Manhunter (Last of the Martians). Donna Troy (The First Wonder Girl) and Wonder Girl (Champion of War) also belong on this list. Completing the S-Tier characters list would be Arkkis Chummuck (Green Lantern of Sector 3014).

The A-Tier Characters

The A-Tier characters are also strong in DC Legends: Fight Superheroes. However, they have a few flaws that drop them against the S-Tier characters. The characters on this list also won’t be able to take over matches on their own. They will usually need the help of another character to be able to dominate and help you win. But they’re still good nonetheless.

Many characters belong on this list, which means you won’t have a hard time acquiring an A-Tier character. These characters include Alan Scott (Keeper of the Starheat), Cheetah (Avatar of the Hunt), Deadman, Etrigan (The Demon), and Hippolyta (Queen of the Amazons). Saint Walker (Lantern of Hope), Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris), and Sinestro (White Lantern) are also part of this list.

DC Legends Fight Superheroes gameplay
Image Source: Gabi Duke Youtube Channel

Wonder Woman (Princess of Themyscira), Atrocitus (The First Red Lantern), Batgirl (#BatgirlofBurnside), and Batwoman (Army of One) are also considered A-Tier characters. Other A-Tier characters also include Booster Gold (25th Century Hero), Green Arrow (Castaway), Huntress (The Zealous Crusader), Red Robin (Tim Drake), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Gorilla Grodd (Psychic Mastermind), and Hawkgirl (Champion of Thanagar)

Larfreeze (Agent Orange), Mr. Freeze (Heart of Ice), Kilowog, Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern Co-Defender of Earth), and Brainiac (The Collector of Worlds) are also included in the A-Tier list. Superboy (Jon Kent), Steppenwolf (General of Apokolips), Lobo (The Main Man), Owlman (Thomas Wayne, Jr), Chemo (The Deathless Doom), and Red Hood (Vengeful Vigilante) rounds out the A-Tier Characters.

The B-Tier Characters

The B-Tier characters are the solid ones in the game. However, they’re not as powerful as the S and A tiers. They are also characters that would need to have a team that’s built specifically for them. It means you can’t just slot them in any team composition. They need all characters in the team to compliment them if you want them to shine.

Just like the A-Tier characters, there are also many B-Tier characters in DC Legends: Fight Superheroes. Starting the list would be Lex Luthor (Assault Warsuit), Batman (Caped Crusader), Aquaman (King of Atlantis), and John Constantine (Hellblazer). Katana (Samurai Warrior), Mary Shazam (Earth’s Mightiest Girl), and Mera (Queen of Atlantis) are also on this list.

Other characters include Black Adam (Khem Adam), Swamp Thing (Champion of the Green), Ra’s Al Ghul (Head of The Demon), and Silver Banshee (Wailing Wretch). Solomon Grundy (Born on a Monday), Vixen (Avatar of the Animal Kingdom), Beat Boy (Changeling), and Black Mantra (Scourge of the Seven Seas) also belong to this group. Furthermore, the Green Arrow (The Emerald Archer), Joker (The Clown Prince of Crime), Deadshot (Suicide Squad Hitman), Killer Croc (King of the Sewers), and Penguin (The Gentleman of Crime) are also B-Tier characters.

Characters like Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnis), Superman (Man of Steel), Cyborg Superman (Man-Machine of Steel), Scarecrow (Master of Fear), Flash (Fastest Man Alive), and Robin (Damian Wayne) are also part of this list. Completing the B-Tier characters are Clay Face (Basil Karlo), Killer Frost (Dr. Caitlin Snow), Medphyll (Green Lantern of Sector 1287), and Mirror Master (Roguish Reflection).

Final Thoughts

There are many more characters that belong to the C and D tiers. But they’re characters that don’t deserve much attention. Rather, the ones listed above are the characters that you should be focusing on. Moreover, they are the characters that you need to develop further, especially the ones in the S and A tiers.

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