Omega Legends PC: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Legend

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Posted on August 13, 2021

Omega Legends is one of the newest entries to the battle royale genre. It’s picking quite the player base, and it’s slowly making its way to the top as a free-to-play shooting game. Now, like with any competitive multiplayer title, it’ll be quite challenging to master. In this game, you’re up against 99 other players who are all aiming to be the last man standing. Some of them are newbies like you, while others are hard-pressed veterans. Then you’d have to take into consideration the prodigies who never seem to lose a battle.

It’s a challenging climb to the top of the leaderboards, but that’s why we’re here. We’ll provide you with the ultimate guide to becoming the Alpha and Omega Legend in the game. So take these strategies to heart before you install the awesome title on PC.

Omega Legends: Choose A Legend For Each Class

Let’s start with choosing your legend. Each one has a corresponding role in a squad. Ironfist and Capt. Jericho are tanks, so they specialize in defense. Aurora is the solo healer of the game. Specter, Haxx, and Windchaser are the current DPS roster. Our advice is to choose a hero to specialize in each class. Select a tank, healer, and DPS legend you’re most comfortable with. Do not become a one-trick wonder in this game.

You’ll never know when a squad member will choose the same hero like you. So it’s better to have a backup. Moreover, synergy plays an important factor in surviving the battlefield. At the very least, you and your squad must have one legend for each role. So it’s best to become a jack-of-all-trades in this game, rather than a master of one. But be warned, however, trying to master all heroes may spread your muscle memory too thin. Just choose one legend for each class so you wouldn’t have to worry too much.

Omega Legends PC Game


Take Some Time To Practice Shooting

Now that you’ve chosen a legend, it’s time to move on to the next step of the guide. As a player, you’re probably itching to jump straight into the battlefield. You can do that with no problem, but a wise hero would consider training first. The game offers a training ground where you can practice shooting the different firearms you’ll find on the field.

Each weapon in this game has different attributes. Some have huge recoil, ridiculous bullet spread, and pathetic fire rates. Although most of them pack quite a punch, not knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the guns may prove disadvantageous to you. So take some time at the firing range. Practice shooting them and adjust your aim accordingly. You can also pick a favorite– one that matches your playstyle. Having extensive knowledge about the weapons will work to your advantage during a round in Omega Legends. This is especially true when you’ll end up getting random weapons every time you drop off into the battlefield.

Strategize With Your Squadmates

The third tip is to rely on your synergy with your squadmates. Omega Legends may be a last-man-standing game, but it also offers cooperative modes. You can work together to become the last team standing. So constant communication is essential. Be sure to use the voice chat option to listen and warn your teammates about impending dangers. Additionally, figuring out the safe place to drop off early in the game will increase your chances for victory.

Omega Legends Guide

Teamwork is one of the fundamental keys to victory in Omega Legends. You can pair that up with a balanced roster of DPS, Tank, and Support. Only then can you solidify your place at the top. Another tip when it comes to teamwork is to cover your flanking points. Always move together and make sure you have a 360 degrees vision of your immediate area. What that means is to have one teammate watch the front, the flank, and the rear. Having eyes on all shows makes you alert to incoming enemies trying to gank you.

Learn From Your Battlefield Defeats

Our last tip for this ultimate guide is to learn from your battle losses. It’s always a challenge winning against 99 other players with limited ammo and equipment. You won’t always find the best weapons nor the sturdiest armors. However, you can remember the best spots on the map and the locations where most players drop off. Strategize and apply tactics that will work to your advantage as early as the drop-off phase. See how other players move, sneak, and hide during a round. You can try to simulate their tactics or find a way to counter them. Make every round a learning experience until you and your squad become champions of the battlefield.

So, that’s about it for the ultimate guide to Omega Legends. Apply these tips when you launch the game from your PC. If you want a smoother and optimized PC gaming experience, download the game through our launcher.

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