Call of Duty Mobile: Learn Latest Maps, Modes, & Guides

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Posted on November 7, 2020

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the top video games that players love to play almost every single day. The gameplay is manageable and very addicting. Its newest season, Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 or The Hunt is more exciting than ever. The game can easily be updated through itself by simply opening the game. Lots of things are happening in this installment and read up if you want to be in the team and battle for victory.

New Maps to Venture

In Call of Duty Mobile Season 10, there are two maps added which are actually adopted from the main series. The new gunfight map is called Pine which was derived from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This is a 2v2 map. As we recall, this map is situated in the deep forest so enemies can easily hide and come out from any angle. You can either spot enemies from the watchtowers to have a wider view of the entire battle field or go directly to the middle part of the map to close in on the enemy’s lair.

There is also the multiplayer map, the Terminal, which is basically from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This is a medium sized map of an airport terminal where all battles happen. This map can assess your shooting skills as well as how smart you play overall. Learn to use long range weapons if your target happens to be eating in the terminal’s food area. Furthermore, if you want a close combat action, equip yourself with the newest Echo shotgun. This will stop those opponents from boarding the plane. The airport terminal has lots of things to watch out for such as objects that can assist you in climbing.

Test your skills at the Headquarters & Hardcore

Another update for Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 are the two popular modes included. The headquarters is basically about two teams competing for a specific HQ. If one team is able to take over, they must defend it to be able to earn points. When defending the HQ, respawning is not possible.

However, if the team of your enemies gains control, everything lies in your game plan. You can either destroy all of them at once or wipe out the objective site.
The other mode is Hardcore. As its name, everything is magnified such as:

  • Health bar is low
  • HUD is very limited
  • Health regeneration is not possible
  • No kill cam in this mode (you have to find the hidden enemy by yourself)
  • Friendly fire damage is activated (be careful in shooting because once you hit your teammates, the damage will directly reflect to you)

Hardcore mode is not for the weak. It is for players who are not afraid to make mistakes and learn how to survive, the hard way.

Call of Duty Mobile Updates

The game also has a new class which is referred to as the Hacker. With this, you will be able to black out those mini maps of your opponents. Aside from that, the opposing team will lose contact through their electronics during this black out period. They won’t be able to use these gadgets against you and will solely rely on combat and physical skills during the battle.

Aside from that, there is also what you call the Hacker’s Ice Pick ability. This can be activated so that you can pin your mini map to the opponent’s location. To keep your team protected, the passive ability of the Hacker will make sure that your mini map won’t be discovered at all.

In addition, there are four more soldiers, Mace, Mara, Outrider Amazonas, and Marakov Jungle, added to the Battle Pass. Weapons in this new season are also not pre-equipped with optic attachments. But such optics may be procured in another way before going to the optic slot. Weapon swapping is not allowed during a match.

Everything was just made easier in this season as players can already move along with the after match reports at a faster speed. You can just skip on all animated updates in this season for convenience.

There are so many things to look out for in this new update. Some make the game easier such as improved controls. On the other hand, there are also some updates that make the game more challenging. Just keep playing Call of Duty Mobile to stay in line with these updates.


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