Basic Guide To Weapons & Battlesuits in Honkai Impact 3

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Posted on November 19, 2020

Honkai Impact 3 is one of the best and most popular games that you can play right now. It’s a 3D action role-playing game, where you form a team consisting of 3 Valkyries and freely move them during battle. What’s more, you can switch between team members so you can control a different character. Remember, switching members are handy during battles since certain Valkyries would do well against certain enemies.

Each Valkyrie has a special attack, evasion, the weapon used, and ultimate skill. Besides that, each character is also classified under certain types, which allows them to have an advantage and disadvantage against enemies. It’s like a rock-paper-scissors arrangement, where one Valkyrie beats the other due to their specific types. Nevertheless, knowing each type’s advantages and disadvantages will play a significant role in team compositions and battles.

Aside from attacks and weapons, each Valkyrie also has different Battlesuits available. Similar to the weapons, they are upgradeable to make them stronger. In addition, each weapon is categorized depending on their tier. The weakest weapons belong to the 1 to 2-star category while the strongest to the 5 to 6-star category. If you want to learn more about the weapons and Battlesuits that each Valkyrie uses, read on.

Different Weapons & Battlesuits Each Valkyrie Uses in Honkai Impact 3

Get to know more about each weapon and Battlesuit that these 13 Valkyries use in the game:

Kiana Kaslana

Kiana is one of the main characters in Honkai Impact 3. Thus, she is essential to the main storyline. She uses the pistol as her weapon, where there are currently 49 different pistols available. Below is the breakdown of the available pistols per tier:

  • 1-2 Stars – 2 Pistols (Proto Pistol and USP45)
  • 2-3 Stars – 5 Pistols (Colt Anaconda EX, Colt Peacemaker, Desert Eagle, M1911, USP EX)
  • 3-4 Stars – 15 Pistols (Some of these are Ai-chan’s Syringe, Alloy Dominators, Alloy Hurricanes, Artemis Guardian, and Dark Suns)
  • 4-5 Stars – 24 Pistols (Among these pistols include 2nd Sacred Relic, ARC Serratus, Blaze Destroyer, Blooded Stains, and Dominators)
  • 5-6 Stars – 3 Pistols (Domain of the Void, Positron Blasters, Tranquil Rhapsody)

The most potent weapons belong to the higher-tiered star, so in this case, the pistols on the 4-5 and 5-6 star tiers. It’s important to remember that all weapons, including the other types of weapons, are not available from the start. Therefore, you need to acquire them first. The higher the Stars, the more difficult it is to get.

Aside from using pistols, Kiana also has 5 Battlesuits, where each suit possesses unique skills, abilities, attack, evasion, and usage. It is as if there are 5 Kianas, and each one is unique and provides different skills that you can use depending on your team’s composition. The 5 Battlesuits are:

  • White Comet – Mecha Type
  • Valkyrie Ranger – Mecha Type
  • Divine Prayer – Psychic Type
  • Knight Moonbeam – BIO type
  • Herrscher of the Void – BIO type

It’s important to remember that you will need to summon or farm the Battlesuit first to use it. This rule applies to all Valkyries. As mentioned above, each Battlesuit is like a different character, so you need to acquire it first to use them in the game.

Raiden Mei

Another Valkyrie that’s available in the game is Raiden Mei. The weapon she uses is the Katana, and there are 48 different katanas available to acquire. Below is the katanas’ breakdown per tier:

  • 1-2 Stars – 2 Katanas (Proto Pulse Tachi, Seishuu Muramasa)
  • 2-3 Stars – 5 Katanas (Amemura Bloodlust, Horikawa Kunihiro, Muramasa Bloodlust, Rosefinch, Willow)
  • 3-4 Stars – 16 Katanas (Among the available are Ai-chan’s Crutch, Alloy Anemoi, Alloy Gluttony, Crystal Edge, and Endergonic Tachi)
  • 4-5 Stars – 21 Katanas (Some of these katanas are 3rd Sacred Relic, Anemoi, Dawn Breaker – Talwar, Demon Blade – Florida Sakura, and Fairy Sword Silven)
  • 5-6 Stars – 4 Katanas (Domain of Sanction, Frozen Naraka, MAG-Typhoon, Ruinous Sakura)

As for Battlesuits, Mei currently has six, where each one is unique. Below are the Battlesuits for this Valkyrie:

