Identity V Tips – Cheat Sheet for a Newbie Survivor

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Posted on November 15, 2021

Identity V is one of the most exhilarating survival horror games to ever spawn in the freemium video game market. The hunter-prey mechanics embedded within its core has lured millions of survival horror game enthusiasts across the globe. Since 2018, the game has managed to evolve not only its gameplay structure but its roster as well, giving players a diverse roster of characters to choose from.

Speaking of characters, today we will be providing you with some useful tips on how to become an effective survivor. After all, playing a survivor role requires wits and skills. So without further ado, check out our list of tips below.

Survivor Tips for Newbies

Before we jump into the main topic, any new player needs to have an overview of the tasks of a survivor. The first is that the main objective of a survivor is to escape and avoid the hunter. The second is that each of the four survivors in the game has their own role to play.

Survivors must decode five out of the seven cipher machines and unlock one of the two exit gates to escape. The four survivors must work together to become successful on each of the aforementioned tasks.


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Types of Survivors

New players should know that there are four types of survivors in the game. With that said, it is important that you and your fellow survivors work together or for the most part, understand the specialty of your chosen character for maximum efficiency.

Contain or Junker

The first type of survivor, called Junker, are characters that specialize in slowing down and distracting the hunter. Junkers are quick-moving survivors equipped with unique skills that can stun, disable, or confuse the hunter. The thief, gardener, magician, enchantress, and acrobat are examples of the survivors that fall under this category.

Rescue or Savers

Rescue or Saver survivors are in charge of freeing players who are strapped in the Rocket Chair. Savers are equipped with special skills that can disable, counter and distract the hunter. The Mercenary, Coordinator, and Grave Keeper are examples of the characters that fall under this category.

Assist or Healer

As the name of the category suggests, Assists or Healers are survivors who specialize in keeping other survivors alive. These survivors come with healing and buffing skills for assisting other survivors who are in trouble. In addition, these survivors can also decipher machines. The Doctor, Priestess, and Seer are examples of survivors that fall under this category.

Decode or Decoder

Decoders are survivors who specialize in decoding machines or ciphers. Compared to other survivors, Decoders can decipher any of the machines faster. Some survivors can even decode two ciphers at the same time making the team’s escape more convenient if not faster. The Mechanic, Prisoner, and Explorer are examples of the survivors that fall under this category.

Callout and Hiding Spots

As a survivor, you must be wise enough to know the location of each hiding spot on the map. This means that you must prioritize the location of lockers and other hiding spots before you go hunting for ciphers. Once you locate a couple of great hiding spots, then, you can continue with your main task which is to look for ciphers, heal teammates, etc.

In addition, you must never hesitate to communicate with other survivors. Playing as the sole survivor in the game will eventually lead to your defeat or demise. If you are a healer, always make sure to heal your teammates as often as you can. Having all your teammates alive and kicking will make your escape easier.

Play Identity V on PC

Now that you have an idea of how to play as a survivor, it is now time to jump back into the game. Speaking of which, what better way to play Identity V than on your PC. Just go to this page and follow the download instructions!

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