How to Get All Characters in Crossy Road

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Posted on December 17, 2022

One of the best casual action games you can play is Crossy Road. It has a simple gameplay of helping your character cross various roads. The goal is to travel as far as possible without getting hit by cars, trains, or other obstacles. What makes this game more interesting is the different characters you can unlock and use in the game. But unlocking all of them, especially the secret characters, can be a pain. This is why this blog post is a how-to to get all characters in Crossy Road.

We’ll list down all of the secret characters currently in the game and what you need to do to get them. In this way, you’ll be able to use and enjoy them in the game in no time.

Unlocking All the Crossy Road Characters

There are many different characters available in Crossy Road. But all of them, except for the default characters, are locked. And in this section, we’ll discuss how you can unlock all of them.

Crossy Road Characters
Image Source: Crossy Road Characters


Secret Characters that Start with A, B, & C

Let’s do this alphabetically and start with the secret characters with a name that begins with A. Only three are currently available, and below is what you need to do to unlock them.

  • Ace – Play as Rocky and collect 50 burgers (you can do multiple runs to complete).
  • Andy Sum – You need to score at least 85 percent greater than your current high score while playing Mallard.
  • Angler Fish – Cross a trench and then go back two logs or one lily pad and then jump off the log or lily pad while playing as an ocean character.

There are currently more secret characters that start with B. Below are the five that you can unlock.

  • Ben Weatherall – Play as The Dark Lord and score 85 percent or more than your current high score.
  • Big Fancy Pig – Collect all five of the floating green and white packs while playing as the character Blue.
  • Blinky – You will get crushed by Pac-Man while playing any of Clyde, Pac-Chicken, or Pinky.

And as for the C characters, they have the most in this section, with eight. Below are the different secret characters that start with C that you can unlock and play with.

  • Cai Shen – You have to collect 20 red envelopes during your run (can be done in multiple runs) while playing as Chinese Monster, Hot Pot, Fortune Chicken, The Three Deities, New Year’s Doll, Fire Monkey, or Xi.
  • Chinese Monster – Play as the New Year’s Doll and catch up with Chinese Monster during a run.
  • Choc Mallard – Get four Jelly Bears while playing as Jelly Bear during the Jelly Bear level.
  • Clown – Acquire a total of 15 – 20 coins in one or multiple runs while playing as the Hand.

Secret Characters That Start with D, G, & H

For this section, we’ll go with the characters that start with D, G, H, I, L, and M. We’ll start with D, which currently has two characters to unlock.

  • Dragon Rider – Acquire the Snow King from the Peking Order challenge and play him for about 10 rounds after obtaining.
  • Drop Bear – You will encounter the Drop Bear at some point in the game when you play as any of the Australian characters. Once you see it, go to the Drop Bear and wait for it to drop on you.


Dragon Rider
Image Source: Dragon Rider

Continuing list are the G characters, which currently have two available in the game. The two characters you can unlock are listed below.

  • Gingerbread Man – Jump on the Gingerbread Man when he appears while you’re playing as the Wolf Mascot.
  • Gifty – You must play as the Festive Chicken and reach the snow plain. Run to the Christmas Tree you see in the plain for the gifts to fly out.

There are also two secret characters with names starting with H. And those two characters and how to acquire them in the list below.

  • Halfling – You must play as any New Zealand character to encounter a small gold ring during the run. Collect it and this action 10 times.
  • Hipster Whale – Jump on the floating whale you see instead of the log when crossing the ocean.

Secret Characters That Start with I & M

The characters whose name starts with I also have two available, while the L character only have one. You can acquire the three secret characters acquired if you do the following.

  • Iceberg – You will just have to dunk all available Arctic Mascots (which includes the Seal) into the river when you run while playing them.
  • Inky – Score over 3,000 points across multiple runs while playing as Pac-Man.
  • Leprechaun – Collect a four-leaf clover while playing mascots from the UK and Ireland Update.

And finally, we have the M characters. There are currently six of them available, and you can acquire them if you do the following things

  • Marathon Runner – You have to play as the Cheerleader character and jump through 20 Human Pyramids (you can do this over multiple runs to complete).
  • Marmalade – Collect at least one of each of the five items (donut, dice, floppy disk, ball, and sock) while playing as any of the Piffle Update characters.
  • Merlady – Fully crosses a river while playing a non-ocean character and jumps back two logs, then fall from the end.
  • Michael Boom – Find the rocket truck when you play a random event and finish the run by crashing into the truck.

Secret Characters That Start with N, P, R, & S

This last section will complete the list of all secret characters available and how to acquire them. Let’s start with N, which only has one available, and P, that have six secret characters.

  • Nessie – You have to get close to a river and wait for Nessie to arrive and then hop on her back while playing as the UK and Ireland Update character.
  • Phone Box – You need to play as a character from the UK or Ireland and then reach a large open clearing during a run. If you hear a ringing phone, you need to follow it until you reach the Red Telephone Booth. Get close until the ringing stops, and the character is unlocked once you end the run.
  • Pineapple – Ho near an empty lane on the road while playing as any character from the Piffle Update. Wait for a pineapple truck to pass by and crash into it to end the run.
  • Purple Bloop – You need to beat a character with a level higher than 35 while playing as Grablin.


Purple Bloop
Image Source: Purple Bloop

There are currently two R and S characters for each letter. Below are the R and S characters and how to acquire them.

  • Robot Dog – Find a yellow alien that looks like a duck while playing as any of the Space Update mascots.
  • Rugby Player – Collect four nuts while playing as a squirrel and find a white rugby ball that’s on top of the tree. Just move next to the tree to make the ball fall, and you acquire the character at the end of the run.
  • Seal – Complete all five missions of collecting trash in the terrain while playing as a Polar Bear.
  • Space Walker – Jump on the Hipster Whale while you are playing any of the Space Update characters.

Secret Characters That Start with T, W, & Y

And finally, we have the T characters, which currently have five secret characters and then one each for the W and Y. Below are the last seven secret characters you can unlock on this list.

  • The King of All Cosmos – Collect all items needed to make the Katamari Ball bigger while playing as the Prince of All Cosmos and complete this several times.
  • The Princess of All Cosmos – Collect enough items in one run while playing as the Prince of All Cosmos.
  • The Queen of All Cosmos – Turn several things into rainbows while playing as The King of All Cosmos.
  • Too Much Candy – Jump into the chocolate river.
  • Waffles – Find Waffles in a rare event while playing as Piffles. You need to walk to him when you find him.
  • Yeti – Get killed by the Yeti as he throws snowballs while playing as one of the characters from the Christmas Update 2015.

Final Thoughts

Acquiring these secret characters are great. Though you can acquire them easily, some require more thought processes on your part. The guide above will ensure you can acquire all the secret Crossy Road characters.


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