Legendary Game of Heroes Guide – What Beginners Need To Do

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Posted on August 11, 2023

Legendary: Game of Heroes (LGOH) is an engaging puzzle RPG that combines elements of a match-3 puzzle game with RPG mechanics, offering players a unique and immersive gaming experience. However, for beginners, diving into the world of LGOH can be a bit overwhelming. Fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we will provide essential tips and tricks to help you embark on your legendary journey and become a formidable player in LGOH.

Legendary: Game of Heroes Gameplay

In Legendary: Game of Heroes, players are thrust into a fantastical world where they take on the role of a hero summoner. The primary objective is to assemble a formidable team of heroes and engage in thrilling battles against epic monsters and powerful bosses. The heart of the game lies in the puzzle board battles, where players must strategically match colored gems to empower their heroes’ attacks. Each hero is aligned with one of the five elemental affinities, represented by different colored gems – Fire (red), Water (blue), Earth (green), Light (yellow), and Dark (purple). Matching gems of a specific affinity fuels the attacks of corresponding heroes on your team, allowing you to unleash devastating moves on your enemies.

What To Know about Hero Cards

Hero cards are the cornerstone of your team’s strength in Legendary: Game of Heroes. Each hero card contains vital information, including the hero’s name, type, species, attack, recovery, health stats, and rarity stars. There are two things you need to remember about Hero Cards, Hero Rarity, and Hero Types.

Legendary Game of Heroes Guide For Beginners

Hero Rarities

In Legendary: Game of Heroes, hero cards come in various rarities, represented by stars on the card. The rarity of a hero determines their power level and potential in battles. Common heroes have just one star and are basic with limited abilities, while Uncommon heroes with two stars are slightly more powerful. Rare heroes, indicated by three stars, offer a notable improvement in stats and abilities. Ultra Rare heroes, with four stars, are considerably stronger and become valuable assets in various game modes.

The highly coveted Epic heroes have five stars, boasting outstanding stats and formidable abilities. At the pinnacle are the Legendary heroes with six stars, possessing unmatched power and unique abilities that can turn the tide of battles. As you progress in the game, obtaining and developing higher rarity heroes becomes a rewarding and exciting endeavor, enhancing your team’s overall strength and prowess.

Hero Types

In Legendary: Game of Heroes, each hero belongs to a specific type and species, which influences their stat composition and battle skills. Tank heroes are frontline fighters with high health and defense, excelling in absorbing damage and protecting the team. Support heroes specialize in healing and buffing the team, providing essential support during battles. Damage Dealer heroes are the main offensive powerhouses, dealing significant damage to enemies.

Utility heroes possess versatile abilities that can impact the battlefield in various ways, such as manipulating gem colors or inflicting debuffs. Specialist heroes have niche abilities that target specific situations or enemies, making them particularly effective in certain boss fights or game modes. Understanding the unique attributes and synergies of each hero type allows you to strategically build powerful and balanced teams that can conquer any challenge that awaits in the world of Legendary: Game of Heroes.

How to Develop Heroes in LGOH

To maximize the potential of your heroes, you must invest in their growth through three key processes: Power Up, Evolution, and Awakening.

1. Power Up

To level up your heroes, you can either use XP potions or sacrifice duplicate hero cards. As you power up your heroes, their stats will increase, making them more formidable in battles. During the Power Up process, you can also utilize the Fortune’s Favor feature, which grants bonus XP and enhances the hero’s growth.

2. Evolution

Some heroes can evolve into more potent forms, increasing their overall strength and unlocking new abilities. Evolution requires catalyst cards specific to each hero and a certain amount of gold. Obtaining catalyst cards can be achieved by playing the campaign, doing daily dungeons, participating in events, or opening card packs.

3. Awakening

As your heroes gain experience and evolve, awakening them becomes possible. Awakening significantly boosts a hero’s stats and unleashes their true potential. To awaken a hero, you need a duplicate card of the hero and a valuable resource called mana, which can be earned primarily through the guild leaderboard during events. Each awakened hero becomes exponentially more powerful, rewarding players for investing in their growth.

Building Powerful Teams

Team building is paramount to success in Legendary: Game of Heroes. To create potent teams, consider the following aspects:

  • Affinities – Crafting a balanced team that covers multiple elemental affinities is crucial for exploiting enemy weaknesses. Combining heroes with complementary elemental affinities ensures a tactical advantage in battles.
  • Leader Skills – Utilize heroes with advantageous leadership skills to bolster your team’s performance. Leader skills provide significant benefits to the entire team, making them invaluable assets during battles.
  • Hero Skills – Strategically select heroes with powerful battle skills that complement your preferred playstyle. Hero skills vary, with some piercing enemy armor, poisoning opponents, healing the team, creating power gems, or even shifting gem colors on the board.
  • Hero Rarity – Prioritize including higher rarity heroes in your team to maximize overall effectiveness. Legendary heroes, with their exceptional abilities and stats, can turn the tide of any battle.


Battles in Legendary – Game of Heroes requires more than just matching gems. To excel in combat, master these battle-tested tips:

Legendary Game of Heroes Guide For Beginners

  • Combo Attacks – Chaining consecutive matches (combos) empowers your team with increased damage output. Timing and strategic planning are key to maintaining combos and unleashing devastating attacks.
  • Affinity Strengths and Weaknesses – Exploit enemy affinities by targeting their weaknesses. Each elemental affinity deals double damage to one affinity while dealing half damage to another. Understanding these interactions is vital for dealing optimal damage and mitigating incoming attacks.
  • Power Gems and Team-Up Attacks – Generate power gems by matching 5 or more gems of the same color. These gems play a crucial role in enabling devastating team-up attacks, hitting all foes at once. Strategically employ power gems and team-up attacks to inflict immense damage and gain the upper hand in combat.

Other Legendary: Game of Heroes Tips & Tricks

To further enhance your Legendary: Game of Heroes experience, consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Participate in PVP – Engaging in Player vs. Player battles allows you to test your skills against real opponents and earn valuable rewards. PVP battles offer an excellent opportunity to refine your strategies and assess your team’s strength against other players.
  • Explore Guild Wars – Joining an active guild unlocks additional content, rewards, and interactions with other players. Guild Wars offer thrilling cooperative battles that strengthen bonds among guild members and provide unique rewards.
  • Conquer Trials and Dungeons – Embark on challenging trials and dungeons to earn valuable rewards and resources. Conquering these trials not only enhances your heroes but also offers a chance to unlock rare items and cards.
  • Hero Recruitment – Employ different approaches to acquire heroes, like receiving daily login rewards, finishing quests, and engaging in events. Expanding your roster of heroes will provide you with more options for team building and strategic planning.

Legendary: Game of Heroes is an Awesome Game

In conclusion, Legendary: Game of Heroes is an incredible mobile game that offers a delightful blend of puzzle and RPG elements. As a beginner, following this guide will help you navigate through the game’s complexities and enable you to build a formidable team of heroes. Keep practicing, explore different strategies, and most importantly, have fun in the world of Legendary: Game of Heroes! Good luck with your epic adventure!

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