10 Best Fashion Dress Up Games For Aspiring Trendsetters

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Posted on December 25, 2022

If you’re a huge fan of simulation games that will help you release your inner fashionista trait, then you must look for fashion dress-up games. This sub-genre of simulation games is also acclaimed to be relaxing and can help you express yourself as well. Girls usually play these games, and it’s one of the best ways to explore and unleash your creativity.

Generally, there are loads of available fashion dress-up games to play now, and each varies in terms of theme, style, and scenario. Some games let you dress up a celebrity, stunning guys, and lovely anime characters. But the question is, which among these fashion games is worth playing? So let our top list of dress-up games help you out.

What are the Best Fashion Dress-Up Games?

To cut your time from searching for the best Fashion Dress Up Games, let this list of best fashion dress-up games help you out. Here are the best titles worthy of your PC’s space.

1. Gacha Studio Anime Dress Up

Landing on the first spot of our best fashion dress-up games is Lunime’s Gacha Studio Anime Dress Up. In this casual game, you get to dress up your chibi. You can freely express your fashion ideas, from facial appearance to outfits. There are loads of anime-inspired characters to dress up, and you can use them in your battles.

Aside from dressing up your chibis, you can also deploy them to the Gacha Studio arenas. It will be best to level up and make them stronger to surpass enemies quickly. What is more amazing about Gacha Studio is that you can play with your friends and dress up or battle online or even offline together.

Gacha Studio download full version


2. Be My Princess: Party

If you’re a player who loves dress-up games with love stories, then Be My Princess: Party is the best game for you. In this simulation game, you’ll be playing the role of a fashion designer who will work privately with different princes from different kingdoms. Aside from giving your fashion designing services, you’ll be interacting with them and soon develop feelings with one of them.

Aside from its fashion design gameplay, you must surpass obstacles and situations with your chosen prince. Overcoming these challenges can enable you to travel to different town spots on various dates. As you progress, you’ll be able to unlock more stunning places and exciting stories as well.

be my princess gameplay on pc


3. Helix Waltz – Dress Up Drama

Joining the roster of games is Helix Waltz by uBeeJoy. It is a combination of dress-up and storytelling. In this game, you’ll be playing the role of a lady who will take various quests to retrieve her family’s honor in the world of Finsel. Also, you’ll customize different characters with their respective expressions while tracking multiple storylines with them.

As the game’s name suggests, you’ll witness a waltz theme, and the gameplay focuses more on a narrative-driven dress-up game. You’ll be tackling topics like politics and, of course, fashion. There are also more than 50 characters to interact with in a huge narrative of 800,000 words.

helix waltz download free


4. Fashion Evolution

If you’re looking for a fashionable dress-up game that will take you in different outfits from the past, then Fashion Evolution is the best game for you. In this role-playing game, you must control your character and choose the year you wish your character to look like. Take note; it will be best if you go for higher years to earn high scores.

What’s more exciting about Fashion Evolution is it enables you to earn amazing rewards and bonuses that you can use in future levels. Consider immersing yourself in daily events and watching ads to earn in-game currencies.

fashion evolution pc download


5. Nikki UP2U: A Dressing Story

If you’re looking for a game that can help express your inner fashion sense, you must spare space for Nikki UP2U. In this simulation game, you’ll dress up your main character using different clothes, outfits, and accessories. What’s challenging about this game is that your creation will be graded, and you need to achieve at least a B grade to progress.

In Nikki UP2U, you can dress up Toasty, suitable for different occasions. You can customize your character whenever she goes to the mall, swims, attends a party, and more. You’ll be rewarded with gold for every outfit change you’ve done. The gold depends on your grade; the higher, the more you’ll get.

nikki dressing story download PC


6. Fashion Show Dress Up Game

If you’re looking for a dress-up game that will let you unleash your utmost yet creative fashion sense, then you better download Fashion Show Dress Up Game. In this simulation game, you’ll be dressing up various models utilizing various clothes, outfits, and more. You can also change the hair color of your model and opt for some perfect accessories if you want.

In Fashion Show Dress Up Game, your ultimate goal is to get people’s attention with your model and its fashion statement. Let your model shine in different catwalks and photo booths in the town. What’s more amazing about this game is that you can save your creations through images and be part of your gallery.

fashion show download PC


7. Gothic Dress Up

If you’re looking for a game that lets you explore the fashionable yet dark side of the color spectrum, then Gothic Dress Up is the right choice. In this exciting fashion game, you’ll get a chance to dress up your character using dark-colored outfits using the gothic theme.

Unleash your fashionable dark trend by choosing from hundreds of clothes and accessories available. Consider using some Edwardian blouses, Victorian-themed clothes, and tartan mini-skirts. What’s more stunning about this eccentric fashion game is that it enables you to access gothic-inspired hairstyles.

gothic dress up full version


8. Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars

Securing the eighth spot of the best dressing up games is Nordcurrent’s Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars. You’ll compete against various fashion designers with your stunning models in this casual fashion game. Plus, you’ll usually dress up your models by mixing and matching different clothes and accessories. You also need to customize your looks by choosing the best hairstyle and makeup.

Though the game has loads of outfits and accessories, it doesn’t mean you can freely express your fashion trends. You first need to know the theme and try your best to unleash your inner fashion idea. Once you’ve met the requirements with the theme provided, you’ll be rewarded with cash and a chance to rack a spot on the leaderboards.

pocket styler gameplay on pc


9. Sophie Fashionista – Dress Up Game

Another dressing-up game that will help you express your inner fashionista mood is Sophie Fashionista. In this casual fashion game, you’ll assist Sophie by dressing up in different clothes and accessories. There’s no such thing as a limit in dressing up Sophie; all you have to consider is the theme she will be joining.

If you’re looking for something challenging, you can immerse yourself in the challenge mode, where your fashion ideas will be tested in different events with Sophie. All you have to do in this mode is logically express your creativity using many clothes, accessories, and makeup.

sophie fashionista download free


10. Hannah’s Fashion World – Dress Up & Makeup Salon

Last but not least is TutoTOONS’s Hannah’s Fashion World. Like the game titles above, this fashion game enables you to express your ideas through lovely accessories and hairstyles. In this game, you’ll be playing the role of Hannah, and you need to help her dress glamorously.

You need to help Hanna look like a beautiful cheerleader, hipster, prom princess, and more. Aside from clothes and accessories, you can also access some hairstyles and hair colors to make her more beautiful, along with your chosen outfit.

hannahs fashion download free 2


Download the Best Fashion Dress-Up Games!

So, there you have it! We hope you’ve found the best fashion dress-up games to help you hone your fashionista skills and relax as well. If you want to download the games listed here, feel free to grab them here in Games.lol.


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