Arknights Anime – Most Awaited Game To Set an Anime Adaptation

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Posted on December 20, 2021

Video games and anime are two of the most famous forms of entertainment, which you can enjoy for hours on end. But what if both were made into one? That’s what Arknights has recently pulled! This anime game scored an incredible Arknights anime adaptation, where players are introduced into a post-apocalyptic world of Planet Terra. Arknights is an exciting strategy game by Yostar Limited, where players take on the role of a key member in Rhodes Island. It’s a pharmaceutical company that fights the undead and the infection.

In the video game, you will be recruiting Operators with the help of Amiya. You’ll help train these Operators until they are ready. It’s basically all about protecting the innocent and fighting the zombies that have plagued Planet Terra. And you can do that with the help of the best killers in the game, which are called Operators. But you need to think of the best strategy to successfully kill them and eradicate the spread of the deadly disease. With its anime-style and chibi characters, you’ll fall in love with the storyline and its gameplay. How much more when we get the Arknights anime series?

Get to Know The Interesting Anime Plot

Zombie apocalypse is one of those famous storylines that movies and video games are about, and the same goes for Arknights. But it has a different twist compared to the usual storyline that you see in most movies today. It’s more exhilarating and provides action-packed adventure to the player. It revolves around the world of Planet Terra, which is currently in a state of post-apocalyptic scenarios. The player takes on the role of being a key member of Rhode Island, which is a pharmaceutical company that kills the undead and stops the deadly infection in its wake.

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You and your leader, Amiya, are tasked to recruit Operators. These are killing machines that you need to train and upgrade. Once they’re ready, you have to send them out on different operations to kill the unrest while protecting the innocent. It has great gameplay and the storyline is perfect. The RPG elements combined with the strategy game genre make it an irresistible video game for those looking for action. The gorgeous anime-style graphics makes it the perfect video game for an anime adaptation. That’s why if you’re waiting for an arknights anime release, it’s coming to you these coming months. So make sure to watch out for more upcoming news!

What You Need to Know About Arknights

Arknights made by Hyperglyph, originally came out in China on May 1, 2019 and worldwide on January 16, 2020. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic and dystopian world after the deadly breakout. The player will take on the role of an amnesiac doctor who, together with Amiya, will recruit killers called Operators. At the same time, they will try to find a cure for this disease. With its interesting storyline and gameplay, it quickly gained a following and received mostly positive reviews from critics.

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During Google Play’s Best of 2020 awards, people choose it for the Users’ Choice Game. And at the 2020 Dragon Awards, it was also got the Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Mobile Game. You can tell that Arknights deserve the anime adaptation because of how compelling the video game is. But there’s currently no release window set for the anime adaptation. But there’s an anime trailer that features the voices of Amiya and the Doctor. There is so much more to watch out for. And there are high hopes for the anime adaptation, especially with its growing fans.

A Closer Look of the Anime Adaptation

When Yostar announced that they are currently working on an anime adaptation of the Arknights video game, fans went wild. And they recently released an Arknights Anime Adaptation Official Announcement on Youtube about a month ago. Here, you will hear the voices of Amiya and the Doctor. The series is currently under development of the company’s animation studio: Yostar Pictures. And they have unfortunately not confirmed a release date or release regions as of today. But considering that it’s still in the works, expect to have more news about the anime in the coming months.

Arknights Amiya Reunion Ambush

The teaser trailer reveals that the anime series will start and revolve around the beginnings of the game and how the world came to be. The Reunion has ambushed Rhodes Island, and Amiya rescues the Doctor. Reunion is the game’s primary antagonist group. The events will resemble the first operations of the game, where the player meets with Amiya after rescuing the Doctor from the Sarcophagus. But the whole timeline and events don’t exactly line up.

Final Thoughts

That’s all the news for now. If you want to know more about the anime series, watch out for the most recent news in the next few months. Tomoyo Kurosawa was the one who voiced Amiya in the video game, but it’s not sure if she will reprise her role in the anime series. And it’s the first time the Doctor will have a voice too. There’s so much to watch out for in the Arknights anime adaptation.

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