Call Of Duty: Mobile – Best Tips To Perform in the Battle Royale Game Mode

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Posted on April 4, 2021

Call Of Duty: Mobile (CODM) is one of the best shooting games you can play right now. And probably one of the reasons for that is the many different game modes. This first-person shooting game has to offer. This part includes the popular shooting game genre, battle royale. Many players enjoy playing the battle royale game because it combines shooting with survival.

The battle royale game will test your shooting skills and your ability to survive and strategize. The Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty: Mobile is no different. You get to team up with others or play it in solo mode. And like with the usual battle royale format, you start the game armed with nothing. But one added element with CODM’s battle royale is that each player will have a class that they can choose from.

These classes give players an added skill that can help them throughout the game. It can help you avoid enemies, travel distances quickly, and so on. Of course, this can also add more challenges to the game, especially if your opponent is excellent. This point is why many players are having a hard time playing the battle royale mode. This article will provide some tips and tricks to help you do well in CODM’s battle royale mode.

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Call of Duty: Mobile Choose the Right Class

Probably one of the most essential tips you will have to do when you play the battle royale mode in CODM is choosing the suitable class. Each class will provide you with a skill that you can use throughout the game, and each one is unique. Choosing the right class can help determine whether you will have an easier time surviving or not.

The right class to pick will depend on whether you’re playing solo, duo, or with a squad. For solo players, a good class would be The Clown. It’s a class that will allow you to throw a toy robot, which will summon zombies. The great thing about this class is that these zombies will chase and attack any enemy within the area.

It’s like having your army to help you. Another suitable class for solo players is the Trickster, which will summon a hologram of you to confuse the enemy. The Poltergeist is another good option as it turns you invisible for a short period and increases your movement speed. These classes are great for engaging in fights or getting out of tricky situations.

Land on Less Dense Spots on The Map

Another tip to help you survive and possibly win the match is to choose to land on areas that are not dense. These are spots on the map where there are only a few buildings or structures. Though this might mean you won’t likely get good weapons and gear initially, it also means you will encounter fewer enemies. Many players are always gunning for the areas with many buildings and structures to get good weapons.

But doing that also means you will have to face many enemies at the start. Though you might think you or your team can handle them, it decreases your chances of surviving. You don’t know how good your opponent is and how many players you will face. So whether you’re playing solo, duo, or squad, it’s always best to pick less dense landing spots.

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Always Remember to Close Doors

Another great tip that can help your chances of surviving long or even winning is always closing doors when you enter buildings. This is because an open door is a sure sign that someone is inside the building or has been inside.

By closing the door, you can trick other players into thinking that no one has been to the house or building yet. This is a great way to execute traps or ambushes since they won’t expect somebody inside. For instance, this is a good trick, especially in the beginning or mid-part of Call of Duty. Though this is a trip that won’t trick all players, many fall for them. This is a great way to get some kills in the game and decrease the competition.

Always Stay Close to the Edge of the Circle

You might think it’s a good idea to stay in the middle of the circle so you won’t have to worry about being engulfed in the blue forcefield. Though that might be the case, being in the middle of the map also means you’ll have to deal with enemies frequently. Most players would want to stay near the middle since they don’t want to risk being on the blue and die in the process. This point is why you are also likely to encounter more enemies whenever you are in the middle.

On the other hand, staying close to the edge means you don’t have to encounter enemies too much. You can easily hide in a building or house that’s near the edge to keep yourself safe. You can even try to ambush running players trying to stay as far away as possible on the blue forcefield. Since they’re concentrated on getting away from the blue, they’re easy targets for an ambush and easy kills.

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Call of Duty: Mobile Final Thoughts

There are many more tips and tricks that you can use to help you do well in Call Of Duty: Mobile’s Battle Royale game mode. But the tips mentioned above will already help you do well. They won’t necessarily guarantee a win, but it will help you survive long enough to reach the end game. You then rely on your shooting skills to finish off the remaining enemies.

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