Idle Apocalypse Guide – How To Be A Good Evil Sorcerer

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Posted on March 13, 2023

If you’re sick and tired of always being the good guys in the video games you play, then you will enjoy Idle Apocalypse. It’s a simulation game where you don’t play as the heroes or champions that will save the day. Instead, you play as an evil sorcerer who summons demons, ghouls, and monsters, bringing the apocalypse to the world.

Of course, it won’t be as simple as it sounds. As an evil sorcerer looking to destroy the world, you will encounter heavy resistance from heroes. You must manage your resources to produce your minions and upgrade your tower. These are the things you need to be a good evil sorcerer. Let’s discuss more in this Idle Apocalypse guide.

How to Play Idle Apocalypse

Before we go to the tips and things you need to become the best evil sorcerer, let’s first discuss how to play Idle Apocalypse. You first need to know what you need to do in the game. If you don’t have a basic understanding, tips to be better won’t matter. As an idle game, it’s not that hard to play Idle Apocalypse. Many of the functions in the game will be done automatically.

Summoning minions and making them attack the heroes, for example, are done automatically. You need to build the floor tower that will summon the different minions. You will only have one tower in Idle Apocalypse, but you can add floors and basements that provide different functions. Most floors will summon minions, but other floors also produce just resources.

Idle Apocalypse

Each floor can be upgraded to improve your minion’s stats. You can also upgrade to new and more powerful minions for that floor. Just note that each minion produces a certain resource that you’ll use for upgrades or building floors. So, you will have to switch between minions to produce the needed resources. The basement is where you can upgrade other functions like your spell or boost the speed at which minions are summoned.

The goal in the game is simple: to keep building floors and unlocking more minions to summon. These minions will attack the heroes outside your tower automatically. You can also attack these heroes using your spells, and they’ll drop trinkets or resources you can use. Managing resources will be important here. Knowing when to upgrade or when to build will be key.

Idle Apocalypse Guide – Tips To Being A Good Evil Sorcerer

The resource is the most important thing in Idle Apocalypse. Learning how to manage them is the key to becoming a good evil sorcerer. Upgrading and unlocking more minions is the most important thing you’ll do in the game. And these functions require resources, so managing them is the most important thing.

Upgrade Floors as Needed

Idle Apocalypse is unlike any typical game since upgrading is not important here, at least initially. You need to upgrade your floor as needed. Remember, you’re playing as the bad guys, so you can’t expect to be able to kill the heroes. You need to hurt them a bit for them to drop trinkets and resources. It’s better if your minions die quickly since they drop resources you can use. You need to upgrade floors as needed to help you unlock new floors.

Upgrade floors as needed


Focus More on Unlocking New Minions & Floors

Unlocking new floors or minions in Idle Apocalypse is important. This is because it will also unlock other resources that you can produce. As mentioned earlier, each minion can produce different resources. Unlocking them means you gain access to certain resources or get a minion that can produce more when they die. So instead of focusing on upgrading the minion to improve stats, upgrade to unlock minions or to build new tower floors. The ultimate goal in this game is to unlock the latest thing you can.

Focus on unlocking towers and new types of minions


Always Pay Attention to Your Resource Count

Paying attention to your resource count in Idle Apocalypse is also important. Doing this is important since you can only summon one type of minion per floor. And each floor can have multiple types of minions available. This also means they can provide different resources for you. Knowing your resources will let you know which resource needs to be focused on. So, you can switch to the appropriate minion and get that resource.

Check resources in Idle Apocalypse


Complete Apocalypse Tasks

You will also have tasks in Idle Apocalypse; complete them all. These tasks are a great source of tokens and are the fastest way to achieve your goal of unlocking the most recent floor available in the game.

Idle Apocalypse Conclusion

Idle Apocalypse is a simple, fun, and unique game you’ll enjoy. The tips above will help you do well and make you a better evil sorcerer. But the game is not hard to do, and you can ultimately play it as you prefer. After all, it’s an idle game, and you’re playing the villains. So, it’s not like you’re expected to win in any way.


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