Pokémon UNITE Blastoise – How To Use & Build This Giant Turtle

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Posted on April 17, 2022

Pokémon UNITE is an action game that has taken the gaming world by storm thanks to its style of competitiveness combined with the immense popularity of Pokémon, in general. Furthermore, Blastoise is a water-gunning pocket monster that has been beloved by many ever since the early days of the hit anime series. And when it was finally released alongside Gardevoir, many MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and Pokémon fans alike got excited. So without further ado, here are our Pokémon UNITE tips and recommendation for using Blastoise, the Shellfish Pokémon.

Know More About Pokémon UNITE Blastoise

For starters, Pokémon UNITE Blastoise is a defender type with water attributes. Its balanced statistics can wreak havoc during a team fight without putting itself much at a disadvantage thanks to its tankiness and mobility. Additionally, its tanking abilities make it best utilized for displacing enemies since many of its moves can either incapacitate or shove targets.

Pokemon UNITE Blastoise battle guide
Image Source: Pokemon UNITE Blastoise Battle Guide


Pokémon UNITE Blastoise Skills

Because Pokémon UNITE Blastoise is a tanky defender with water attributes, it’s advantageous against fire, rock, and ground types. Its moveset is also a mix of crowd control (CC) and utility, so there are various options on how to go with its build. But to make use of its tanky stats and CC moves, we recommend going for an aggressive or semi-aggressive build.

Passive & Basic Attack

This giant turtle’s third basic attack is charged up and deals three continuous damage with a chance to slow the opponent’s movement speed. Its passive ability is called Torrent, and it increases its Basic Attack and Special (Sp) Attack when its health points (HP) go down below 50%.

Early Game Moves

Squirtle is Pokémon UNITE Blastoise’s base evolution. At the beginning of each match, we recommend that you get Water Gun first. It’s a ranged skill, so you can attack from a distance with decent output damage. At the same time, it stuns and knocks back enemies. Afterwards, it slows down your opponent’s movement speed for a short time. Although Skull Bash also has decent damage and stun effect, Water Gun is better thanks to its lower cooldown (CD) of 9 seconds. Besides that, Skull Bash makes Squirtle pass through enemies. So this is good for positioning and best to use in combo with Water Gun to push enemies away from the goal and towards your team.
Pokemon UNITE Blastoise surf


Mid-Game Abilities

When Squirtle reaches level 5, Water Gun can now be upgraded to either Hydro Pump or Water Spout. It could get confusing which skill to choose since both offer CC effects. Hydro Pump is good for harassing and displacing enemies farther while also dealing more damage because it’s a better version of Water Gun. However, Water Spout deals damage per second and is undeniably better in combo with Rapid Spin.
Pokemon UNITE Blastoise water spout


Late Game Skills

At level 7, you can choose between Surf or Rapid Spin. The former directly upgrades Skull Bash by summoning a large wave stunning and dragging enemies it hits. Rapid Spin, on the other hand, allows Wartortle to spin around the battlefield. Aside from slowing down enemies being hit, Rapid Spin resets the CD of its other skills and changes their effects. For instance, if you opt for Rapid Spin and use it in battle with Hydro Pump, the latter becomes an area of effect (AOE) move by dealing burst damage around Wartortle and pushing opponents away. When used with Water Spout, Rapid Spin changes the latter into a move that needs to be held to ceaselessly activate and deal damage per second (DPS) on the enemies around Wartortle.

At this point, you may want to embrace your inner surfer and ride the waves but we recommend choosing spinning over surfing instead. Not only does Rapid Spin cause area damage per second, but it also revises its other moves.

End Game Pokémon UNITE Blastoise Moveset

Around this time, Squirtle has finally evolved into Blastoise and during this time, it can now learn its ultimate move called Hydro Typhoon. It spouts water while spinning and throws enemy pokémons caught in the radial attack, giving Blastoise a shield in return. Moreover, it has a short cast time. Therefore, it’s better to move in between the enemies before casting.
Pokemon UNITE Blastoise hydro typhoon


Blastoise Pokémon UNITE Build

As we have mentioned in our other Pokémon UNITE tips and guide, you can bring three held items to a match. Each item offers varying benefits like increasing attack, health, and defense. Putting into mind that Blastoise is a tanky defender, we recommend items that provide a shield and improve your pokémon’s defensive stats.

  • Focus Band gives additional Def and Sp Def while healing the user when its HP drops to a certain percentage. Because of Pokémon UNITE Blastoise’s passive granting it bonus Attack and Sp Attack, this item makes it safer for Blastoise to fight even when on low HP.
  • Buddy Barrier grants HP and shield after you use your ultimate skill or UNITE move. Pairing this item with Blastoise’s Hydro Typhoon shielding effect could turn the tables in your favor.
  • Wise Glasses boosts Sp Attack and can be helpful for a defender pokémon to dish out more damage.
  • Muscle Band boosts basic Attacks by a certain flat rate based on the opposing pokémon’s remaining HP.


Pokemon UNITE Blastoise held items


Battle Items

Battle Items are only limited to one per match. For a defender like this Shellfish pokémon, we recommend either of the following.

  • Slow Smoke puts up a smokescreen decreasing the opponents’ movement and attack speed in the area. Hence, this gives additional CC for Pokémon UNITE Blastoise to work with.
  • Eject Button moves the pokémon quickly in a specified direction. Use this together with Rapid Spin, and Blastoise can initiate kills for a team fight.


Pokemon UNITE Blastoise battle prep

Before ending our Pokémon UNITE tips, note that Blastoise is best played in the top or bottom lane with an all-rounder or attacker. But due to its high damage and mobility, other players opt to use this giant turtle as a Jungler or to solo the mid lane. Choose how you want to play this pokémon according to your playstyle and aggressiveness. We hope this guide helps you with it! Stay tuned for more guides only here at Games.lol.

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