Lords Mobile Monster Hunting Guide – Tips for Beginners

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Posted on October 3, 2021

One of the most iconic activities in Lords Mobile is monster hunting. For those who are not familiar with the activity, monster hunting is a guild activity that allows the player to hunt monsters to acquire various rewards. Anyone regardless of level can join in this activity. All the player needs to do is join a guild to participate. Now, if you are a new Lords Mobile player, then you are in luck as today, we will take an overview of the basic elements, rewards, and mechanics of monster hunting.

Preparing for the Hunt

The first thing that you should look for if you want to participate in monster hunting is a solid guild. Having a reliable guild with active members will be beneficial not only on monster hunting but on your overall progression. Take note, however, that joining a strong guild does not mean that monster hunting is going to be a walk in the park. Instead, it means that you are part of a community that you also have to actively take part in. After all, nobody likes a freeloader.

Moving forward, the first thing that you need to do to make your monster hunting successful is to make your heroes stronger. Choose your finest heroes to form a hunting party since you can only send a single group. Then, choose the right type of hero, use the monster hunting gear, upgrade the academy of monster hunting, team up with your guild, and take a lookout for thieves. Once you have all of the aforementioned elements figured out, then, you are ready for a hunt.

Lords Mobile Monsters Overview

Another important thing that you need to remember is that all monsters in the game come with their own unique attributes and levels. Plus, there are five levels of monsters in the game with 5 being the highest. Level 5 monsters always spawn the base of the kingdom. Lower-level monsters, on the other hand, spawn in random locations across the map. Check out some examples of the monsters featured in the game.


Our first example is the two-headed Blackwing Dragon. This entity inflicts magical damage and is strong against High MDEF. One of the most iconic attributes of this monster is its insatiable thirst for blood. This means that it targets the hero with the highest HP. This monster also comes with a thick scaly hide that protects itself from strong magical attacks. In addition, its fangs can nullify all life leach effects. Brute physical force is the weakness of this monster which means that you need to choose your heroes wisely to ensure victory.

lords mobile blackwing
Image Source: Lords Mobile Monster Hunt Guide


Tidal Titan

In contrast to our first monster, the Tidal Titan inflicts devastating physical damage and is strong against High PDEF. As mentioned before, this monster deals massive damage to your heroes and comes with very thick skin to protect themselves from physical attacks.

lords mobile tidal titan
Image Source: Lords Mobile Monster Hunt Guide

You need to take down this monster with your strongest magic-wielding heroes supported by your best healers. An example line-up that can take down this monster is made up of the Incinerator, Snow Queen, Elementalist, Prima Donna, and Child of Light.


Our third and final example is the Frostwing dragon. Similar to our first example, this monster focuses on the hero with the highest HP. What makes the Frostwing more challenging to take down comes from the unique ability that allows it to inflict both physical and magical damage. This monster also comes with a powerful icy attack that inflicts area damage.

To take down this monster, you need to send your heroes that have the ability to cover behind this monster. Slaying this monster will provide you with the materials required for building gears.

lords mobile frostwing
Image Source: Lords Mobile Monster Hunt Guide


Benefits of Monster Hunting

Monster hunting in Lords Mobile is a challenging task that requires patience, preparation, and strategy. You cannot just send your heroes to a hunt without proper planning, or you will be wasting, not just your time but your resources as well. Like most challenging quests in video games, the painstaking task of monster hunting comes with awesome rewards for you and your guildmates if you do well. Always remember that whoever takes down the monster gets the best piece of the pie.

Moreover, the reward for taking down a monster will depend on its level. Some of the most common rewards in the game include 200-1000 Gems, Speed-Up Scrolls, Shield (from 8 hours to 3 days), gold (15k-600k), Hero Chests, Wyrm Scales, Jade Orbs, and Wyrm Jewels.

Now that you have an overview of the most exciting activity, the Lords Mobile hunt guide, it’s time for you to try out and play this game on your PC. Play today!

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