Kitchen Madness: Comprehensive Guide To Be The Top Chef

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Posted on April 23, 2021

Opening a restaurant is a dream come true for aspiring chefs who want to serve their food to people that can appreciate it. It’s the best feeling to conquer, especially because food is the universal language that everybody can agree with. Bet anyone can know that foods can make people come along together. And with Kitchen Madness, you have the freedom to do whatever you want because you own a restaurant and you are the only chef that can cook the best dishes and cuisines from all over the world!

Please your starving customers and become the top Mad Chef in town. Open restaurants and dash right into your kitchen to cook the most delectable dishes that will hit that sweet spot. But being a chef can sometimes make you lose yourself. That’s why you need a comprehensive guide to keep you on track!

We know how stressful and fun time management cooking games are, and Kitchen Madness will give you that same feeling. But it’s essential to keep your customers happy and to keep them coming back for more of your delicious cooking! Become a master chef in your kitchen and get ready for the best kitchen adventure with these guidelines!

Kitchen Madness


Becoming The Top Chef in Kitchen Madness!

Are you ready to jump right into the adventure and become the most extraordinary Chef everybody has ever known? In Kitchen Madness, you will be forced to deliver delicious and yummy dishes to hungry customers. But be careful, you have to do it as fast as you can! You don’t want to keep them waiting, or else they’ll leave hungry! Avoid that from ever happening with these excellent strategy guides to keep you on your toes all the time:

Be Organized

In real life, you must organize a kitchen to know where a particular item is stored. You don’t want to go back and forth when you can place it in front of you. The same goes with Kitchen Madness, but the only thing that needs to become organized in your mind because this time management game will challenge your organization skills. If you have five customers ordering the same dish, you need to cook right away and serve it to the first customer instantly to avoid them from being grumpy, which leads you to the second guideline.

Never Lose Any Customer

As much as possible, don’t lose any customer because it will affect your overall score. You want to serve them their food as fast as possible because if their food takes some time, they will leave and you won’t get to earn any money. That’s why having organizational skills in the game has a lot to do with the entirety of the game. You can also upgrade your kitchen appliances to make things smoother and faster for you.

Get More Free Coins

Aside from the money you get from your customers, you can also get more of these coins by watching ads. These won’t take too long, a minute at the most. Use these coins to upgrade your kitchen utilities to make it easier for you to serve food. It will help you in the upcoming levels where things get challenging and more stressful.

Kitchen Madness Gameplay


Focus On the Goals

Each level has different goals, which you need to focus on. You need to accomplish these goals to earn more stars and coins and go to the next level. The goals will vary from level to level, so get ready for some more excitement.

Complete Your Daily Task

There are daily tasks, which you need to complete to get excellent rewards. The rewards will also vary, sometimes it’s coins, and sometimes there are boosters. You will use these in the game, so it doesn’t matter. But completing these tasks will help you in the upcoming levels.

Once you get the hang of the game, you will realize that these guidelines are more than enough. The most important part is to remember that organization is the best way to successfully pass all stages and become the world’s greatest Master Chef!

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