The World of Magic – Important Tips for Beginners

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Posted on April 25, 2021

Launched in 2012, The World of Magic from Com2us is one of the first MMORPG on mobile devices. After almost a decade in existence, the game has stood its ground. It has established a decent following of players across the globe. Suppose you are looking for an open-world RPG that’s bursting with special effects and jaw-dropping graphics.

Imagine it like the ones seen in Genshin Impact or Goddess MUA; sad to say that this is not the game for you. Nevertheless, if you want to get a hands-on experience on a classic MMORPG that has stood the test of time, then you are more than welcome to venture into The World of Magic.

Before we jump into our main topic, let’s take a quick overview of some of the features waiting for you in The World of Magic. Beyond the outdated graphics and visuals, The World of Magic comes with all the basic features seen in a modern MMORPG. These features may not be as expansive or as detailed, but they do the job nonetheless.

Right Class to Choose

Some of these features include Endless Gameplay set in an open-world map, PVP Arena, Character Class, Guilds, Customization, Skill Tree, and much more. This modest yet harmonious concoction of features made The World of Magic an instant classic boasting millions of players who frequent its multiple servers. With that, if you feel like jumping into the game, then you might want to check out some of our tips below. You see, unlike modern MMORPGs, The World of Magic does not feature an in-depth tutorial system.

Choosing the Right Class in The World of Magic

The World of Magic comes with three character classes for the player to choose from. Unlike other MMORPGs, the class you choose in the game will become your permanent class. With that said, you must know the pros and cons of each of the classes available in the game.

Warriors Pros

Warriors are balanced characters that are great for luring and come with decent HP compared to the other classes. This class also comes with a good attack skill that can hit multiple targets all at once. Warriors in The World of Magic are built like a tank, which means that they can absorb more damage. This class also has the most variety of armor and skills. Warriors also can perform continuous attacks.

Warriors Cons

Like any other character class, there are cons affiliated with the warrior class. The first is that warriors need to get close to a target to inflict damage. This also makes the character vulnerable to counterattacks. The second is that this class comes with low accuracy, which means that you will be seeing the word “miss” more frequently during battles. The third is that this class requires more in-game currency for equipment, making it the most expensive class to develop.

Magicians Pros

Magicians is another class in The World of Magic. As the name of the class suggests, this class is more on MP rather than HP, which makes sense since Magicians are not required to get close to their targets to inflict damage. Magical spells inflict more area damage compared to the other classes. Furthermore, the Magician class comes with a much higher shielding and healing and a lower equipment cost.

Magicians Cons

As for cons, Magicians have lower HP and armor compared to the other two classes. This class also consumes a lot of MP, which means that you need to have a strategic approach to each encounter to maximize the effect of your attacks. And finally, Magicians require a lot of work or hours to level up.

Rangers Pros

The third class on our list is Rangers. These bow and arrow-wielding characters The World of Magic comes with fast attack rates, more range, an average HP and MP, and are easy to level up or train. Rangers are also compelling characters in PVP and are considered the most balanced class in the game. In a nutshell, the Ranger class is best for those who are new not only to The World of Magic but also to the MMORPG genre.

Rangers Cons

On the downside, Rangers do not have many attack skills and come with a few armor upgrades. Besides, the skills of Rangers are expensive and are challenging to acquire. Lastly, choosing the Ranger class requires you to be vigilant with the characters’ health, mana, and speed.

Beware of Scammers

The World of Magic comes with an active community of players; some of these players have played the game for years and will spot a newbie in no time. With that in mind, do not get too friendly to other players, especially weapons you loot from hunting boars, which is one of your first hunting missions.

World of Magic Black Trader

Once you acquire a gun and someone offers to buy your loot, it is best to decline the offer first and look for the Secret Merchant Shop. One example is the Secret Phantom Merchant located in the Woody-Wordy Village. Another is the Crimsonsabre Merchant, who resides in Woody-Weedy Village. Both NPCs will buy your loot at a much higher price compared to other merchants.

The World of Magic: The Black Trader

The Black Trader is another important NPC in The World of Magic. Like the secret merchants, the Black Trader will provide you with the best price for your loot. However, you need a premium ticket to gain access to the Black Merchant. There are two ways to acquire a premium ticket: through in-game purchases and real-world cash.

The second is to purchase enough gold (about 20k) and purchase it from other players. You can activate the ticket just like the other items in your inventory, that is, through a double click. Once you have access to the black trader, you can sell everything you have to jumpstart your resources. Keep selling and looting to fatten up your reserves and gain access to powerful items.

Are You Hardcore Enough?

Despite its dated aesthetics, the World of Magic requires more in-depth activities and character development compared to modern MMORPGs. You need to seek out the right NPCs and the right quest to make the most out of your time invested in the game.

The challenging part is that this game does not babysit players and hold them by the hand to progress further into the game. In other words, you need to figure out everything yourself. If that is not your cup of tea, then this game is not for you.

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