  • Crimson Impulse – BIO Type
  • Valkyrie Bladestrike – BIO Type
  • Shadow Dash – Mecha Type
  • Lightning Empress – Psychic Type
  • Danzai Spectramancer – Mecha Type
  • Herrscher of Thunder – Psychic Type

Bronya Zaychik

Like Kiana, Bronya Zaychik is also one of the game’s main characters. Therefore, she is an integral character in the story. Her weapon of choice is cannons, where there are 44 different cannons available. Below is a breakdown of its tier:

  • 1-2 Stars – 2 Cannons (Proto Pulse Cannon, SU-22 Howitzer)
  • 2-3 Stars – 5 Cannons (Fury Belcher, MiG-11, MiG-13, MiG-7, SU-30 Cannon)
  • 3-4 Stars – 15 Cannons (Some of these are Xuanyuan Cannon, X-01 Azure Eye, Stellar Tempo, Raider Missiles, and Markov Type C)
  • 4-5 Stars – 20 Cannons (Some of these you can acquire are Star of Eden, Star Shatter – Vikrant, Lurker, Ranger’s Laser, and Star Destroyer 19C)
  • 5-6 Stars – 2 Cannons (Briareus EX, Star Destroyer 19C-X)

As for Bronya’s Battlesuits, she currently has six that you can summon or farm. Here are the different Battlesuits:

  • Valkyrie Chariot – Psychic Type
  • Snowy Sniper – BIO Type
  • Yamabuki Armor – Psychic Type
  • Dimension Breaker – Mecha Type
  • Wolf’s Dawn – Psychic Type
  • Black Nucleus – BIO Type
  • Herrscher of Reason – Mecha Type

Murata Himeko

Known as the Ace of the Far East, Murata Himeko is another Valkyrie available in the game. Greatswords are her weapons, and there are 41 different greatswords available. Below are the different tiers:

  • 1-2 Stars – 2 Greatswords (Greatsword, Proto Pulse Cleaver)
  • 2-3 Stars – 5 Greatswords (Energy Greatsword, Fusion Sword EX, Hybrid Type-16, Hybrid Type-27, Nuclear PRI)
  • 3-4 Stars – 11 Greatswords (Among these are Violet Knight, Vanguard, Nitro Crystal, King Cobra, and Ion Resonance)
  • 4-5 Stars – 21 Greatswords (Some of these that you can acquire are Sunfire, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Schiffschneider, and Hrungnir)
  • 5-6 Stars – 2 Greatswords (Shuhadaku of Uriel, Sutr Muspellsverd)

When it comes to Battlesuits, Himeko has six. Below are the different Battlesuits you can summon:

  • Battle Storm – BIO Type
  • Valkyrie Triumph – BIO Type
  • Scarlet Fusion – Mecha Type
  • Blood Rose – Psychic Type
  • Arctic Kriegsmesser – Psychic Type
  • Vermilion Knight: Eclipse – Mecha Type

Theresa Apocalypse

She is the Principal of St. Freya, and she calls herself the cutest Valkyrie in Honkai Impact 3. She uses the Cross as a weapon, and there are currently 23 available. Below is the tier breakdown:

  • 1-2 Stars – 1 Cross (Cross)
  • 2-3 Stars – 5 Crosses (AP Turret, Brimstone, Hailstone, Oath of Fire, Oath of Ice)
  • 3-4 Stars – 5 Crosses (Ai-chan’s Candy, Fire Angel, The Dark Crusher, Lightning Angel, Jack’o Lantern)
  • 4-5 Stars – 11 Crosses (Some of these are Silver Reaper, Oath of Judah, Ranger’s Cross, Eliudnir, and Blood Embrace)
  • 5-6 Stars – 1 Cross (11th Leitourgia)

In the game, Theresa has six Battlesuits for you to summon. These Battlesuits are the following:

  • Valkyrie Pledge – Psychic Type
  • Sakuno Rondo – Psychic Type
  • Luna Kindred – BIO Type
  • Celestial Hymn – BIO Type
  • Violet Executioner – Mecha Type
  • Starlit Astrologos – BIO Type

Fu Hua

Known to be very strict, Fu Hua is the class monitor of St. Freya High. She uses Gauntlets as her weapon, and there are 15 different gauntlets available. Check out the breakdown below:

