League Of Stickman Characters – A Guide To The 4 & 5 Star Heroes

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Posted on January 19, 2021

If you are looking to play a fun and entertaining action fighting game, then you will enjoy playing League of Stickman. It’s a stickman-style action game that is also a cross with shadow fighting and smashing monsters. In this game, all characters, including enemies, are shadow characters, wherein they all look like shadows. The differentiating factor would be the color of their armor and gear, and their monsters’ various shapes.

But despite all characters being shadow fighters, you will still enjoy playing matches because of its action-packed and full of entertainment scenes. Also, you’ll have fun fighting and killing different monsters, even if they are just all black characters. The developers did a great job with the game’s background, making the shadow characters fit perfectly. But what you will enjoy when you play League of Stickman are the characters. The game freely allows you to select a variety of characters for you to acquire and use.

Each character will have a different appearance, as well as unique abilities. Every role is given a ranking with 1 star being the lowest and five stars being the highest. But with so many characters available, who among them are the best ones to use?

So, to guide you in choosing which character is the best, this article will give hints on the four and 5-star heroes in League of Stickman. Please take note that we’ll try to focus on these two rankings as the most notable characters are found in these rankings.




The Profiles of the 4-Star Hero League of Stickman Characters

The 4-star heroes are not as powerful as the five stars heroes. But they are easier to obtain, making them a good option in case you are having a hard time acquiring the 5 star heroes in the game. With the proper equipment and a player’s skills, 4-star heroes are already enough to get you through most of the challenging levels and even during player-vs-player matches. Below are the 4-star Heroes of the game.


Zack is one of the characters that doesn’t use any weapon when he battles against monsters. But don’t think that he is the weakest, that’s further from the truth. Zack doesn’t need weapons since his fists and feet are strong enough to be used as weapons against enemies, as he is a martial arts expert.

His abilities are reflective of his skills, but he is also able to expand parts of his buddy, making him a fun and exciting character to use. Below is the cost of acquiring Zack and the skins that he has:

  • Cost: 500 Diamonds
  • Skins: Zack Classic


BM is considered as one of the best characters available in League of Stickman. He is not the strongest, but he is one of the strong characters you can use, and he wields a sword. But what makes him great is that he can regenerate. Combine his healing ability with his significant damage, and he’s a character that is hard to deal with as he won’t die quickly and he can dish out massive damage.

Another good thing about BM is that he is one of the main characters in League of Stickman. He is a great character to use, even against 5-star bosses or enemy heroes. Below is the cost of acquiring BM and the skins that he has:

  • Cost: 800 Diamond
  • Skins: BM Classic, Infinite BM


Bane is one of the unique characters in League of Stickman in that he is the only one who looks different, at least when it comes to 4 and 5-star heroes. His shape is not that of a human stickman, and he looks cute. But don’t let that cuteness fool you, as Bane is a character that is not easy to deal with. He is a ranged hero, which means he can deal damage from a distance. This action is also reflected in his abilities, so it’s not going to be easy to take him down, especially if his enemies are melee heroes.

He also loves carrots, but the carrots are not of the right kind. He uses deadly carrots that deal significant damage to enemies. Below is Bane’s cost and available skins:

  • Cost: 1500 Diamonds
  • Skins: Bane Classic


Just like the warriors of Sparta in Greece, this character is also a fierce warrior that can easily take down many enemies. He uses a shield and spear as his weapon, just like the Greek warriors. He can deal massive damage to numerous enemies at once with his abilities, making him a great hero to use to take down a group of monsters.

He is a tremendous and powerful 4-star character that you can use in the game. Below is the cost of acquiring the powerful Sparta character:

  • Cost: 1200 Diamonds
  • Skins: Sparta Classic


As his name suggests, Fish is a sea monster. Well, he is more of a sea angel as he uses his skills and abilities to battle against monsters, and he is friends with humans. His powers also come from the sea, which means enemies will be facing the wrath of the sea when they go against Fish.

He uses a trident as a weapon that will pierce through enemies and also allow him to command creatures from the sea. It won’t be easy to get him, and below is what you need to spend:

  • Cost: 1500 Diamonds
  • Skins: Fish Classic


A master of the spear, Zilong is a powerful melee hero who can fight enemies at a distance. The mastery of his weapon allows him to use it in a way that he doesn’t have to get close to his enemies to deal damage and kill them. This idea makes him more of a ranged hero than a melee one, making him an ideal option if you prefer to fight from a distance.

