Punishing Gray Raven Tier List – Characters Ranked

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Posted on June 1, 2022

One of the awesome action role-playing games that you can play right now is Punishing Gray Raven. It’s a sci-fi game that’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are close to being extinct. This is all due to the biochemical virus known as the Punishing. They turned humans into Corrupted and the ones affected hunt down the remaining humans. To fight back, you need a powerful team of constructs. To help with that, check out this Punishing Gray Raven tier list.

Constructs are ambiguous robots with a body backup drive that allows them to transfer their consciousness to a different body. They’re like cyborgs, but it’s hard to determine where their humanity ends and the robot augmentation begins. The modification also depends on the construct, which is why you can also classify them as Androids. Let’s now discuss the rankings of the constructs in Punishing Gray Raven.

Punishing Gray Raven Tier List

In this section, we’ll discuss the different rankings of the constructs in the game. This will help you know who are currently the powerful constructs in the game, so you can easily assemble a powerful team to battle the Corruption and progress in the game. This will also allow you to see who are the characters that you should try to acquire and focus on when it comes to development.

Punishing Gray Raven Tier List
Punishing Gray Raven Tier List


The S-Tier Constructs

The S-tier constructs are currently the most powerful ones available in Punishing Gray Raven. They’re the characters that you should try to acquire since they can be difference-makers during battle. Your chances of winning battles, especially tougher ones, will be higher if you have these S-tier constructs in your team. They’re not easy to acquire or develop because of their rarity. But you don’t need to have a team of S-tier characters to do well, as one or two will be more than enough to help you progress.

The current S-tiers available are Lucia – Plume (Ice Assault), Chrome – Glory (Ice Tank), Vera – Flare (Lightning Tank), Rosetta – Arctic (Physical Tank), Live – Solaeter (Fire Amplifier), Luna – Laurel (Dark Assault), and Kamui – Tenebrion (Dark Tank). These are the characters that you should be focusing on when it comes to development. They should also get the priority when it comes to team construction since they’re the difference-maker. In case you don’t have access to any of these S tiers, then the next characters can be useful.

The A-Tier Constructs

If you don’t have access to any of the S-tiers, don’t worry since there are good alternatives that you can use and they’re the A-tier constructs. They’re also strong characters, but not as strong as the S-tiers. Still, they’re viable constructs to use and can help you progress in the game. They’re still powerful and can help you win many battles, including the tough ones. It will just be harder, but they can get the job done.

So, they can also still be used focused on for development since they’re the alternate constructs if you don’t have access to S-tiers. The current A-tiers in Punishing Gray Raven are Karenina – Ember (Fire Assault), Bianca – Veritas (Lightning Assault), Lee – Entropy (Physical Assault), Lucia – Crimson Abyss Alpha (Physical Assault), and Selena – Capriccio (Dark Amplifier). A-tier constructs are still very useful. If you have only one S-tier and two A-tier characters on your team, that’s already a powerful combination. So, don’t disregard the A-tiers, as they’re also strong constructs.

The B-Tier Constructs

If you are still having trouble completing your team because there are certain classes that you don’t have, then you can use B-tier constructs. They’re decent constructs that can be useful in certain situations. They can be used to complete a team or to help you in certain battles since their abilities are needed. When it comes to development, there’s no need to put too much emphasis on these constructs since you’ll only use them in certain situations.

You can develop them as needed. There are only two B-tier constructs available and they are Nanami – Pulse (Fire Tank) and Liv – Luminance (Physical Support). They’re decent constructs and they can help you in certain situations. But other than that, they won’t have much use for you. You can easily replace them with more powerful characters once you have acquired them.

Final Thoughts

Punishing Gray Raven is a fun and exciting action role-playing game available right now. But your success in this game will depend greatly on the constructs that you have. There are many constructs in this game, which is why it’s not easy to build a strong team.

But the infographics and details provided in this Punishing Gray Raven tier list allow you to know who the strong characters are. With this information, it will be easy for you to assemble a powerful team. With a powerful team, you won’t have too many problems progressing in the game, even against tough opponents.


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