  • 1-2 Stars – 1 Gauntlet (Armored Bracer)
  • 3-4 Stars – 4 Gauntlets (CAS-II Namiko, CAS-X Saints, Titan’s Fists, White Star Banishers)
  • 4-5 Stars – 9 Gauntlets (Some of these are Cinder Hawk, Jade Bloom, Stellar Vortex, and Nuada’s Grief)
  • 5-6 Stars – 1 Gauntlet (Nuada’s Revenge)

For Battlesuits, Fu Hua has five available to summon or acquire:

  • Valkyrie Accipiter – Psychic Type
  • Phoenix – Psychic Type
  • Night Squire – BIO Type
  • Shadow Knight – Mecha Type
  • Azure Empyrea – Psychic Type

Rita Rossweisse

She is the maid of the Schicksal and the adjutant of the Immortal Blades. Her choice of weapon is the Scythe, and there are 14 different Scythes available. Here’s a breakdown of the available Scythes per tier:

  • 1-2 Stars – 1 Scythe (Scythe)
  • 3-4 Stars – 5 Scythes (Azure Storm, Carmine Steel, Moment of Truth, Senscene, Obsidian Reaper)
  • 4-5 Stars – 7 Scythes (Among these are Aphrodite, Onyx Iron, Undine’s Tale, and Genome Reaper)
  • 5-6 Stars – 1 Gauntlet (Nuada’s Revenge)

Rita Rossweisse has four Battlesuits that you can summon or acquire in the game. Here are the Battlesuits that you should get for this Valkyrie:

  • Umbral Rose – Psychic Type
  • Agent Knight: Artemis – BIO Type
  • Phantom Iron – Mecha Type
  • Fallen Rosemary – Psychic Type


Durandal, another main character in Honkai Impact 3, is one of the few S-Rank Valkyries. Thus, she is a formidable character. Her weapon of choice is the Lance, where there are five of it to acquire in the game:

  • 2-3 Stars – 1 Lance (Lance)
  • 3-4 Stars – 1 Lance (Plasma Lance)
  • 4-5 Stars – 7 Scythes (Eos Gloria, Hler’s Serenity, Lucia [Lance])

Despite being an S-ranked Valkyrie, Durandal only has two Battlesuits so far. These Battlesuits are Valkyrie Gloria, which is a Psychic Type, and Bright Knight – Excelsis, which is a Mecha Type.

Yae Sakura

Yae Sakura used to be the shrine maiden of the Yae Village. However, she bore hatred towards the village after sacrificing her sister to bring rain and prevent the Honkai beasts from attacking. Furthermore, Katana is her weapon of choice. Currently, she has four Battlesuits available:

  • Gyakushinn Miko – BIO Type
  • Flame Sakitama – BIO Type
  • Goushinnso Memento – Mecha Type
  • Darkbolt Jonin – BIO Type

Kallen Kaslana

She is the most famous Valkyrie warrior in the game and the ancestor of Kiana. An elegant and beautiful warrior, her spirit continues to battle against the Honkai beasts. Just like her ancestor, Kallen also uses Pistol as her weapon. She currently has 3 Battlesuits available in the game:

  • Imoyah Ritual – Mecha Type
  • Sundenjager – Mecha Type
  • Sixth Serenade – Psychic Type

Liliya Olenyeva

Another main character in Honkai Impact 3, Liliya Olenyeva grew up in the same orphanage as Bronya, Seele, and her sister Rozaliya. However, she is not normal like the others as she underwent some modifications due to an accident. Furthermore, the weapon she uses in the game is a Greatsword, and she only has one Battlesuit available. This Battlesuit is Blueberry Blitz, and it’s a Mecha Type.

Rozaliya Olenyeva

Also another main character in Honkai Impact 3, Rozaliya is the twin sister of Liliya. Just like her sister, she also underwent body modifications due to an accident. Moreover, she uses the Greatsword weapon and only has one Battlesuit, the Molotov Cherry—a Psychic Type.

Seele Vollerei

Since they grow up in the same orphanage, Seele is the closest friend of Bronya. In the game, she uses the Scythe as her weapon. Moreover, she has two Battlesuits available. These Battlesuits are the Swallowtail Phantasm and Stygian Nymph, which are both Psychic Types.

All of the Valkyries mentioned in the article are readily playable in Honkai Impact 3. If you’re lucky enough to acquire almost all the available Battlesuits for each Valkyrie, composing a team will boil down to the best character currently available in the game. But if luck doesn’t go in your favor, it’s best to focus on the Valkyries that you’re comfortable using.

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