Ninja Arashi 2 Guide – Beginner’s Tips In Playing The Game

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Posted on August 4, 2021

For gamers who have played the Ninja Arashi game, it’s clear to say that the game has been a fun and exciting action adventure. Though the first game did end in a cliffhanger, the second installment, Ninja Arashi 2, aims to continue the retired ninja’s story. This time, he’ll be battling the villain Dosu while trying to rescue his son. The second game features the same appealing graphics, with its black silhouette characters and awesome background. The gameplay for both games is also similar. So even if this is your first time playing the second installment, you won’t have trouble since there will be a tutorial to guide you.

Nevertheless, despite having a tutorial and similar gameplay with the first installment, there are still new elements to Ninja Arashi 2. This could cause a bit of confusion for beginners. To help avoid having a bad start or bad experience playing the game, this blog post will be a Ninja Arashi 2 beginners guide. It will provide tips on how to properly play the game, as well as an explanation of the new elements it introduces.

What are the Skills?

One of the new elements introduced in Ninja Arashi 2 is the Skill. It’s basically a new menu where you can upgrade the abilities that Arashi has to improve his stats and attributes. Each ability Arashi has will have certain added benefits whenever upgraded. For example, the shuriken throw/sword slash ability will gain a critical strike after 1 upgrade. Another upgrade will unlock the plunder, and so on.

Ninja Arashi 2 skills
In-game Screenshot: Upgrade skills in Ninja Arashi 2 to make abilities stronger

You use coins to upgrade your skills, so you’ll need to save your coins for these skills. You can see what added benefit or trait you’ll get after you make an upgrade. This will help you greatly, especially in the higher levels when things become more difficult. The added benefits can especially help you during boss battles.

What are the Artifacts?

Another new thing that Ninja Arashi 2 introduced is the artifacts or hidden attribute boosters. In other words, these artifacts provide added benefits to your gameplay whenever you use them. There are 8 artifacts available in the game, The Onimori, the Akumu, the Sword of Tatsuma, the Coin of Luck, the Golden Shuriken, the Dotaku, the Meiyo, and the Sacred Tsuka.

Ninja Arashi 2 artifacts
In-game screenshot: Artifacts are a great help in Ninja Arashi 2

The Onimori will increase your maximum life by 1, while the Akumu allows Akashi to change his silhouette look. The Sword of Tatsuma provides a chance so that the thrown shuriken can become a sword that penetrates the first target it will hit. The Coin of Luck will reduce the cooldown of the disguise skill by 20%, while the Golden Shuriken increases critical hit by 10%. The Meiyo will allow you to gain a temporary barrier after using the disguise, and the Sacred Tsuka reduces the cooldown of the dash by 20%. Artifacts can be purchased at the store or acquired in difficult-to-reach locations within the game.

Tips In Winning the Boss Fights

In totality, you’ll face three bosses in Ninja Arashi 2, Kanashi, Yasha, and Kido. You fight these bosses every 20 levels in the game. Each boss is unique and dealing with them won’t be easy.


Kanashi, the swordmaster, is the first boss you’ll fight. Despite being a swordmaster, he still has a ranged ability, like the ability to throw swords at his opponent. The key fighting strategy would be to stay far from him, which means you need to rely on your shuriken while dodging his attacks. If he gets too close, however, you can use your dash skill to get behind him after you jump and then continue the same strategy.


The second boss is Yasha, the bow master. As a bow master, he is capable of doing ranged attacks. Luckily, the arrows he throws are not that fast, so dodging them is not hard. You just have to be alert of his attacks so you can dodge them easily. You will need a combination of ranged and melee attacks to deal with this boss.


The last boss, Kido, uses a flamethrower. He is a slow boss, making it easier for you to hit him or use your sword against him. You just have to watch out for when he uses the flamethrower or his spiked shield. You can dodge them both if you’re aware and quick. So far, Kido is the final boss in the game, but there will likely be another one since a 4th chapter will soon be released.

Tips in Playing Ninja Arashi 2

One important tip that you can use in Ninja Arashi 2 is to always go for the nearest saved statue before going for a tricky move. You will have extra lives to spare in case you die, but you will repeat on the saved statue that you last activated. Always try to find the nearest one before a tricky or challenging obstacle, so you won’t have to repeat from a farther distance.

Ninja Arashi 2 game
In-game screenshot: Ninja Arashi 2 gameplay


Final Thoughts

Ninja Arashi 2 is a fun and exciting action-adventure game that you will enjoy playing. Though some new elements added to the game can be confusing for beginners at first, they’re not that hard to understand. In case you find yourself stuck or confused, just read this blog post. The tips and information provided here will definitely help you get a better gaming experience.

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