Pokémon Magikarp Jump: Top Supporting Pokémon In The Game

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Posted on March 10, 2021

Pokémon is one of those games that will never go out of trend. The bulk of its fans may be from the younger generation, but a lot of yuppies still love to play these games and even follow the series. There are tons of Pokémon game titles already on the market and Pokémon: Magikarp Jump is one of them. It is a game about the weakest type of pocket monster, and the ever so unpopular, Magikarp. It is famous though for being useless and unreliable when it comes to battles.

A Magikarp can only flop in the sky uncontrollably, and Pidgeotto can snag him every time! However, this game is not really about battling other Pokémons, so you don’t have to worry about Magikarp’s strength or whatnot. In Pokémon: Magikarp Jump, your goal is to just raise Magikarp in all stages.

This is a simulation game where you need to feed and train it if you need to increase its jumping power. As you become a very good parent and trainer, your Magikarp will grow and jump faster in its succeeding generations. You will also encounter some rare Magikarps in the game, so you can still catch and collect ‘em all!

Best Supporting Pokémon For Magikarp

In Pokémon: Magikarp Jump, some supporting Pokémons can help you raise Magikarp and increase its Jump Power (JP). Here are the top supporting Pokémons that can help you grow and raise your Magikarp.

Supporting Pokémon That Increases JP

  • Pikachu – You will get the help of Pikachu in the form of a Light Ball. This gives your Magikarp some electric power and increases its (Jump Power) JP. The JP gain will help you in league matches. To unlock Pikachu, you need to compete and win in the Friend League.
  • Gengar – If you have 600 diamonds to spare, unlock Gengar if you need a 50% boost in JP for 60 seconds. This supporting Pokémon gives out its Black Sludge which increases JP for your Magikarp. Be friends with Gengar and have loads of JP points in the game!
  • Litten – Unlocked with 250 diamonds in the store, Litten gives you a Flame Plate. It provides passion to your Magikarp which in turn increases its JP. The recovery time of Litten is 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Greninja – Unlocking Greninja needs 500 diamonds in the store. Its recovery time is 5 hours and gives out a lot of JP. Greninja rewards your Magikarp with Shell Bell which further increases the JP.


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Pokémon For Increasing Coins & Treasure

  • Charizard – Who wouldn’t forget Charizard? This popular Pokémon has a recovery period of 12 hours. It supports your Magikarp by giving charcoal. Charizard also gives either a sack of coins, training soda, or a much-needed power up. It is a bit expensive to unlock Charizard because it costs 600 diamonds in the store.
  • Meowth – If you win in every battle of the Great League, chances are you will get the help of Meowth. Its recovery time is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Meowth gives a lot of coins, including Amulet Coins.
  • Rowlet – If you need a lot of coins, seek the help of Rowlet. It gives you the Meadow Plate and shares coins with you. Rowlet can be purchased for 450 diamonds at the store and has a recovery time of 4 hours.
  • Popplio – Worth 500 diamonds in the store, Popplio gives you a sunken treasure. It is underwater most of the time and finds lots of treasures, like a Splash Plate. Popplio will always share some treasures with you without expecting anything in return. Its recovery time is 7 hours.

Supporting Pokémon For Extra Boosts

  • Piplup – As most experts say, the Mystic Water you get from Piplup is like an energy drink. As such, it revitalizes and pumps up the energy of your Magikarp. This water also recovers all your training points in the game. To unlock Piplup, you have to defeat everyone when you battle in the Quick League.
  • Snorlax – If your Magikarp needs food, Snorlax is the best Pokémon for this. It gives leftovers and has a recovery time of 50 minutes. Snorlax can be unlocked by paying 500 diamonds in the store.
  • Slowpoke – If you already have 350 diamonds, you can unlock Slowpoke. Its recovery time is 12 hours and provides you with a Damp Rock. This item gives an instant cool down on another Pokémon in the pond. It may be slow in nature, but Slowpoke can be very helpful in the game.
  • Bulbasaur – To unlock the ever famous Bulbasaur, you need to win in the Luxury League. It gives out the Miracle Seed to restore your league plays. Bulbasaur will support you throughout the challenges that you face in the game.

If you want to meet these cute supporting Pokémons, download Pokémon: Magikarp Jump on your PC today and grow your Magikarp well!

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