Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: The New Features that the Project NEXT Brings

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Posted on January 25, 2021

Early in September, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developer, Moonton teased what their next update will be on a video. They are calling it Project NEXT, and the main thing that this update will do is to revamp old heroes to make them more playable in the game’s current meta. What this means is that Moonton wants to improve several old characters so that players can use them in the game without experiencing disadvantages against newer characters.

Aside from improvements, the new update will also tweak some of the old character’s designs, as well as update their backstories. But revamping heroes is not the only that Project NEXT brings to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. There will also be an update on the game’s music, the game’s battlefield, and many more. In this article, we’ll discuss what Project NEXT brings to the game.

Project NEXT Update in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


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1. Revamping Old Characters

The main update that Project NEXT will bring Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is revamping the game’s old characters. The first phase of the update came out last September 22. The characters that were revamped were: Alucard, Eudora, Layla, Miya and Zilong.

These heroes will receive new in-game skills effects, updated abilities, new models, new voiceover, and new entrance animation. What this means is that these 5 heroes will now be stronger, and will likely see an increase in their usage rate, even during ranked matches. Of course, the update doesn’t end there. More heroes are still on the spot for revision, including Tigreal, Hilda, Fanny, Kagura, and more.

Aside from the ones who already received improvements, the following heroes will also get something new. But this time a new mini-model instead of a revamp of their skills and abilities. These heroes are: Roger, Alice, Hilda, Ruby, Fanny, Chou, Rafaela and Nana.


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2. Updates on Gameplay

Aside from revamping heroes and improving models in others, Project NEXT also brings an update on Mobile Legend: Bang Bang’s gameplay. One update is with the game’s laning, which involves the top, middle, and bottom lanes during battles. The latest update will make lanes more beneficial for certain types of heroes. For example, marksman heroes will have more benefits going to the top lane because they will gain gold and experience bonuses, while fighters and tanks will benefit more at the bottom lane of the map.

These lane bonuses will now make the rotation more attractive for a lot of players. Another gameplay update is that players will now need to Retribution battle spell if they want to use Hunter’s Blade items. The spell is required if they wish to purchase jungle equipment. This will make jungling, a strategy in which players would focus more on the jungle part of the map for experience instead of the lanes, less desirable. The lanes


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3. Visual Improvements

The Project NEXT also brings visual updates to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Once you’ve updated your game, you will instantly see an improvement in the game’s overall visuals. Images and graphics will look even better; cinematics will look crisper and sharper, and so much more. Playing the game for the first time after the update will feel like you are playing a brand new game that is familiar.

The gameplay is very similar, but the crisper and sharper graphics and improved overall visuals make it feel like a new game. You can see that the latest updates greatly enhanced the game’s overall experience, making it so much better to play. Of course, visual improvements will come with a price, and that’s in the form of the game becoming more demanding.

Fortunately, the developers also provided performance updates to the game so players won’t have many issues to deal with. But still, players that don’t use high-end smartphones should adjust the game’s settings, especially if they experience problems. Aside from the overall improvement of in-game visuals, a new logo also came out. Additionally, several elements inspired bang Bang’s new logo in the game’s map.

4. New Music

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will also get new music with the Project NEXT update. Jeff Broadbent will compose the original in-game music. He is an award-winning composer and is the one who is behind the musical scores of popular titles like Marvel Avengers Alliance 2, Transformers Dark of the Moon, and Assassin’s Creed Identity.


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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Final Thoughts

From the looks of the Project NEXT’s improvements, you can see that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is so much fun to play right now. The best part of all of this is that the update is not yet complete. What we got is only the first phase of Project NEXT. However, there’s still no specific on when the next phase will be. But it is expected that it will on the fourth quarter of 2020. Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang now and play it on your PC for free.

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