Pokémon UNITE Update – What The Patch 1.2.1 Update Brings

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Posted on October 19, 2021

One of the newest games that you can play right now is Pokémon UNITE. It’s an action multiplayer MOBA game published by The Pokémon Company. Though it is a MOBA game, its gameplay is a bit unique, especially when it comes to the conditions for winning. In most MOBA, you’ll need to destroy the opponent’s base. But in this game, the team with the most points at the end of the match will win.

To score points, players need to acquire Aeos energy and then dunk it on the opponent’s goal post. Aeos energy is acquired after defeating wild Pokémon. Matches last for 10 minutes and the team with the most points by the time runs up will win. There are more nuances to the gameplay, but that’s a general idea and the rest of the gameplay is that of a typical 5v5 MOBA. Though Pokémon UNITE is still relatively new, developers are not wasting time providing updates.

One of the major updates it came out with is update 1.2.1, but the latest one is, and both were released in September. Let’s discuss in more detail what the latest update offers and how it affects the gameplay of Pokémon UNITE.

The Latest Update to Pokémon UNITE

Patch 1.2.1 is the major update that the developers provided to the game. But they also released smaller updates related to the major one they came out with. One of the new things that patch brought is the scheduled release of the new Pokémon, Sylveon, the Fairy-type evolution of Eevee. This Pokémon was teased before the release of the major update, and now it’s available in the roster.

Eevee can be evolved to Sylveon once it reaches level 4. And at level 6, it will unlock the mid-game abilities of this latest Pokémon. By level 8, the late-game abilities are unlocked. This Pokémon is a ranged attacker that can dish out good damage. But Sylveon is not the only Pokémon released in patch, as Mamoswine also becomes playable with this patch. It’s the ice/ground-type evolution of Piloswine and is a melee defender who’s also a bit tanky.

Piloswine can be evolved to Mamoswine once the Pokémon reaches level 8. The great thing about this Pokémon is that his attacks are ice and earth-based, which can be very helpful in certain situations. Aside from new Pokémon, the latest patch also brought new skins to the game. This includes skins for Sylveon. Other skins released are Firefighter Blastoise, Bonfire Slowbro, and Sacred Alolan Ninetails. The patch also released the Holowear, a costume for Pokémon that activates after the Pokémon reaches its final evolution.
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Other Updates Provided

Of course, new content is not the only thing that the latest patch provides. It also provided fixes to text issues and bugs that players are experiencing. The issues fixed include Crustle gaining an unintended strength boost in certain situations, and Lucario’s Extreme Speed attack dealing more damage than intended. The Shop in the game is also updated, which means you can expect new goodies available for you to purchase.

The developers also provided a gift for reaching nine million downloads, so make sure you get that as well. Details about the latest patch will be updated when we gather more information.

Why The Early Updates & Patches?

Though the game is still relatively new, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any issues and bugs with it. Many of these issues and bugs only come to light as players start playing Pokémon UNITE. So, once a bug and issue are detected, developers need to quickly come out with a fix for these issues to further improve the gaming experience of players.

This is not new, as all games do this kind of thing. It’s a way for developers to make sure their games are functioning properly. If bugs and issues are not quickly fixed, it can cause many players to lose interest in the game. So, it’s actually a great thing that the developers of Pokémon UNITE are quick to take action in fixing bugs and issues. Their updates also provide new content, which keeps the players’ interest in the game. And if they continue to do this, you can expect that the interest in Pokémon UNITE won’t die down quickly.

Final Thoughts

The developers of Pokémon UNITE are not wasting any time when it comes to providing fixes and updates. This is actually a good sign since it shows the developers are paying attention to what people are saying. They’re quick to deliver on what people want to make sure their game is improving. The added content provided in the updates is also a great way to keep the interest in the action MOBA game very high.

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