Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Best Build & Emblems for Yve

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Posted on March 12, 2021

One of the ways that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang keeps the game interesting for a lot of players is by continuously introducing new heroes. The newest hero joining the other heroes in the Land of Dawn is Yve the Astrowarden. She is a mage with immense power that can be a problem to deal with in the game. Yve is also the mortal enemy of Zhask, looking to eliminate him and prevent his swarm from causing more destruction.

But what are Yve’s abilities, and what’s the best way to build her? What emblems would work well on this character, and what’s the best way to use her? Let’s discuss all of these things in this Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Yve guide.

The Skills & Passive Ability of Yve

Yve has one passive skill, two main skills, and an ultimate skill. Get to know more of these skills as you read on.
Mobile Legends Bang Bang Yve


Galactic Power (Passive Skill)

Yve gains a Galactic Power stack whenever her skills, Void Blast and Void Crystals, deal damage to enemy heroes. The stack caps at 10. Additionally, she consumes all of the Galactic Power when she uses her Ultimate, Real World Manipulation, giving her an additional number of casts. The cast will depend on how many stacks you have already acquired.

Void Blast (1st Skill)

Void Blast is Yve’s first skill. It’s also the skill that players should use constantly to harass and kill enemies. In this skill, the hero disperses Galactic Energy in a designated area, dealing 200 (+90% Total Magic Power) magic damage to opponents. The opponent in the skill’s center area receives an additional 200 (+90% Total Magic Power) magic damage. Furthermore, the damage increases as the level increases.

Void Crystal (2nd Skill)

Yve’s second skill, Void Crystal, deals 220 (+40% Total Magic Power) magic damage towards the opponent. Use the skill again, and the crystal will radiate a materialized energy to a designated area for the next 2.7 seconds. The radiated area then deals 110 (+40% Total Magic Power) magic damage every 0.45 seconds to the opponent inside the area and slows them by 35%. If the damage hits the opponent multiple times, it will take 5% more slow effect, capped at 60%.

Real World Manipulation (Ultimate)

Real World Manipulation is Yve’s ultimate skill. In this skill, she creates a starfield on a certain direction that will last for 15 seconds. This starfield slows down enemies that come in contact with it by 90% for 1.5 seconds. Enemies that are in contact with the starfield are slowed by 90% for 1.5 seconds (the effect only takes place once on the same target). Yve can also cast a beam whenever you tap to hit a designated area in the starfield. It will deal 400 (+120% Total Magic Power) magic damage.
Mobile Legends Bang Bang Yve Real World Manipulation Skill

You can do this 15 times (plus the Galactic Power stack you have accumulated). If you slide on the field instead of tapping, you will deal 130 (+20% Total Magic Power) magic damage every 0.45 seconds to the targets in the designated area. You will also slow the target by 60% for 2.7 seconds. Moreover, Yve is also immune to Airborne effects when she casts her ultimate. However, the starfield is canceled when Yve is suppressed.

Best Build & Emblem For Yve

Now that you know Yve’s abilities in Mobile Legends, it’s time to talk about the best builds for this hero. The three main items for this mage hero are Clock of Destiny, Lightning Truncheon, and Holy Crystal. These three items are needed for Yve to deal high damage from all of her skills.

The Clock of Destiny can provide some durability and sustain since it adds HP and Mana to the hero. Meanwhile, the Lightning Truncheon can also provide a bit of cooldown reduction, allowing you to spam Yve’s skills more.

The Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon should have to be the two items Yve builds first. The third item would depend on the situation. You can go for boots, and two of these that can work well with here are Magic Shoes (for further cooldown reduction) or Demon Shoes (for more mana regeneration). You can also go for Necklace of Durance for the 3rd item if you’re facing a lot of enemies with Lifesteal, Magicsteal, or Spell Vamp.

After that, you can go for Holy Crystal, then Ice Queen Wand. The last item could be Divine Glave. You can also opt for Winter Truncheon as the last item for durability or protection from enemies. For the Emblems, you will only have to choose between Magic or Mage Emblem. Ultimately, Mage Emblem is the ideal one to use on her. When arranging the talent points in the Mage Emblem, go for Movement Speed and then Magic Penetration. For the last talent, Impure Rage or Mystery Shop is ideal. For the Magic Emblem, Mana Regen and Magic Penetration are your talents. For the last talent, it’s Magic Power Surge.

How to Play Yve

As a mage, Yve is a hero that’s usually positioned at the backline, which is behind the tanks and fighters. It’s also important to note that when you cast Yve’s ultimate, you won’t be moving from your area. Therefore, make sure you’re hidden or at least behind allies so you won’t get easily taken out by enemy heroes. Moreover, Yve deals a huge amount of damage, especially her first skill. So make sure you spam that. You can use the second skill first to slow the enemy down and then hit them with the first skill.

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