Omega Legends PC: Getting To Know Its Heroes

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Posted on August 13, 2021

Omega Legends is one of the newer entries to the battle royale genre this year. It combines the elements of sci-fi and shooting games and tosses you into the battlefield against 99 other players. Your role is to be the last man standing. Littered across the battlefield are multiple weapons and equipment you can use to your advantage. You’ll also get to squad up and play with friends with the hopes of coming out on top. But on top of all that, the most iconic feature of the game is its heroes. Each legend in this sci-fi shooting game has unique appearances, abilities, and specializations.

The DPS Legends To Destroy Enemies in Omega Legends

In every action game– whether shooting or fighting– the DPS class is the most popular among other classes. The ability to deal massive damage against enemies under different circumstances can be quite exhilarating. Some of them can even disrupt the battlefield to confuse enemies. Omega Legends take it a step further by providing three DPS classes fit for every playstyle.

The first one we’ll tackle is Haxx. He can turn invisible and can absorb damage to avoid death. He’s the perfect legend for players who love to be in the thick of the fight. You can throw enemies off by soaking damage. Haxx has a passive skill that lets him become invincible after being knocked down. Additionally, the Null Presence active skill allows him to become temporarily invincible but cannot attack in turn. Lastly, Haxx can use Phase Shift to travel back in time to replenish his health bath.

Omega Legends PC

Another deadly assassin is Specter. He can camouflage himself with the environment and attack unsuspecting enemies. He’s perfect for gamers who prefer a silent but deadly approach. Specter’s skills include a passive that lets him turn invisible if he doesn’t move. His Phantom Rush grants him the ability to teleport as well as become invincible when it’s activated. Finally, his Optical Camo skill grants him invisibility while moving– an excellent skill for capping off enemies from behind.

The last DPS class for this roster is Windchaser. She’s a highly mobile hero that can move around the battlefield at top speed. She’s perfect for quick hit-and-run tactics. Her skills include a passive that grants her a speed boost when she takes damage. She can also launch herself in the air with Lift-Off, and her Air Dash skill gives her a massive speed boost for fight or flight situations.

The Defensive Heroes To Protect Allies

DPS classes may deal heavy damage, but they’re nothing if they don’t have allies who can protect them. That’s where the defensive Tanks come in. Omega Legends offer two notable heroes who specialize in defensive tactics. They are perfect for those who love to take on the captain role– leading their teammates to victory.

The first one on the list is Captain Jericho. This bad boy specializes in deploying barriers to protect everyone in the squad. He also has a handy EMP grenade that silences enemies, leaving them vulnerable to an attack. Capt. Jericho’s skills include a passive that lets him deploy a mini-shield whenever he aims. His active skill, Energy Barrier, can block all incoming damage it’s deployed against. Then finally, his EMP Bomb removes all buffs from opponents and locks enemy skills temporarily out of combat.

Omega Legends Heroes

The next tank hero is Ironfist. He also specializes in barriers, but he prefers a more offensive approach. Ironfist relies heavily on his weapons to reign hell on the battlefield. Players whose principle is “the best offense is a great defense” will enjoy playing as Ironfist.

He has a passive skill that lets him automatically reload when he kills an opponent. Up in his sleeve is a Personnel Launcher. It’s a jump pad that allows teammates hop into other areas to either run from a disadvantage or get a vantage point. Lastly, he has a Protective Wall that he and his teammates can take cover in.

The Sole Healer Everyone Worships

Tanks and DPS cower at the might of Support characters, not because they can deal damage. The reason is that Support heroes are what keeps the squad alive. Their skills that specialize in healing and providing buffs are essential to secure victory in the game. Omega Legends only provide one Support legend whose sole task is to keep the party alive.

Aurora is the game’s sole healer. She has a myriad of support skills that provide healing, protection, and buffs. Just having her in the party already gives the squad a competitive advantage for victory. Her skills include a passive that lets her use healing items faster and can revive teammates quicker. She has a Safety Matrix that gives the squad a shield and movement speed buff temporarily. Finally, her most formidable skill is Healing Light. It lets her deploy a healing beacon that constantly replenishes the squadmates’ health bar.

So, there you go! The current Legends of the game. Try them out, and see which one fits your playstyle by playing Omega Legends on PC. Download our client for a more optimized PC gaming experience.

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