Clash Mini Beginner’s Guide – Battle System, Minis, Upgrades & More

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Posted on April 3, 2022

Last 2021, the famous Supercell brought into the world of gaming another title that most gamers will surely anticipate – the Clash Mini. If your gray matter is deeply stretched with the former games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, you better expand more. That’s because playing this new strategy game will require tons of strategies. Unlike the phenomenal Clash of Clans, wherein you compete for your characters in a massive world and conquer other players’ land, Clash Mini is set in a smaller arena. However, it essentially requires you to unleash tactical strategies.

Before anything else and for you to understand better what Clash Mini is all about, let this beginner’s guide assist you in mastering the vital aspects of this awesome strategy game. You will learn more about the gameplay, minis, and more.

Clash Mini gameplay
Image Source: Clash Mini Gameplay


Clash Mini – The Gameplay

In Clash Mini, the characters you use to play are known as Minis. These Minis are deployed in a small arena called Clash Mini Board. As you begin the game, you’ll start with a hero who will be your significant unit in all of your battles. That’s unless you change its position before the action begins. Most of the time, your most important units are placed at the front lines. In addition to your essential unit, you can also ask for additional units or Minis to support your main hero in clashing the opponent’s characters. Your Minis will play like an auto-chess battle against their enemies at the arena. Once a mini is deployed, it will automatically combat.

Additionally, remember that your Minis vary in elixir requirements. There are 2-Elixir Minis. And there are also 3 and 4-elixir Minis too. For you to summon a particular Mini, you need to spend elixir to deploy it on your board. Therefore, if you opt for mighty Minis, you must consider working for 4 and 3-Elixir Minis.

Clash Mini game


Placing Your Minis

To summon a mini, you just need to navigate them beneath the game screen where they are primarily located. Then, you can place the summoned mini to any place you want. Take note that these minis seldom move into their positions once set, but they will automatically move to another position after beating an opponent.

Moreover, you need to better understand the placement of your Mini. So let’s say that your Mini is an archer. Usually, archers use to shoot arrows to hit enemies, and there is no need for them to move into different places. But, if your Mini is a commander who utilizes swords in attacking, expect this character to move around the board to find an advantageous spot to attack enemies.

Clash Mini placement


Upgrading Your Minis

Like the usual strategy games, your Minis also need upgrades in order for them to cope with tough situations and defeat challenging opponents. In upgrading Minis, you’re adding an extra attack damage level to them, making them stronger. Thankfully, upgrading your Minis is easy. You can either place them right on the battle arena or directly place the same Mini to the character you wish to upgrade. It’s like combining two minis and making it one. Once you drag a Mini to the board, the Mini will automatically find its identical Mini and be upgraded.

Once you upgraded your Mini, you will quickly notice the increase of its attacks and the effect on its enemies. Though there are instances where your significant hero is dead, if your supporting Minis are adequately upgraded, they can still win the battle.

Clash Mini upgrade


Battle System in Clash Mini

In Clash Mini, winning a single round is enough for you to be the winner. You need to win three matches to win the entire battle. Take note that you and your opponent will become stronger after every round as there’s another set of rules in each round. For instance, the number of Minis you can deploy on the battlefield. To understand this, let’s say for round one, it will be only a battle between your hero Minis and the opponent’s Minis, with the same number. In the following round, the number of Minis will increase, and you can deploy up to 4 minis, and in the final round, you and your enemy can release up to 6 Minis.

Clash Mini battle system

As the round gets more intense, you need to think about which Mini you need to deploy. If you think your Minis are not strong enough, you can navigate the reroll button. It’s located on the right side of the game screen. By using this option, you can access new Minis who might be more powerful or not. In addition, there are times that you’ll get a chance to summon Minis with special abilities like Clash skills.

Who Will be your Hero Reward?

After accomplishing your first battle, you will get a chance to select one hero reward. You can utilize it as your main Mini in your future battles. If you’re opting for a commander that you rely on intense battles, you must choose the Barbarian King. However, if you’re looking for a range Mini that can attack opponents from afar, then it’s the Archer Queen. But, if you’re the type of player who thinks that offense is the key for successful battles, you must check out Shield Maiden.

Clash Mini hero reward

So, that’s it! We hope that this Clash Mini beginner’s guide helped you a lot in understanding the core aspects of the game. For more updates, information, tips, and tricks about this fantastic strategy game stay in the loop here at

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