Pokémon UNITE Slowbro – A Tough Defender with Crowd Control

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Posted on April 6, 2022

For years, lots of avid Pokémon players dreamt and asked community sites online for game developers to create an exciting massive online battle arena (MOBA) featuring pokémons. Correspondingly, their dreams have been answered by The Pokémon Company; thanks to its highly raved Pokémon UNITE game! This 5v5 MOBA action game showcases pokémons in ranked or casual matches that not only lovers of the titular characters will enjoy, but MOBA fans in general. And if you want to know one of the best Pokémons, you can check out Pokémon UNITE Slowbro!

Pokemon Unite Slowbro
Image Source: Pokémon UNITE Slowbro Gameplay

Defenders play a crucial role in any MOBA game because they can give your team an advantage when they can lock down a specific zone given the right circumstances. In Pokémon UNITE, being able to control the goal zone can either stop your enemies from scoring or prevent adversaries from doing the same if you are near their goal area. In line with that, Slowbro is considerably one of the toughest defenders in the game. So, we have procured a Pokémon UNITE Slowbro guide with the best Slowbro build and Pokémon UNITE tips to master this character.

Who is Pokémon UNITE Slowbro?

The “hermit crab,” Pokémon Slowbro is amongst the first 20 characters you will get from the initial roster. It begins every match as Slowpoke, its basic form before evolution. Furthermore, it’s one of the many pocket monsters, most popularly known as Pokémons, you can play in the Pokémon UNITE MOBA. It is a ranged-type defender specializing in regaining health points (HP) while taking up damage from the opposing team’s monster.

Moreover, this tank is great at controlling crowds since it can heal itself and the damage it receives is gradual. Hence, it literally “forgets” that it should be taking damage if the enemy is attacking. Because of its high defensive statistics, Pokémon UNITE Slowbro is highly recommended to play on the top lane of the map together with other damage dealers.

Slowbro Moveset & Growth

As a crowd control (CC) and defender type character, Slowbro is mainly for using its large stature to tank attacks from the enemies. It can also throw some crowd control moves with its UNITE move being able to stop the opponent from unleashing its own UNITE move. Additionally, Slowbro is a water-type Pokémon with psychic abilities so some of its builds could revolve around that. Plus, Slowbro’s passive allows the Pokémon to “forget” to take some damage from opponents who attack it. By description, only a certain amount of damage from each hit can be inflicted on Pokémon UNITE Slowbro. Hence, all his HP loss is gradual.

Slowbro’s third attack always deals with an area of effect (AOE) damage that slows opponents and gives a boosted attack that increases with a Special (Sp) Attack. As for its counterattack, it has a small chance of nullifying the enemy’s attack before it even takes effect. Furthermore, it can decrease the enemy’s Sp. Def for a short time.

Early Game Moves

When playing Pokémon UNITE Slowbro, you can either be the one dispensing damage or a solid tank that withstands a lot of damage. But to fully utilize Slowbro’s defensive stats, it would be better to choose Water Gun as its first skill. With this, you can not only harm enemies but also slow them, leaving more vulnerability for follow-up attacks. You may still use Slack Off, which is a support skill that recovers its HP when not moving but lessens the amount of restored HP if interrupted.

Mid Game Skills

When you reach level 4, you can opt to replace Water Gun with either Scald or Surf, and Slack Off with Amnesia or Telekinesis should you want to be less aggressive. Scald and Surf both deal AOE damage. The former damages enemies in a line with a chance to burn and slow them while the latter summons three water waves that attack opponents in a line, and slow as well as displaces them. It’s also noteworthy to consider that Scald’s cooldown (CD) time is only 5 seconds whereas Surf’s is 9 seconds. With both skills aimed at AOE damage, Scald can be a better option thanks to its lesser CD time.

Pokemon Unite Slack Off


Late to End-Game Slowbro Moveset

When Pokémon UNITE Slowbro reaches level 6, you can now change Slack Off with a more powerful support move – Amnesia or Telekinesis. The former increases Slowbro’s defense and immunity to status effects while also restoring some HP. The latter, on the other hand, levitates the opposing Pokémon and moves it towards Slowbro. During this stage, we recommend using Telekinesis for its displacement effect, which could make hunting opponents easier.

Additionally, when you reach level 9, Slowbro can now learn its ultimate skill called Slowbeam. By game definition, this skill suppresses the enemy with a steely stare that deals damage by the second and binding them. Moreover, you will gain invulnerability and a shield for a short time. Use this ultimate skill wisely especially when your allies are around.

Ideal Slowbro Build for Held & Battle Items

Further in this Pokémon UNITE tips and guide, we will discuss the most ideal Slowbro build for its held and battle items.

Held Items

All Pokémons in this 5v5 MOBA can stash up to three held items and there are lots to choose from. We also recommend fighting at a distance for Slowbro because of its CC skills. Therefore, increasing its HP regeneration and health is ideal.

Pokemon Unite Slowbro held items


  • Focus Band helps increase the defensive capabilities of an already defensive Pokémon like Slowbro. Furthermore, this is ideal because it also increases the special defense and the amount of HP it recovers when it drops below a certain percentage.
  • Rocky Helmet not only grants its wearer some HP boost but also reflects damage to the opposing Pokémon. This could be great for Slowbro to make him more of a powerhouse.
  • Buddy Barrier can be really helpful for Slowbro especially if the enemy team decides to gang up on him. This item grants the wearer and an ally with the lowest HP a defense barrier.

Battle Items

While Held Items offer passive stat boosts, Battle Items are more on the active side and need to be activated manually to take effect.

Pokemon Unite Slowbro battle prep


  • Escape Button is essentially normally used as an escape tool but for Slowbro, it serves as an initiating item. With this, you can easily teleport anywhere on the map to surprise and cripple any unlucky enemy with your Slowbro moveset combo. Of course, Slowbro can also still use this as an escape tool should it find itself in a pinch.
  • Slow Smoke creates a cloud of smoke that decreases the enemy’s basic attack speed and movement speed. This is a good item for Slowbro who already has CC skills to tie down enemies for an added period.

That would be all for our Pokémon UNITE tips. Remember, your build need not have to be exactly the same as our recommendations. Yours should correspond to your gameplay style so it will be solely up to you to finalize the item and moveset for your pokémon.

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