Pikachu Pokémon UNITE Build, Moveset & Items Guide

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Posted on June 19, 2022

Pokémon UNITE is a MOBA action game bringing your fave pocket monsters alive to battle it out in 5v5 team matches. If you have followed the Pokémon series, you know that Pikachu is its iconic character. Pikachu Pokémon UNITE is classified as an attacker with lightning attributes, dealing massive damage. However, he’s squishy as a trade-off.

Fret not, you can still play this endearing glass cannon to the best of its abilities using our Pokémon UNITE Pikachu build. Not only will we tackle Pikachu’s statistics, skills, and items. Here, we will also look at the various Pokémon UNITE Pikachu skin you can obtain in the game. Without further ado, let us stupefy enemies with Pikachu’s thunderous skills and carry your team to victory with our Pokémon UNITE Pikachu guide.


Pikachu Pokemon Unite


Things to Know About Pikachu Pokémon UNITE

Pikachu is among the first 20 characters released on the roster. To claim Pikachu, you either need to purchase this iconic Pokémon from the in-game shop. The cost is 6000 Aeos coins or 345 Aeos gems. Fortunately, you can also claim it for free after completing the tutorial phase.

After getting Pikachu, you can also be fashionable with it. The game’s current patch has 3 Pokémon UNITE Pikachu skins available and 2 limited editions. So you can purchase these snazzy skins for 18 to 20 holo tickets or 350 to 400 gems. These include the fashionable style, orange UNITE style, and purple UNITE style. Unfortunately, the Festival and Hip-hop styles are no longer available.

How to Play Pikachu Pokémon UNITE

As an attacker, Pikachu deals tons of damage but has low endurance. For this, when choosing the Pokémon UNITE Pikachu moveset, it’s ideal to concentrate on Pikachu’s damage and paralyzing skills. Moreover, Pikachu is best played in the top or bottom lane with another ally. As much as possible, avoid defending a lane alone unless you’re ahead in level against your opponent.


Pikachu Pokemon UNITE build
Image Source: Pokémon UNITE Pikachu Build


Basic, Passive, & Early Game Abilities

Pikachu’s basic attack gets a boost in the third hit and stuns the enemy for a short time. Its passive ability is called Static where Pikachu stuns nearby enemies whenever he receives damage. Because we want to take advantage of this thunderous Pokémon’s stun abilities, we recommend getting Thunder Shock before Electroweb. The former deals massive damage while stunning opponents. The latter is more of a defensive move where you can paralyze enemies in place while you make your escape or if you want to land the killing blow during team fights.

Mid to Endgame Pokémon UNITE Pikachu Moveset

When Pikachu reaches level 4, he can learn either Thunder or Electro Ball to replace Thunder Shock. Both skills deal with the area of effect (AOE) damage. However, Thunder does not have a stun and occasionally mishits. Since we are going for a Pikachu Pokémon UNITE stun build, we suggest getting Electro Ball. This move has a lesser cooldown (CD) of 5 seconds, has a stunning effect, and is a sure hit on enemies.

In level 6, Pikachu can learn either Thunderbolt or Volt Tackle. Both moves upgrade Pikachu’s crowd control (CC) capabilities. Thunderbolt deals AOE stun and is good to use simultaneously with Thunder to damage the opposing team further. Additionally, you can use it with Electro Ball to immobilize your enemies. Volt Tackle, on the contrary, is a single-target stun with a knockback effect. There’s no better option than the two. Therefore, it’s entirely situation-based. Gauge the current match and decide accordingly.

Pikachu acquires its UNITE move at level 9 called Thunderstorm. This ultimate move is a larger AOE version of Thunder. Apart from the thunderous attack with lightning bolts on enemies, you will also gain a speed boost. Therefore, utilize the mobility buff to either kill low-health enemies or skedaddle to safety if needed.

Pokémon UNITE Pikachu Build items

Unlike other popular MOBA games, Pokémon UNITE has two kinds of item sets you can equip your character with. Held Items are passive items that boost the wearer’s statistics. The champion can only equip up to 3 Held Items in a match. On the other hand, battle Items can be activated and used similarly to regular skills; you can only bring 1 per match.

For this Pokémon UNITE Pikachu build, these are the best items for Pikachu Pokémon UNITE:

  • Choice Specs increase Pokémon UNITE Pikachu’s moveset damage output.
  • Shell Bell provides you with HP recovery corresponding to your Special Attack statistic. Aside from that, your moveset will benefit from the additional CD reduction.
  • Focus Band is your core defensive item as it not only adds Special Defense points but also heals the wearer’s HP for a few seconds.

Alternatively, you can opt for Wise Specs over Choice Specs in the early game if you want to focus more on basic Special Attack damage output. For the Battle Item, we suggest using Eject Button to teleport you away from sticky scenarios or towards low-HP enemies to land the finishing blow. However, you can equip X Attack if you prefer more damage for Pikachu Pokémon UNITE’s attack.


Pikachu Pokemon UNITE gameplay
Image Source: Pikachu Pokémon UNITE Builds and Tips

Learn more about the other roles you can play in Pokémon UNITE. Master how to be the best Supporter, All-rounder, or Pokémon UNITE attacker. These guides will help you become a pro-Pokémon UNITE player!



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