State of Survival: Strategies in Playing the Survival Game

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Posted on March 18, 2021

State of Survival is a real-time strategy (RTS) game where you will be fighting crowds of zombies. You must build and upgrade the settlement camp that will help you survive until you dominate the world map. To be able to effectively survive and in turn, become the top player on the world map, here are some tips and strategies for your reference.

Go Online & Complete Quests

First of all, make sure to go online as frequently as possible. It is very important to gather as many resources as in RTS games, so you must try to farm for resources as much as you can. Also, doing upgrades frequently will help you get an edge over other players. With this in mind, keep your builder working at all times. As you only have one free builder in the game, you will need this builder in doing upgrades or building new structures, so do not waste any of the available time of the builder.

About going online frequently, you should also put the focus on completing daily quests and missions. By doing this, you will receive extra rewards like speed-ups, upgrade material, and you may even get some much-needed hero fragments.

State of Survival


Build, Build, Build

As you would feel the need to build military-related structures, you must not forget building as many farms, sawmills, and metallurgical plants. These structures produce some much-needed resources like food and wood which will be needed to construct buildings and metal which would be used in making equipment.

Before you start building troops, you should focus first on upgrading your headquarters to level 7. When you reach level 7, then you can start upgrading the barracks, garage, and range. By doing this, you will be able to produce tier 3 troops. When you have enough troops, you can then send them out to explore the Wilderness to kill monsters. Do this continuously to collect more resources.

The more troops you send out the more resources can be collected so do not be stingy in creating troops you send out. Furthermore, do not forget to also upgrade your Training Camp. If you regularly upgrade your training camp then you will increase the number of troops being trained while also increasing the speed of the training of your troops.

Don’t Forget To Upgrade

As the game features your use of heroes, focus on upgrading the rarer type heroes. If you get a gold (legendary) hero, try to focus your resources on upgrading that hero. Remember, the rarer the hero is the higher the stats and skills he/she may have. Though these heroes will be challenging to upgrade, try to reserve some resources to upgrade them. Also, try to focus on upgrading only 3 rare heroes so that you do not waste your resources on upgrading heroes that you may not even use later on.

Based on the heroes you focus on upgrading, you should also consider the type of troops that each of your heroes commands in battle. Have a hero that focuses on the following types of troops: infantry, raiders, and hunters. By having heroes specifically command these troops respectively, they will provide relevant buffs to these troops.

You should complete the Explore Trail storyline. This is important because your heroes will gain much-needed experience from the successful battles you have in this storyline. Also, this storyline can give you numerous rewards like hero fragments, gear, badges, and combat manuals.

State of Survival Alliances Rock

Try to join an alliance as early as possible. This will benefit you a lot as you will be eligible to join exclusive events and receive better rewards. Also by being in an alliance, you can improve your defenses as you have the option to exchange resources. Another benefit when you join an alliance is that because of the Alliance Timer Help, your construction, research, and training timers would be reduced.

With alliances, you will get points when you help in building an alliance headquarters, towers, and expanding the alliance territory. You can use these points to buy items in the Alliance Store. One key benefit of joining an alliance is that you can be defended from other players looting your resources. You must think of defense first of all in State of Survival so that you can fully make use of all the resources.

Talent Tree Is The Key

Another important tip for in State of Survival game is that you should efficiently use the talent tree. This tree has 2 branches, War and Economy. You can put points depending on what you are currently planning to do. If you plan to focus more on farming resources, then try to focus the majority of points on the Economy. However, if you feel the need to go fight and attack someone, then you can just reset the talent tree. Also, don’t forget to put the majority of points to the War branch.

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