LokiCraft: A Beginner’s Guide on How to Create Armor

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Posted on April 20, 2021

LokiCraft is nothing more than just a free-to-play edition of MineCraft with some shortcuts as well. It may not be as polished as its inspiration, but you’d be surprised about its thousands of active players. Many consider it a spiritual successor to MineCraft for players who have low-spec PCs and portable devices. In many cases, it uses the same formula as MineCraft: everything from crafting items to discovering worlds.

That said, one of the most crucial parts in LokiCraft is creating armor. Armor lets you live longer throughout the duration of your session until you lose all your HP. It’s also a form of defense (as if the name itself wasn’t a dead giveaway). However, you won’t be able to create your very own line of armor in the early game. You will need to dig deep and spelunk throughout the world to find the materials you are looking for. As such, we will provide a brief guide on how to create armor.

Also, don’t forget to try out LokiCraft for free on PC here. Try out other similar games including Pixel Gun 3D and Roblox as well.

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Key Items to Construct Any Armor

You will need to have the following: a crafting table, furnace, and 24 pieces of armor material including leather, iron, gold, and diamond. In the late game, You can also get lucky with netherite as well.

We don’t need to explain how to make a crafting table because it’s practically part of the early game as long as you opt for wood immediately. For the furnace, you need it to convert the ores that you find in the game to turn into ingots. One ore equals one ingot; remember that. And if you will smelt the ores, make sure to have stone and coal inside to begin the process. As for the armor, you need 24 pieces for the following reasons: boot needs 4, leggings require 7, breastplate asks for 8 and helmet uses 5. Add them all and it’s 24 pieces.

So, now you might be asking: “Where do I find the materials?”

That’s what we are here to find out. But, before we get in touch with material farming, you need to know the specific parts of the armor if you want to craft them individually. Over to your crafting table, you will find a 3 x 3 canvas. Place the item in a specific way on the tiles to create the right part.

  • Head: Fill in the first row along with two more pieces on the leftmost and rightmost parts.
  • Breastplate: Fill the 2nd and 3rd rows completely. Put in one on the top-left and top-right.
  • Leggings: Fill in the first and third columns. Then, add one on the 2nd row, top-center.
  • Boots: Place 2 materials on the last two slots in the first column and another 2 materials in the third column.


Lokicraft diamond armor
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Now that we covered that, it’s time to get some materials.


Leather armor is the most basic and the weakest armor set in the group. However, it will help you survive plenty of moments during your early game. Obviously, you can get leather from large animals—specifically cows and sheep. Sometimes they drop one, other times they drop two. Either way, you need 24 pieces of this to construct your own armor.

However, unlike the other armor sets, you do not need to smelt the leather. You just need to go to the crafting table and create whichever part you need. Refer to the guide above to do the specific portion of the armor you want.


Iron is the most durable armor within the mid-game segment of your play session. This is arguably the longest armor set you’ll be wearing in the game until you find the next better one: gold. Iron is found deep within the stones. Dig deep enough until you reach the depths of the stone mine. You will most likely find plenty of iron within the middle part of the world.


A very rare block that you can usually find in-between land and nether areas. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find gold within the first 30 minutes of your play session if you come looking for iron immediately. This is also a very sturdy armor that can withstand waves of enemies without a problem. Their damages will barely do anything to you.


Of course, Diamond will always remain the peak armor type in the game. To find it, you must have already finished digging up gold. Diamonds will automatically generate at some point once you have enough gold in your storage. Best of all, it is the most ideal armor against large boss fights.

Spelunking is the Way

Crafting the armor themselves is easy to do. It’s the farming that’s quite hard. So, if you are ready to get digging, do it on the PC. Catch LokiCraft for free on the desktop today.

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