Love Live! School Idol Festival: A Gameplay Guide For Beginners

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Posted on January 26, 2021

If you love anime, manga, or you would consider yourself as a weeb or Otaku, then you must be familiar with “School Idol.” Inspired by the Love Live! series, Love Live! School Idol Festival brings you to a world where you can find interesting and super kawaii idols. In this game, you don’t have to sign up as an idol. What you need to do instead is to create a group of school idols who will eventually become superstar entertainers.

Love Live! School Idol Festival is a simulation and music game where your goal is to select and manage the best performers and put together the best band there is. You will play tons of songs and unlock each idol’s backstory through the main storyline. For those who have just started with their musical journey in Love Live School Idol, especially those who are new to the series, here is an introductory guide for beginners.

Gameplay Basics

The gameplay of School Idol Festival is pretty straightforward. When the music starts playing, you must click or tap on a certain idol and make sure you are in sync with the rhythm as highlighted throughout the round. You must always tap in sync with the circled beat. Your performance during live shows will determine the experience points that the girls will gain, and if they should level up or not.

Use Auto-Formation

There is no denying that the layout of Love Live can be confusing. To avoid overwhelming yourself, the best thing to do is to befriend the Auto-formation feature. Not only does this make things easier for you, but it also eases you to how the idol formation works.

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First and foremost, you need a group of idols with a decent level of experience if you want to face the toughest performances. But that’s not all, to beat difficult songs and clear a live show, you must have the right members in the right formations in place.

Why is formation so important to succeed? Well, each idol in Love Live has a corresponding attribute based on three main statistics: pure, cool, and smile. You will see these attributes in each song that you will play in the live shows.

Take note that each idol who matches the element of the song will earn you bonus points which will help you gain higher scores. It is quite easy to cross-match them just by looking at the icons. However, auto-formation will help you put the best members up on a live show as it optimizes each member’s attribute and uses it to determine their positions.

Play Easy First

Rhythm songs are fun and challenging at the same time. If you are musically gifted, then it will be easier for you to follow and move according to the beat of the music. If not, then maybe you should stick to playing easy songs first. Focus on mastering the songs on easy mode for a while before moving up to a higher level of difficulty. This helps you get a good grip on the controls and movements of the game.

Don’t Be Afraid To Sacrifice An Idol For The Main Idol

Just like in real life, idols must practice constantly to improve their skills, talents, and abilities. There are two types of practice that each idol can take to level up. These are “Practice” and “Special Practice”.

In Practice, you may select one main idol (usually the rarest one) who you would want to focus on and eventually level up. Then, you must select other idols who you will sacrifice for the main girl. Be extra careful when sacrificing an idol, as you might accidentally dispose of a potentially strong one.

In case you have duplicates of several idols, you can use Special Practice to combine identical ones and create a cooler version of an idol without having to sacrifice one for another. This gives them an instant stat boost and an upgraded look. And the best thing is, it gets them back to level one, and you can do the same thing over and over again to give them constant stat boosts.

Despite being primarily a music game, Love Live School Idol Festival also incorporates simulation and strategy in its gameplay. To create the best idol group, you need to know how to improve each member and maximize their skill. Ready? Dance to the rhythm and uncover the stories of each idol member on Love Live! School Idol Festival. Download the game on PC for free right here at!

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