Greedent Pokémon UNITE – Recommended Build, Items & Moveset

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Posted on May 31, 2022

Pokémon UNITE is a 5v5 MOBA (massive online battle arena) action game featuring not only cute Pokémon but also powerful ones. Among the popular ones include Pokémon UNITE Zeraora and Greedent, released during last year’s Halloween event. Continue reading our Greedent Pokémon UNITE build, moveset, and items guide to learn more about this cute pocket monster.

Pokémon UNITE Greedent Release Date & Statistics

As briefly mentioned, Greedent was released last October 20, 2021, during the game’s Halloween patch. This Pokémon costs 8000 Aeos coins or 460 Aeos gems if you plan on buying it from the in-game It is a melee type defender with physical damage output.

This tricky defender doesn’t have great mobility. Instead, it stores berries and consumes them to overcome opponents. Furthermore, Greedent is best played in the top or bottom lanes with another Pokémon ally.

Greedent Pokémon UNITE Moveset

If you want to aim for the top Pokémon UNITE rank, then you should learn more about this greedy Pokémon’s abilities. Below are our recommended Greedent Pokémon UNITE moves for early, mid, and late-game stages.

pokemon unite greedent build


Greedent Passive, Basic & Early Game Skills

Greedent’s passive skill is called Cheek Pouch. When it eats a Berry, it not only receives the item’s original effects but also gets HP (health points) recovery. Consequently, it stores another Berry on its tail. Whenever Greedent gets attacked either by a single hit or combo, the Berry drops from its tail. Its Basic Attack gets an increased damage output on every third hit and causes one Berry to drop from Greedent’s tail.

Tackle is your go-to move in the early phase. Note that you can use both Greedent Pokémon UNITE moves eventually. However, getting Tackle is essential for taking down enemies and leveling up quickly. With Tackle, Greedent leaps in a straight line towards the enemy and decreases their movement speed while dealing damage.

Use Tackle to go after opponents trying to escape or when stealing wild Pokémon while jungling. However, note that you need to stash as many Berries to reduce its CD (cooldown). Also, if you use this with Covet activated, Tackle works like Greedent’s Belch but with lesser damage.

pokemon unite greedent skills
Image Source: Greedent Guide


Greedent’s Mid, Late & Endgame Abilities

At level 5, Greedent can now choose between Stuff Cheeks or Covet. Since Greedent is a defender, we recommend choosing Stuff Cheeks. This buff skill lets Greedent drop Berries to recover HP or create a shield if the HP is full. But heed caution because opponents can also eat Berries. On the contrary, Covet is a good hindrance skill if you want to be more on the offensive side. Covet makes Greedent jump to the enemy and throws them backward while dealing damage.

When Greedent reaches level 7, you have to choose from Belch or Bullet Seed. As aforementioned, Greedent is great as a defender so going with Belch is the better option because you can deal damage while slowing down enemies.

Reaching level 9 activates Pokémon UNITE Greedent moveset called Berry Belly Flop. This ultimate skill has two parts. One is it heals Greedent, deals damage to enemies, and throws them. Two, it provides unlimited Berries. When Berry Belly Flop is in effect, Bullet Seed and Belch deals maximum damage and have no CD, respectively. Use this to your advantage to decimate the opposing team.

How to Play Greedent

This Pokémon UNITE Greedent build ideally utilizes the Pokémon’s defender abilities. Consider it as a whole package – decent attack, HP recovery, shield, buffs, and enemy debuffs. Mastering this Pokémon UNITE Greedent build highlights its tanking abilities. you need not worry about HP running low for you and your teammates. Tank your allies; use Stuff Cheeks to recover your HP and Belch to damage and slow enemies within range. At the same time, work together with your teammate to attack and defend; ultimately destroying the enemy base.

Master casting Stuff Cheeks before using the other Greedent moves because the other skills get boosted from having more Berries in the stash. You can also use Stuff Cheeks’ short movement speed increase to escape or chase enemies. Consequently, casting Covet before Belch resets the latter’s cooldown by 20% per Berry. Hence, casting Stuff Cheeks then Covet, and then Belch can ultimately reset Belch’s CD immediately if you manage to eat at least 5 Berries.

pokemon unite greedent gameplay


Greedent Pokémon UNITE Battle & Held Items

For first-time Pokémon UNITE players, know that you can bring a maximum of three Held Items in a match. Held Items, when worn, add passive effects and boosts following the wearer’s base stats. On the contrary, Pokémon can only equip one Battle Item per match, which they can activate and use as a regular skill.

This Pokémon UNITE Greedent build makes Greedent a great tank that dishes out decent attack damage. To fully utilize the versatility of this build, we recommend equipping Greedent with Muscle Band, Focus Band, and Buddy Barrier as its Held Items.

  • Muscle Band boosts Greedent’s basic attack based on his target’s current HP. This helps Greedent farm faster, hit enemies harder, and gain experience points quicker.
  • Focus Band heals the wearer’s HP once it drops at a certain percentage. With Greedent’s sustainability, wearing this will make him more frustrating to kill for the enemies.
  • Buddy Barrier grants a shield to both the user and his ally with the lowest HP. When Greedent casts Belch continuously together with this item’s effect, Greedent becomes even tankier.

For the Battle Item, we recommend using Eject Button because Greedent Pokémon UNITE does not have great mobility. Also, Belch can be repositioned with Eject Button. So you can use this trick to chase enemies trying to escape getting trapped in Belch’s burst damage.

We are positive that our Greedent Pokémon UNITE Build, Moveset, and Items guide can help you familiarize yourself with Greedent’s gameplay. Since Greedent is quite a difficult Pokémon to master, you should try practicing it on casual or AI matches before heading to Ranked Mode.

So if you’re looking for more news and updates about Greedent or Pokémon UNITE as a whole, stay tuned here in!


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