Cookie Run Characters – Get To Know The Different Cookies

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Posted on November 16, 2021

An entertaining casual arcade game that you can play is Cookie Run: OvenBreak. It’s a game where you get to play the role of a cookie and then try to break out of the witch’s kitchen to escape. It’s an entertaining endless runner that’s full of obstacles for you to overcome. The great thing about this game is that there are different characters available for you to use. The characters in Cookie Run are called cookies. Learn more about these cookies in this Cookie Run Cookie blog post and see how you can properly use them.

The Different Cookie Run Characters

The cookies are playable characters that are available in Cookie Run: OvenBreak. There are many different cookies available to acquire and they’re classified under Common, Rare, Epic, Special, and Legendary. Each one of these cookies possesses a special skill (except for the GingerBrave) that you can use. The skills can vary, with some helping you progress further while others help in acquiring coins or jellies. Let’s discuss in more detail the available cookies.

The Common Cookies

These are cookies that are available at the start of the game. So, they’re the ones that you can use first. GingerBrave is actually the cookie that you will use to begin the game, including the tutorial. You can then try GingerBright who has the special power of the appearance of candy jelly.

Then there’s Strawberry Cookie who can turn basic jellies into strawberry jellies. Lastly, there’s Skater Cookie who has a faster base speed. These are the cookies that you will begin with and will help you progress. Each one of them possesses useful skills (except GingerBrave) that can help you.

The Rare Cookies

These are the cookies that possess better skills than the common cookies. Many of them are also usable at the start, but there are some that will be unlocked once you reach certain levels. There is also one cookie that you can acquire using diamonds and another that you unlock after earning stars in Hero Cookie’s Island Memories. One of the rare cookies is the Pilot Cookie who has the special ability of flight. There’s also the Zombie Cookie who can revive and then there’s the Angel Cookie who has a magnetic aura.

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The Muscle Cookie can throw a kettlebell while the Ninja Cookie has shuriken. Then there’s the Soda Cookie that uses soda surfing and the Rockstar Cookie has the music jellies. There’s also the Devil Cookie which becomes the super devil and the Cherry Cookie who uses the cherry bomb. You can also use the Alchemist Cookie and alchemy, Gumball Cookie and gumball cannon, and the Pistachio Cookie who has the sacred dash.

There is also the Vampire Cookie with its bat mode, the Cheesecake Cookie with its coin fireworks party, and the Knight Cookie with the knight blast. Completing the list would be the Princess Cookie with the pink heart jelly and the Cheerleader cookie with the Cheer Squad.

The Epic Cookies

The epic cookies are better than the rare and common cookies. They also possess better skills. Many of them are also unlocked at the beginning, but there are also many of them that can be unlocked after meeting certain conditions. Starting off the epic cookies are the Space Doughnut with its doughnut beam, the Yoga Cookie with its meditation, the Popcorn Cookie with its popcorn party, and the Dark Choco Cookie with its dark swordsmanship.

There’s also Dr. Wasabi Cookie and his wasabi syrup, the Mustard Cookie with the graffiti, the Matcha Cookie with the seed spheres, and the Sparkling Cookie with the sparkling party. You can also try the Ice Candy Cookie with its ice hockey, the Avocado Cookie with its avocado smithing, the Whipped Cream Cookie with its ballet performance, and the Chili Pepper Cookie with its treasure hunting.

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Continuing the list of epic cookies are the Grapefruit Cookie with its roller skating track, the Salt Cookie with its fisher’s harpoon, the Squid Ink Cookie with its giant squid, the Pomegranate Cookie with pomegranate magic. You also have the DJ Cookie with its DJing, the Marshmallow Cookie with the marshmallow parade, the Fig Cookie with the jelly horn, the Carrot Cookie and its carrot farming, and Beet Cookie with its crossbow.

Other epic cookies are the Purple Yam with the rage tornado, Milk Cookie with divine shield, Ion Cookie Robot with its 3-tier upgrade, and Cyborg Cookie with its high voltage. Also try the Plum Cookie with its plum fist, Yogurt Cream Cookie with its magical spirits, Walnut Cookie with its detective skill, and Roguefort Cookie that has the vanish skill.

There are actually many more epic cookies available since this is where the majority of the cookies are in Cookie Run. Try to acquire all of them to increase your selection pool of available cookies.

The Legendary Cookies

These are the rarest cookies available in Cookie Run. They possess very helpful skills that can assist your progress. There are only a handful of them starting with Dark Enchantress Cookie and her dark spells. There’s also Millennial Tree Cookie and his circle of time. You also have Pitaya Dragon Cookie and the dragonic bladestorm.

Try acquiring Ananas Dragon Cookie and his dragon geomancy, and Timekeeper Cookie and his time rift creation. Completing the list of legendary cookies are Moonlight Cookie and her moonlight magic, Wind Archer Cookie and his wind dash, Sea Fairy Cookie and her wave blast, and Fire Spirit Cookie with his flame dash. Only Moonlight Cookie is available at the start with the rest requiring certain conditions to unlock.

The Special Cookies

These are the cookies that are a bit harder to acquire since they’re only given as rewards during events. So, if you happen to miss that event, then you likely won’t get these cookies anymore. There are currently 3 special cookies available. They are Hello Kitty with the balloon flight, Mimmy with the flower gardening, and Cookiedroid with the games & apps. Hello Kitty and Mimmy were available during a limited event while Cookiedroid is obtainable during event periods.

You can see that there are many different cookies available to use in Cookie Run. Each one of them possesses unique skills that can help you progress in the game. See if you can acquire all of them!

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