Pokemon Cafe Mix: Medley of Simulation & Puzzle Game Review

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Posted on December 3, 2020

Pokemon Cafe ReMix is the latest game from the mega-popular series. Starting last June, the game is accessible on mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch. Unlike the main titles, it is an FTP simulation puzzle game. Here, players can relax from the intense battling and catching from Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sword and Shield. All you need to do is complete their orders by finishing puzzles. As you progress, you get to meet and befriend more Pokemon, increase your staff, and expand and decorate your cafe.

Its gameplay is pretty easy and adaptable. After accepting the order, you must fulfill the mission indicated by matching and linking the same Pokemon icons. Some missions require you to clear certain ingredients, while others require you to reach a certain score. The missions differ depending on the order. Moreover, the difficulty increases as you go further into the game. Once you have fulfilled their order, the customer will give you stars and acorns. The stars are forging friendships with them, while the acorns are for the power-ups.


Pokemon Cafe Mix Cafe Overview


If you’re thinking of downloading the game, you should check its reviews first to know what’s in store for you. Read on and decide whether it’s worth giving the game a shot!

Pokemon Cafe Mix First Impressions

Although I play puzzle games casually, especially those that involve linking icons, I find this one different from the others. By different, I meant that the gameplay is quite different from the others. For some, you just need to connect one icon to another in three directions: vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. Moreover, the tiles that contain the icons are stable and they move based on the icons you pop. Usually, it just falls if the icons below it are popped. This basic gameplay has been the norm in a lot of puzzle games.

However, it’s different in Pokemon Cafe Mix. First, the Pokemon icons aren’t stable. As you start connecting, it will start changing positions, even without popping the ones near it. Next, you can move the Pokemon icons in any direction you want. You can go straight or go circular–you can even reach the ones that are blocked by the other icons. As someone who is used to regular and more stable puzzle games, I find it quite uncomfortable at first. The moving icons as I start linking are not something that I’m used to.


Pokemon Cafe Mix Puzzle


If you have quick adapting skills and can use this to your advantage, this is a piece of cake. Meanwhile, if you’re the type who likes to keep things steady, you might need to practice more. Keep practicing until you get used to its gameplay.

Cute Graphics & Great Ambiance

Although Pokemon has already been cute as it is, the graphics in Pokemon Cafe Mix made everything look cuter. Imagine a Charizard wearing a cafe uniform or an Eevee in a cute red hat and tie. It will surely be a delight, especially for those who are into cute things. What makes it a lot better is the fact that it’s our favorite Pokemon in its domestic forms as cafe staff.

Aside from that, the ambiance it gives as a cafe simulation game is very relaxing. The background music is also catchy and its overall theme is eye-catching. Here, there is no need for you to worry about fainting Pokemon or fighting other trainers. Rushing to a Pokemon Center or Pokemon Gym is unnecessary as well. Here, it’s just pure cafe goodness and cute interactions with your favorite Pokemon. If you’re in the mood for a relaxing time with Pokemon, this is the right game for you.

Things to Take Note in Pokemon Cafe Mix

Aside from the movable icons, there’s also something else that you need to know about the game. First, although it’s a cafe simulation game, you don’t get to design the cafe on your own. The additional decorations will just appear as you progress in the game. Moreover, as you get more decorations, your menu will increase as well. With more options on the menu, you can serve more food and drinks to your Pokemon customers. Just keep on going with the orders, and you can expand your cafe. Doing this can increase your customer base as well.


Pokemon Cafe Mix Nut Tree


Next, as I mentioned, this is not like the main titles of the series. Therefore, you can’t meet all the Pokemon and catch them. If you want to see Reshiram or Zekrom in a cafe uniform or Naganadel eating pancakes, you’re out of luck. You’re also unable to catch them and make them battle against each other.

Finally, although the Pokemon here have their own unique skills to use, they’re different from what you’re thinking. Here, you can’t use the Hyper Beam move or Aromatherapy. Instead, we have the Cafe Skills that help you finish the orders. They have different skills and specialties, so make sure to familiarize yourself with them and use them well.

Final Verdict

All in all, it’s a great one as a stand-alone game. The puzzles are great and the graphics and ambiance make it a lot better. The Pokemon are the cherry on top of this fun puzzle game. However, you shouldn’t play this if you’re expecting similar gameplay with the main titles. In Pokemon Cafe ReMix, you can have an immersive experience with the Pokemon as you manage a cafe. It is a puzzle game that you should try if you want something new yet familiar at the same time.


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