Play & Relax With The Top 5 Gardening Games To Play On PC

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Posted on May 9, 2022

Many people look for games to play as a pastime to relieve stress. Not only are games helpful for relaxation but also a great way to have fun during a boring time. However, not all games have a comforting environment. Some games can even stress someone out. Playing gardening games can be a happy experience if you prefer to be laid back. Such games are relatively easy to play and will not take too much of your time. You can even put them down and continue where you left off once you log in again.

However, that doesn’t mean that gardening games aren’t challenging. As such, gardening games also include puzzles and quests that can boggle one’s mind. Albeit, the challenges are not that stressful and can be handled with ease. But with the plethora of gardening games out there, finding one can be difficult. To help you with your conquest, here are the 5 top free gardening games you can play at your own leisure on your PC.

Top 5 Gardening Games You Can Enjoy on PC

If you enjoy gardening games, you can check out our list of games that are garden-themed below;


If you are not new to gardening games, then you may be familiar with Gardenscapes. It’s a casual game with the main goal to restore a once-beautiful garden to its glory. Furthermore, playing Gardenscapes requires you to replace broken-down items and decorate them with new ones. Before you can do this, you need to solve a match-3 puzzle.

To complete the puzzle, you need to eliminate a certain number of fruits by matching at least 3 of the same kind together. Moreover, you can match items either horizontally or vertically and there is no time limit to finish. Playing Gardenscapes also exercises your creativity as you will be the interior designer of the place.

Gardenscapes Buy Bench Decoration


Lily’s Garden

Should you prefer gardening games enveloped in a romantic storyline, then Lily’s Garden is for you! This gardening game mixes the thrill of romance with puzzles and gardening, of course. Play Lily’s Garden and help the protagonist, renovate her great-aunt’s old yard. Match 3 flowers to solve each level and move on to the next.

Lily’s Garden also offers dozens of customization options available as you start renovating each area. Furthermore, you get to unlock hidden areas with more challenging quests and create a beautiful romantic narrative for Lily.

lilys garden download PC free


Royal Garden Tales – Match 3 Puzzle Decoration

Do you want to play a gardening game with magic involved? That’s what you will get when you play Royal Garden Tales Match 3 Puzzle Decoration! In this casual game, you will join forces with Amelia and her trusty fairy, Lulu. With their help, play and finish over 100 challenging match 3 levels. Earn coins and fairy dust to make Lulu perform magic. Restore the Royal Garden and meet other interesting blue-blooded characters as you progress with the storyline. Get ready to embark on a magical journey and play Royal Garden Tales Match 3 Puzzle Decoration on your PC!

royal garden tales download full version


Dream Garden Makeover

If gardening games with just a hundred levels are not enough to tickle your brain, then try playing Dream Garden Makeover! While most gardening games have at least 100 challenging levels, Dream Garden Makeover has over a thousand! Therefore, prepare to be amazed and stimulate your brain cells in an endless match 3 puzzle craziness.

Help Alex plant seeds of success and grow beautiful plants in her neighborhood. Can she do a good job renovating the entire neighborhood’s gardens? Can she reconcile with long-lost friends and even find relationships that can blossom into love? Find out the answers to these questions and more when you play Dream Garden Makeover.

dream garden makeover gameplay on pc


Home & Garden: Design Makeover

Home & Garden: Design Makeover may be the last on our list but that does not mean this gardening game is the least fun! This match 3 puzzle game is unlike other gardening games on our roster. If you’re tired of the typical restoration of yard mansions, then Home & Garden Design Makeover will delight you!

Set in a countryside home, this casual gardening game has animals and farm buildings involved! Help your family and friends from the rural area to transform their shabby farmhouses into picturesque ones. Additionally, dig into each character’s storyline and interact with the animals as well. Don’t forget to interact with your cuddly animal friends for they can help you through each challenging task and level.

home and garden download PC

Now, this is just a sample of the best gardening games you can play on PC today. There’s a wide selection of home makeover games you can play during your downtime. But if you’re in a pinch, we recommend you try these top 5 gardening games and play them on your PC that you can download for free only here in!

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