Pokémon UNITE Tier List – Is Your Favorite At The Top Rank?

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Posted on May 29, 2022

The gaming world is a constantly changing industry with new games sprouting every now and then. With every update comes new characters and balance changes that modify the ranks of all heroes. Pokémon UNITE is an action game, which is included in this rule of evolution. So, we have come up with a Pokémon UNITE tier list of the ranks of your favorite pocket monster in the latest update.

Basically, a tier list is a ranking system of all playable characters available in the game depending on how invincible they are. This Pokémon UNITE tier list is merely a guide to help you decide which Pokémon is currently effective and efficient in the recent patch release. So let’s get into it!

Pokémon UNITE – A Brief Rundown of the Game

For starters, Pokémon UNITE is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where trainers across the globe compete. Here, you can join other players in strategic 5v5 team battles, participate in ranked matches, climb up the global ladder, and even dress your pocket monsters in different outfits.

Pokémon UNITE MOBA is about defending your turf, defeating your opponents, scoring goals, and destroying the enemy base to win. Presently, there are five classes available namely Attacker, Speedster, Supporter, All-Rounder, and Defender. Regardless of what platform you’re playing this MOBA game on, you need to familiarize the Pokémon UNITE tier list to have the upper hand.

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Utilize Pokémon UNITE Tier List to Your Advantage

As mentioned above, a tier list is a ranking of the game’s characters from the strongest to the weakest. The modifications and character balances occurring from time to time change the ranking list. This rule of thumb is not only applicable to Pokémon UNITE but also to other MOBA games nowadays.

Generally, tier lists are interpreted as follows:

  • S Rank has the best Pokémon to play on the field. Pocket monsters belonging here are top-tier and have the strongest statistics among the rest.
  • A Rank consists of considerably great Pokémon. They’re almost on par with the S tier and are amazing options to provide synergy to any team.
  • B Rank is composed of good Pokémon. Albeit not the best and ideal to play in most circumstances, they’re still capable of providing enough synergy and team performance.
  • C Rank comprises “so-so” pocket monsters. Bluntly, they’re the worst of the batch and are just okay to play with, if there is no other choice.

Pokémon UNITE Tier List According to Class

Currently, Pokémon UNITE MOBA has 5 available classes or roles for its roster of Pokémon characters in the game. This Pokémon UNITE tier list will showcase a lineup of characters from best to worst. to make things easier especially for newbies, we have ranked each Pokémon from strongest to weakest depending on the role they play in the game.

Overall Best to Worst Pokémon

This list ranks all available Pokémon from best to worst, as implied. This list is based on their respective statistics and moveset plus how they generally perform in matches. We recommend always picking these Pokémon characters whenever you can.

S – Absol, Pikachu, Talonflame, Blastoise, Sylveon, Venusaur, Lucario, Snorlax, Tsareena, Aegislash
A – Alolan Ninetales, Cinderace, Garchomp, Gengar, Zeraora, Blissey, Mamoswine, Greedent, Dragonite
B – Charizard, Eldegoss, Mr. Mime, Slowbrow, Gardevoir, Wigglytuff, Trevenant
C – Cramorant, Crustle, Greninja, Machamp, Decidueye

All-Rounder Pokémon UNITE Tier List

Pokémon characters under this class have balanced endurance and offensive or defensive abilities. Furthermore, they are tenacious heroes and have lots of build options.

S – Garchomp, Tsareena
A – Charizard, Lucario, Dragonite, Aegislash
B – Machamp
C – —

Attacker Class Pokémon UNITE Rank

Attackers may have low endurance but they excel in dealing high damage to enemies. Basically the most offensive characters in the game, attackers usually have good mobility. Therefore, allowing them to perform quick and devastating attacks on opponents.

S – Sylveon, Duraludon, Pikachu
A – Cinderace, Decidueye, Alolan Ninetails
B – Greninja, Cramorant, Gardevoir
C – Venusaur
pokemon unite sylveon


Defender Role Ranking in Pokémon UNITE

In most MOBA games, Defenders are usually called Tanks. They have high endurance and are good at protecting weaker allies from incoming foes. More importantly, Defenders are great at hindering opponents from scoring goals in your zone.

S – Blastoise, Snorlax
A – Slowbro, Crustle, Mamoswine, Greedent
B – Trevenant
C – —

Speedster Pokémon UNITE Rank

Speedsters, as the name suggests, have high mobility paired with decent output damage. More often than not, they excel at quick attacks and are the first ones to start a team fight.

S – Gengar, Zeraora
A – Absol, Talonflame
B – —
C – —

Supporter Pokémon UNITE Tier List

Supporters are the pillars of the team. They provide aid by healing teammates, boosting their stats, and inflicting crowd control (CC) or status effects on opponents. Unlike other classes in this Pokémon UNITE tier list, Supporters have the least attack power and they solely rely on their allies for damage.

S – Blissey, Eldegoss, Hoopa, Mr. Mime
A – Wigglytuff
B – —
C – —
pokemon unite tier list

As fulfilling as it is to constantly win your matches, winning is not everything. Just because your favorite Pokémon is not ranked high on our Pokémon UNITE tier list, does not mean they are the worst. A Pokémon’s individual position does not directly affect your Pokémon UNITE personal rank.

When choosing a playable Pokémon, it sure is encouraging to have a high-class character. Of course, such Pokémon will give you an edge. No matter how they rank, every Pokémon’s build and moveset should depend on your playstyle more than anything. So experiment to determine which works best for you.


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