Pokémon UNITE Absol Guide – Best Build & Abilities

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Posted on March 27, 2022

In less than a year since its official launch, The Pokémon Company’s Pokémon UNITE has managed to become one of the biggest 5v5 strategy action games in the freemium market and Nintendo Switch. Although this does not come as a surprise given that the Pokémon brand is considered the highest-grossing media franchise of all time. With that said, if you are one of the millions of Pokémon fans who just discovered this MOBA spin-off or a new player who’s looking for some useful tips, then you are in for a treat as we will be covering one of the toughest monsters in the game. So without further ado, feel free to check out our Pokémon UNITE Absol guide below.

All About Pokémon UNITE Absol

Introduced as part of Generation 3, Absol, also known as The Disaster Pokémon is a powerful monster that falls under the “dark” category. Absol is one of the few monsters in the franchise that comes with a few weaknesses and can counter powerful types like Psychic and Ghosts. This monster is also blessed with an impressive speed allowing this Pokémon to close in on its opponent in an instant. On top of the impressive speed is the massive damage that Absol can unleash towards its target.

Pokemon UNITE Absol gameplay
Image Source: Pokémon UNITE Absol

Like most powerful characters in video games, Absol falls under the expert difficulty level. That means that playing or controlling this Pokémon is not a walk in the park. The reason for this is that you need to get the full Absol kit to unleash the monster’s full potential.

Abilities of Pokémon UNITE Absol

Pokémons are not created equal, some are powerful others are just plain cute. Absol on the other hand is a mix of both. Speaking of power, this monster is highly recommended to players with an aggressive playstyle. Absol’s speed and damage are perfect for aggressive players. With that out of the way, Absol comes equipped with abilities that you can use in the various stages of the battle.
Pokemon UNITE Absol guide


Passive Ability

One of its most notable abilities of Absol is called Super Luck. What makes this passive ability awesome is the Critical Hit Rate increase it gives to the monster.

Early Game Abilities

As mentioned before, one of the factors that make Absol a difficult monster to play is the lack of potential during the early stages. Nevertheless, once you unlock the full potential of this monster, you will have an ace on your roster. That’s the main reason why you must focus on farming EXP in the jungle. Furthermore, there are two types of abilities available for this monster at the start. The first ability called “Slash” is a melee attack with a cooldown of six seconds. The slash ability will allow Absol to execute sharp slashes with an increased critical rate.

The second ability called Feint is a “Dash” attack with a cooldown of eight seconds. This ability will allow the monster to dash toward the opposition, the best part of this attack is that it nullifies the shield and defense of the enemy. Of the two abilities, Slash comes as the preferred one for beginners, especially those who are focused on farming. The low cooldown and the increased critical rate of the ability will allow you to execute deadly attacks frequently.

Mid Game Ability

One thing that you should remember is that farming should always be a part of your priorities in this game for obvious reasons. Constant farming will make Absol level up faster. Speaking of level-up, Absol’s abilities will improve by the time you reach level five. The first ability called “Night Slash” is a dash attack that comes with a five-second cooldown. This ability will allow Absol to execute an outward arc slash that lowers the speed of the enemy. Moreover, this ability also comes with an increased critical-hit rate similar to slash.

Pursuit is another dash attack that also comes with a five-second cooldown. This ability allows Absol to charge the enemy. to maximize the use of this ability you must aim your basic attack to land from behind. If successful, the damage of the attack will increase and the cooldown of the ability will decrease.

Late Game Abilities

After the level five upgrade, you will slowly notice the improvement in Absol’s power. One noticeable change is that farming is now easier and faster. Speaking of which, by the time you reach level seven, you will have access to two new abilities.  The first one, called Psycho Cut, is a melee type with a cooldown of seven seconds. This ability can reduce the speed of the opponent temporarily.

The second ability called Sucker Punch comes as a Hindrance type of attack with a seven-second cooldown. This ability will decrease the movement speed of Absol’s opponent before executing a powerful charging attack.
Pokemon UNITE Absol


End Game Ability

Absol’s ultimate ability becomes available by the time you reach level 9. The Midnight Slash is an area-based attack with a nine-second cooldown. This ability will allow Absol to unleash a barrage of slashes towards the enemy. However, aside from its devastating damage to the enemy, the Midnight Slash will also make you Absol invincible. Thus, it’s highly recommended that this ability be used as a counterattack.

Play Pokémon UNITE on PC

Now that you have an idea of all the current abilities available for Absol, it’s now time to jump back in the game. What better way to experience this acclaimed game than on your computer? Download Pokémon UNITE on the bigger screen only here at Games.lol!

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