King’s Raid Tier List – Who Are The Best Ones in 2022?

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Posted on July 18, 2022

King’s Raid is a fun and exciting role-playing game that also features stunning graphics and epic battles. Additionally, the game has an interesting storyline, which is why it’s an RPG that many enjoy. But the biggest draw for this RPG is the awesome and powerful characters they have. And that list continues to grow as the developers constantly introduce new and more powerful, and cooler characters. With these new characters, you may need the help of a King’s Raid tier list to know the best one.

Thankfully, we’ll discuss these characters in this blog post. We’ll provide a King’s Raid tier list and list down the characters that are currently the best ones to use. However, it’s important to remember that the list changes as new characters are introduced and existing ones are adjusted. So, keep coming back to this list for updates. But for now, you’ll learn here the best characters to use in the game right now.

The Best Characters in King’s Raid Right Now

King’s Raid provides its players with a lot of powerful and great-looking characters. But the problem with having lots of characters to choose from, it becomes harder to decide which character you should try to focus on. This is something that many players struggle with in playing RPGs, including King’s Raid. But in this section, we’ll provide a tier list to help you identify which are the most powerful characters in this awesome RPG.

kings raid composition
Image Source: King’s Raid Team Composition

For this list, we’ll divide them into three (3) tiers (S, A, and B) and two (2) categories (PvE and PvP). Thus, giving you a more complete list to help you use the right characters in the right situations.

S-Tier Characters (PvE)

The S-tier characters are currently the most powerful ones available in the game. They’re the characters that you want on your team and the ones that should be your focus when it comes to development. For this list, we’ll start with the characters that are best used for PVE. These are the characters you’ll use when dealing with the enemy AI. The heroes are Clause (Tank), Cleo (AoE DPS), Glewyns (Tank, Debuffer), and Neraxis (Tank).

Completing the list would be Zafir (AoE DPS), Artemia (AoE DPS), and Erze (AoE DPS). Tanks and DPS are your important characters in PvE, and it’s great that all of the best ones play these roles.

kings raid cleo
Image Source: King’s Raid Cleo


S-Tier Characters (PvP)

When it comes to the PVP mode, the ones mentioned above are still decent to good, but there are more suitable characters to use. In PvP, you will battle against another player’s team, which means battle dynamics will be very different. For PvP, the S-tier characters are Rephy (Cleanser, Healer), Loman (Tank, Support, Healer), Leo (Support, Dispeller), Requina (DPS, Blocker), and Miruru (Debuffer, AoE DPS). These are the characters you should use if you want to do well during PvP battles.

A-Tier Characters (PvE)

If you don’t have any S-Tier characters, then a good alternative is the characters in under A-Tier. They are still powerful in their own right, just not as overpowered as the ones in the S-Tiers. But they’re more than enough to get the job done without too much hassle, so you can also focus on developing them. For the PvP A-Tiers, you have Ezekiel (Debuffer, Breaker), Laias (Support, Healer), Viska (Burst DPS, Debuffer), Frey (Support, Tank), and Mediana (Healer, Support).

kings raid ezekiel
Image Source: King’s Raid Ezekiel

Other characters in the S-Tier PvE are Theo (DPS, Debuffer, Buffer), Phillop (Tank, Burst DPS, Support, Healer), Juno (Cleanser, Support), Jane (Tank, Burst DPS), Rephy, and Loman. Completing the A-Tier PvEs are Luna (DPS), Chrisha (AoE DPS, Support), Requina, Lakrak (Status Attack, AoE DPS), Mirianne (DPS), Annette (Support), Epis (DPS), Miruru, Nyx (AoE, DPS, Dispeller), and Maria (Status Attack, Buffer).

A-Tier Characters (PvP)

For the A-Tier PvP characters, you have Fluss (DPS), Damiel (DPS), Lucias (Support), Maria, Juno, Ricardo (Tank, Status Attack), Demia (Tank), and Chase (DPS, Support). Completing the A-Tier list, you have Nyx, Scarlet (DPS, Cleanser, Dispeller), Mirianne, Ophelia (Burst DPS, Support), Cassandra (Support, Status Attack), and Pavel (AoE DPS, Status Attack).

B-Tier Characters (PvE)

The B-Tier characters are decent alternatives in case you have no other choice. They’re not overpowered or strong per se, but they’re still good options. For the PvE B-Tier characters, we have Priscilla (DPS, Support), Gau (Tank, Status Attack, SupporT), Naila (DPS, Debuffer), Shea (Support), Aselica (Support, Tank), Lavril (Support, Healer), Sonia (Tank, Debuffer, Support), Lucias, and Ophelia. More B-Tier PvE characters you can use are Kaulah (Support, Debuffer, Status Attack), Pavel, Seria (Breaker), Gladi (DPS, Support), Dimael, Reina (DPS), Shamilla (DPS, Supporter, Breaker), Nia (Breaker), and Arch (DPS, Supporter, Breaker).

kings raid priscilla
Image Source: King’s Raid Priscilla

Completing the list of B-Tier characters are Tanya (DPS, Status Attack, Dispeller), Selene (DPS), Laudia (DPS), Oddy (Support), Lilia (DPS, Support), Kara (Support), Lorraine (AoE DPS, Status Attack), Esker (AoE DPS, Support), and Aisha (DPS). They’re also characters that are still worth developing but only as a last resort option.

B-Tier Characters (PvP)

As for the PvP B-Tier characters, there are also plenty of them starting with Viska, Naila, Phillop, Lilia, Priscilla, Baudouin (Support, Status Attack), Gau, Mdianna, Dosarta (Tank), and Zafir, Other B-Tier characters for PvP are Sonia, Kara, Lakrak, Laias, Shamilla, Epis, Arch, and Ezekiel. To complete the B-Tiers, you have Luna, Nia, Tanya, Erze, and Laudia.

King’s Raid Tier List Bottomline

There are many more characters available for you to acquire and use in King’s Raid. But if you want to do well, whether it’s in PvE or PvP, focus on the ones on this list. They’re currently the best ones available. However, if there are any updates in the list, you can stay tuned here in!


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