His abilities make use of his mastery of spears, dealing massive damage to enemies. Below is the cost to get this character:

  • Cost: 1000 Diamonds
  • Skins: Zilong Classic, STK Zilong


The last, and indeed not the least 4-star hero is Bladey. He is one of the flashiest heroes in League of Stickman, at least in terms of dealing damage and killing enemies. But her speciality is killing or dealing damage as fast as possible, making her one of the fastest characters in the game. She uses a double-bladed weapon with the handle placed in the middle.

Bladey is a powerful character that can deal with swift and lethal damage quickly. You can get her if you can afford her cost below:

  • Cost: 1000 Diamonds
  • Skins: Bladey Classic, STK Bladey, Christmas Bladey

The Profiles of the 5 Star Hero League of Stickman Characters

The 5-star heroes are usually the most powerful in the game. But they do cost more to acquire, so it won’t be easy to get a hold of them. Below are the 5-star heroes available in League of Stickman.


Taoist is a mysterious oriental hermit. But don’t let this hermit fool you, as he is a very skilled fighter. He uses swords as his weapon, but he doesn’t wield them. Instead, he uses Qi to control these swords, allowing him to use four blades at once. His abilities also reflect his mastery of Qi, allowing him to deal massive damage to many enemies at once.

He is a great 5-star hero to use in League of Stickman if you have the resources to buy him. Below is the cost of acquiring Taoist:

  • Cost: 2000 Diamonds
  • Skins: Taoist Classic


Rose is another swordmaster in League of Stickman. But if you look at her outfit, you wouldn’t think that she is a swordmaster. She looks more like a noble and sophisticated lady. But don’t let her appearance fool you. She is very deadly, and the mastery of her sword makes her a hard hero to deal with.

Her abilities can instantly kill enemies if you hit them right. If you want to get her, below is her cost:

  • Cost: 2000 Diamonds
  • Skins: Rose Classic

Pulse Girl

Another great ranged hero in League of Stickman is Pulse Girl. She doesn’t use any weapons; instead, she has an energy ball that she uses to attack enemies. She is a great character to use, especially with the excellent animations of her abilities. She is one of the most fun characters to use her skills and abilities. But fun is not the only thing you should expect from Pulse Girl.

Her ball of energy can deal massive damage. And her different combinations with that ball makes her a powerful character. Below is her cost:

  • Cost: 2000 Diamonds
  • Skins: Pulse Girl Classic


If you want a character that can deal massive damage fast, then Ninja is the character you should choose in League of Stickman. He is also one of the coolest looking characters standing with his arms crossed, and his swords sheathed at his back. But make no mistake, he is fast enough to deal quick damage before the enemy could even blink.

He is a good character if you prefer finishing off opponents quickly. Below is the cost to get Ninja:

  • Cost: 2000 Diamonds
  • Skins: Ninja Classic


One of the best characters that you can use in League of Stickman, next only to BM, is the Samurai. What makes him great is that he has lighting fast and flashy moves, typical of a samurai that you see in games or anime. He is also a powerful character that is capable of clearing high-level monsters on his own.

His weapon is a katana, which he uses with precision and mastery. The STK Samurai skin is also a must-have if you want to unlock his potential. Below is the cost to get Samurai:

  • Cost: 2000 Diamonds
  • Skins: Samurai Classic, STK Samurai


The cheapest 5-star character that you can acquire in League of Stickman is Raven. Despite being the most reasonable, it doesn’t mean that she is also the weakest. Raven is considered the strongest female character in the game. She uses a massive two-handed sword, making her a melee hero. But her sword is so massive that she also has a long-range.

With her massive sword, she is capable of damaging more than one opponent at once, making her an excellent character for clearing groups. Below is her cost:

  • Cost: 800 Diamonds
  • Skins: Raven Classic, STK Raven


The last 5-star hero is Hunter. Like Raven, she is also a cheap 5-star character, making it easier for players to acquire. Her weapon of choice is a crossbow, which she already mastered. She is also easy to use, making her a great hero to have for beginners. She can deal quick ranged damage, which makes her a good pair with tank melee heroes.

She is a bit squishy, so make sure you will pair her with heroes who can take the damage while she deals damage from a distance. Below is her cost:

  • Cost: 1000 Diamonds
  • Skins: Hunter Classic, STK Hunter

That’s all that we can offer for now with you. Take note that these using proper skills and best of your strategy will give more power to each character. Thus, the success of the game will still depend on you work on the overall game. So, good luck with playing your League of Stickman with the best characters.

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