Omega Legends: Game Review Of The Sci-Fi Battle Royale Genre

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Posted on August 27, 2021

Omega Legends is a free-to-play sci-fi battle shooter game by the good folks in IGG.COM. It boasts compelling gameplay alongside 3D cartoonish graphics. Moreover, it employs the use of unique heroes, each with their skills and abilities. The game is steadily gaining popularity amongst other shooter game fans, but is it worth playing? Let’s do a quick review of the game’s features.

Omega Legends: Chaotic Yet Fun Battle Royale

Like all other battle royale games, Omega Legends is a chaotic yet fun game to play. You’re pit against 99 other players in a vast map unarmed. Your goal is to be the last hero standing in a bullet-hell dogfight against opponents. You can either play solo or with two other teammates, depending on your preference.

The game also offers seven heroes you can choose from. They have different roles and abilities that match almost every playstyle. If you want to deal heavy damage and disrupt the battlefield at the same time, then Haxx, Specter, and Windchaser can be your champions. On the other hand, players who love to soak damage in the thick of the fight might find Captain Jericho and Ironfist fun characters to play with. Lastly, if you’re the responsible guardian of your team, then try Aurora.

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Every single one of these heroes can turn the tide of any battlefield. If your team has one tank, one DPS, and one support, you’re technically unstoppable. Having a well-balanced team composition works wonders for this game. Apart from the unique heroes, you can also find devastating weapons and armor on the field. However, some of them are complete trash.

But the uncertainty of your arsenal is what makes battle royale appealing to gamers. If you have powerful gear, then rain hell on your enemies. But if you’re not confident in your equipment, then you can hide from the dogfight. Overall, you can employ strategy or sheer firepower to become the last man standing in Omega Legends.

Took Notes From Other Triple-A Titles

The game took inspiration from other titles like Apex Legends. It employed hero abilities that mesh well with team tactics and composition. The game also has stunning weapons skins with a sci-fi feel. Additionally, it also has a captain system, whereas you can choose to assign a team member to take the lead. The captain can select the location of your deployment at the start of the match. A well-placed drop-off will make or break the early stages of the match.

Moreover, you can communicate with your teammates via voice chats and templated voice commands. It makes it easier to notify your friends of enemies on the field or awesome weapons and armor. The massive battlefield with strategically placed obstacles and structures makes it easier for squads to employ hide and ambush tactics against other players.

Its 3D cartoonish graphics make it pleasant to look at, and the game’s visual effects are also a feast for the eyes. The game also has another mode like Covert Operation, a classic deathmatch against other players. Omega Legends knows what works and based its gameplay and features on tried-and-tested mechanics.

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Fun But A Pale Imitation Of Better Games

Although it may have copied a bit too much from Triple-A games like Fortnite or Apex Legends, the formula is the same, and although the graphics are pleasant, it still feels kind of stiff. There are limited facial and body movements that make it stale compared to other battle royale games. Omega Legends also utilize aim assist, which is a debatable feature amongst shooter fans.

Aim Assist is a feature used in shooting games where the game automatically adjusts your aim so you’ll hit your opponent. It’s a nice feature to have when playing on platforms other than the PC, but it also sounds like a cheat ability. Players have argued that using aim assist takes away the skill level of certain players and offers little to no challenge. On the other hand, new gamers enjoy this feature as it lets them ease into the game without difficulty. Overall, some battle royale fans have steered clear of games with Aim Assist features.

Omega Legends is still a fun game to play on PC. It’s more geared to casual gamers who prefer to spend a few minutes of their time in a simple battle royale match than gunning for the leaderboards. Competitive gamers may find this game a bit too boring, but for those who prefer an exciting yet newbie-friendly game, then you can try this out.

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