6 State of Survival Tips & Cheats a Beginner Must Know

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Posted on February 27, 2022

Are you new to the State of Survival? This real-time strategy game was derived from the Zombie Apocalypse events. Technically, it is a zombie-survival game, but you will need to focus more on modern world troops, modern science fiction equipment, and weapons in this RTS game. In State of Survival, you will have to build, expand, boost your base, and develop a mighty army to defend your base. At the same time, you also need to attack other bases.
To help you reach your objectives in this game, we’ve compiled some tips and cheats you can consider doing as a beginner.

State of Survival Tips & Cheats

Here are some of the tips and cheats you can use as you start the State of Survival;

State of Survival gameplay
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1. Check your preferred State of Survival play style

Generally, there are two types of playstyles when you play State of Survival – Free to Play and Pay to Win. It is crucial that you know your playstyle first to determine how you will take the game in terms of time and your wallet, of course. It’s up to you; you can either be a full-pledged F2P player and save money, or someone who will invest loads of money just to win. There’s nothing wrong with being a pure F2P player, but there are times when you need to spend some cash to achieve specific goals.
But, if you wish to be a 100% Pay to Win player, you need to be careful with your decisions. Your investments must be relevant and taken at the perfect time. For instance, if there are game events, it is highly recommended to focus on these events to get a huge chance to achieve rare rewards which can help your development. If you want to progress efficiently in an early game and at the same time be a F2P player, you must opt for more events.
On the other hand, if you choose to spend some cash in the game, you can start focusing on purchasing some relevant packs and crates.

State of Survival chief package


2. Complete the main missions right away

It is best to go first with missions and primary quests in the early game. Through completing main quests, you will be rewarded with significant resources such as hero fragments, XP, and other resources. The earlier you get in, the better; as you are just starting the game, you will be only set with minimal resources.
If you wish to advance, you need to opt for more resources. Most of the time, early missions are easy tasks such as upgrading a building which is pretty advantageous to you as you will need to level up your building as well.

3. Connect with active alliances

Similar to other base-building games, players are highly encouraged to join active alliances. Not a plain alliance, but an active one. What will be the positive effect of an alliance packed with offline members to you? Not so good. By joining an active alliance, you can enable your base in the territory of the alliance, attack powerful bases together, and trade resources on alliance members.
You can also get a chance to receive awesome rewards and allow you to join exclusive events. However, as a responsible member of the alliance, you need to be active and donate if possible.

4. Customize your talent tree depending on your ongoing playstyle

As you access your talent tree, you can choose between boosting your war skills or for the economy. If you are a brave player and target attacking various players, you must choose to boost your war skills. But, if not, it is an intelligent choice to go for the economy.
As a beginner, it is highly recommended in State of Survival to focus first on the economy because it is given that you’re not that strong enough to crush your enemy in that early stage. However, if you’re more interested in PvP, you can do that later. The talent tree can be reset anytime, and you can modify it anytime, too.

State of Survival talent tree


5. Build more Facilities In State of Survival

Obviously, the primary facet of the State of Survival is to build facilities. It is best never to leave your buildings idle to keep you in the game. Ensure that you are upgrading a building or establishing a new building. If you are a P2W player, you can spend a few bucks for an additional permanent builder or pay 200 Biocaps for a builder usable for two days. Keep in mind that every second counts in the game; even if you’re in AFK, you will surely benefit if your buildings are active.

6. Upgrade your building at all times before logging out or becoming idle

As a beginner in State of Survival, it is advantageous to make sure that your builders are busy, especially when you’re about to log out or need to take other things for an extended period. In that way, you can fully utilize your buildings even when you are away, and when the time you wish to log back, the resources or upgrades are finished. It is best to do research during your idle time as this task takes a lot of time, but the effects are lasting.

State of Survival facilities

So, that’s it! We hope that these State of Survival tips and cheats helped you a lot in heading your early game. For more information, updates, tips, and cheats about this strategy game check us out here at Games.lol.

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