Identity V Guide – How To Become A Pro Hunter

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Posted on November 1, 2021

Identity V is a fun and exciting action role-playing multiplayer game that you can play. It’s a 1 vs 4 game, where 1 player becomes the Hunter while the 4 other players become the Survivor. The survivors’ role is to avoid the hunter and escape. But before they can escape, they’ll need to complete decoding 5 cipher machines. Decoding the machines will reveal certain locations on the map and once all are decoded, it will activate the switches for the exit gate.

For the hunter, the goal is to prevent the survivors from escaping and send them back to the manor. You just have to incapacitate a survivor, place them on a rocket chair and send them off. Looking at the roles, you can see that being a hunter seems more like a fun role to play. Though it does seem more fun, it doesn’t mean that it’s an easy role. To help you with that, this blog post will be an Identity V guide and help you become a pro hunter.

Becoming A Hunter in Identity V

As mentioned above, the hunter’s objective is to prevent survivors from escaping and send them to the manor. To incapacitate survivors, hunters can hit them twice. Once a survivor is incapacitated, you can strap them to rocket chairs and send them off to the manor. Take note, though, that hunters will need a few seconds to recover after hitting a survivor. This means that you’ll need to plan properly when you try to incapacitate a survivor.

It’s best if you target them when they’re alone as this prevents other survivors from helping out. In case you already strap a survivor to a chair but they’re rescued, placing them again on a chair would eliminate them. So, target them again if ever they get rescued. Hunters can track the trails that survivors left behind when they sprint, which will allow them to follow where survivors are going. They can also open lockers and if there’s a survivor hiding there, it will result in automatic incapacitation.

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Hunters can also vault windows, attack breakable walls, place down peepers, attack the Entomologist’s bee swarm, and fix broken rocket chairs. To win the match, a hunter will need to send off at least 3 survivors. If you only send off 2 survivors and 2 others to escape, that will result in a draw. You lose if you only send off 1 while letting 3 escape. So, make sure you try to send off at least 2 survivors so you won’t lose.

It’s also worth noting that there are different types of hunters available in Identity V. Each hunter will have unique skills and abilities. It’s best you know which one to use in certain situations or scenarios.

Tips To Becoming A Pro Hunter

Playing the hunter role seems easy, but it isn’t. There are ways to improve your gameplay and, in this section, we’ll provide tips to becoming a pro hunter.

Always be Prepared

One of the important things that you need to do to be a pro hunter is to be prepared. You need to be prepared before the game starts and after the game starts. Before the game starts, examine the team of survivors that you will deal with, as well as the map. Once you see what they have, you choose the type of hunter that can properly counter them. You also need to properly select an appropriate Persona Tree. You can prepare different types of trees, so you’ll have several ready that can help you deal with different situations. Select a good trait to use since having a good trait will increase your chances of winning.

Once the game starts, you start to hunt the survivors. Your goal is to strap a survivor to a chair. It’s important you do this, even if they get rescued. As mentioned above, if a survivor is already placed in a chair and they’re rescued, placing them again will automatically eliminate them. Knowing this can be helpful in eliminating survivors.

Selecting the Good Trait

Another tip is to properly understand the traits available and know when to properly use them. For example, the Listen trait is good against Explorers while the Patroller is good against Mercenary or Forward. The Excitement trait is good against the survivors with stun while the Abnormal trait is good against decoding survivors. The Blink and Teleport traits are always good in any situation if used properly.

Identity V hunter tips
Image Source: Identity V Top Ranked Hunter Gameplay


Properly Choose Which Decipher Machine to Protect

It would be impossible for you to protect all 5 decipher machines, considering you’re only 1 and there are 4 of them. This means that the survivors will likely decode a decipher machine. What you can do is select which ones you can protect. Look at the map and see which machines are near each other. Select the 3 decipher machines that are close to each other and focus on protecting these. This will make it hard for survivors to escape and it will also make it easier for you to trap and control them.

Don’t Focus On Only One Survivor

When hunting for a survivor, don’t try to focus on just 1 survivor. Sure, trying to catch a survivor that you already placed on a chair will make it easier for you to eliminate that survivor. But you’re allowing the other 3 survivors to roam freely. What’s a great strategy is to try and place all of them in a chair at once. By doing this, you make all survivors vulnerable to be eliminated. In this way, you can hunt every survivor you come across and have a chance of eliminating them.

Final Thoughts

There are many more tips that can help you become a pro hunter. But the ones provided in this blog post will already help you become a good hunter in Identity V. So, just read and follow them to become a pro hunter.

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