LokiCraft: A Review on the Minecraft-Inspired Game

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Posted on January 19, 2021

Despite the old school pixel-based graphics, Minecraft has evolved to become the best-selling game of all time. It’s sold over 200 million copies and visited by over 126 million monthly users. Like most popular games, numerous clones began to spawn across various gaming platforms. This goes for Minecraft as many indie game developers began to come up with their own version.

These clone games often mimic the key features and gameplay mechanics of the original game using a different game development engine. Most of them are awful, unplayable, glitch-infested, and infested by bugs. However, there are decent clones that pop out of nowhere from time to time; one example is LokiCraft.

LokiCraft is a Minecraft-inspired game developed by the Russia-based indie video game developer akseno2. Since its official launch on Apr 26, 2019, LokiCraft evolved from a humble indie video game to an overnight sensation, boasting over 50 million installs and hundreds of thousands of 5-star reviews from its ever-growing community of fans. Because of that, we tried playing LokiCraft to try to check out what makes this clone stand out from the rest.

LokiCraft Gameplay



Let’s first discuss the audio and visual presentation of Lokicraft and see if it’s good or not:


One of the advantages of a game with pixel-based graphics is that it can stand the test of time. Compared to realistically rendered graphics in today’s games, LokiCraft’s blocky or pixelated presentation does not require highly-detailed characters or items. Moreover, the best part is that LokiCraft runs at 60FPS, making the experience even more exciting and seamless.

Compared to other pixel-based games, the graphics quality in LokiCraft is normal. Nevertheless, the frame rate of the game is more than enough to make your exploration and other activities in the game as exciting as possible. In other words, LokiCraft comes with above-average audio-visual elements to keep you engaged in the game for hours on end.


The audio in LokiCraft is not brilliant or bad. The audio effects are similar to the game’s visuals, which can be classified as “basic.” It’s nothing special, but it works harmoniously with the entire game.

LokiCraft Gameplay

Ultimately, LokiCraft plays just like Minecraft. Thanks to its high-definition graphics, players can move freely into the map without hassle, making exploration as fun as possible. Speaking of maps, LokiCraft’s map is overwhelmingly vast and complete with various resources waiting for you to exploit. From the overall gameplay design down to the crafting mechanics, LokiCraft is by far one of the best clones available that you can download and install on your PC completely for free.

LokiCraft Controls



LokiCraft features two control schemes for you to choose from: the keyboard and joystick controller. Do take note that the screenshot above comes from the unblocked PC-optimized version of the game. The first control scheme is the keyboard, which, as per the screenshot above, is customizable. The second option is the controller, which pertains to the customizable joystick controller. You can also make use of the game’s touch controls if your PC supports the touch screen feature. All in all, having various controller options makes the game more accessible and user friendly compared to other clones out there.

Game Modes

LokiCraft features two game modes: the Creative Mode and Survival Mode. The Creative mode allows you to show off your creative prowess by creating structures/buildings anywhere on the vast map. The other game mode is called Survival mode, which encourages players to hunt and scavenge for various materials and equipment for crafting and building various structures on the map. Both game modes feature a near-flawless gameplay experience, which, for the most part, makes the time you spend in the game worth it.


If you have yet to experience the fun and creativity-inducing activity similar to Minecraft, LokiCraft is by far one of the best clones that can provide you with the best experience in building, crafting, and scavenging. It does not have the best visuals, but the gameplay structure and every other element in the game work perfectly with each other.

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